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Vitamin B Excess: Symptoms, Causes, Nutrition

Vitamin B abundance, however intriguing, can harm the liver, sensory system, and skin. We should determine the side effects and causes and how to eat reasonably. All B nutrients are fundamental for well-being; each is imperative in psychophysical prosperity. A different and adjusted diet assists us with taking the right amounts; we should figure out together which food varieties contain vitamin B and how to keep away from an overabundance of vitamin B

B Vitamins, What Are They?

Group B is a set of 8 vitamins, in particular: 

  1. Vitamin B1 or thiamine ; 
  2. vitamin B2 or riboflavin ;
  3. vitamin B3 or niacin ;
  4. vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid ;
  5. vitamin B6 or pyridoxine ;
  6. vitamin B7 or biotin ;
  7. vitamin B9 or folic acid ;
  8. vitamin B12 or cobalamin .

Now let’s see what vitamin B is for :

  1. Maintaining the health of the cell ;
  2. development and growth of red blood cells ;
  3. energy metabolism ;
  4. brain function and health ;
  5. correct functioning of the nervous system ;
  6. digestion ;
  7. hormone and cholesterol production ;
  8. cardiovascular health ;
  9. embryonic and fetal development ;
  10. Muscle tone.

B Vitamins And Nutrition

The B vitamins are mainly found in foods of animal origin but not only. Here is a list of the foods richest in vitamin B: 

  1. Milk and derivatives ; 
  2. eggs ;
  3. liver;
  4. red meat and white meat;
  5. tuna, mackerel, salmon, clams;
  6. spinach, kale and beets ;
  7. red, black and chickpea beans ;
  8. nuts in nuts, such as walnuts ;
  9. Whole grains.

Vitamin B Supplements

Because of good well-being and a fluctuating and adjusted diet, it isn’t essential to depend on vitamin B supplements; otherwise, they could be helpful. Nonetheless, it is fundamental first to distinguish which B nutrients you are lacking and, accordingly, recognize the kind of supplement and dose with your PCP to stay away from the gamble of hypervitaminosis, i.e., taking vitamin B in overabundance. 

Hypervitaminosis: Causes And Symptoms

We discuss hypervitaminosis when a specific nutrient is elevated in the body. Even though nutrients taken in excessive amounts are wiped out in the pee, now and again, they can gather in unambiguous tissues and cause intoxication. The causes and side effects of hypervitaminosis can differ because of the particular nutrient. Mostly, it is interesting for an overabundance of nutrients to be connected solely to eating fewer carbs. Simultaneously, happening following mistaken integration is substantially more typical. 

Excess Of Vitamin B, The Possible Causes

An overabundance of vitamin B is seldom brought about by diet alone; as a matter of fact, the B nutrients are water-dissolvable; they are solvent in water and are killed in the pee in the event of abundance. How much vitamin B can be taken daily relies upon the particular vitamin B and shifts from 2.4 µg for vitamin B12 to 25 mg for vitamin B3. Indeed, even on account of unreasonable utilization of vitamin B supplements, it is exciting that hypervitaminosis is experienced, more probably related to a kidney infection or other well-being problems. 

Excess Of Vitamin B, The Symptoms

Several symptoms can appear in the event of an excess of vitamin B, which vary according to the specific vitamin B in question. For example: 

  1. Vitamin B12 abundance: the side effects of vitamin B12 hypervitaminosis are the same as those of lack of a similar nutrient; specifically, sickliness and harm to the sensory system might happen;
  2. The abundance of vitamin B6: it can cause fringe neuropathy, for example, harm to the fringe nerves, with subsequent loss of sensation in the arms and legs;
  3. The abundance of vitamin B3: can cause skin bothering and liver harm. 

What To Eat If You Have Too Much Vitamin B

In case of an analyzed vitamin B overabundance, it is fundamental to suspend any vitamin B supplements and lessen the utilization of food sources plentiful in B nutrients, like meat, fish, eggs, milk and subordinates. It is consequently prescribed to favor food sources of plant beginning, including:

  1. Legumes ;
  2. cereals ;
  3. fruits and vegetables

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