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What Diet When You Are Athletic And Vegetarian?

Are you sporty, an athlete, and vegetarian (current nutrition trend), and are you wondering about your diet? It is, therefore, important to choose your diet carefully so that your body is sufficiently nourished and can recover between training sessions. Discover the basic principles for composing a healthy and balanced diet in this article!

Vegetarian, Vegan, And Vegan

Let us first recall what characterizes 3 types of diets:

  1. The vegetarian diet ( vegetarianism ) is a diet free of meat, fish, and seafood. Some people also exclude eggs.
  2. The vegan diet ( veganism ) excludes consuming all foods of animal origin. Thus, a vegetable diet lacks animal flesh (meat, fish, seafood), eggs, dairy products, and honey…
  3. Veganism: Veganism goes further in that it is not just a diet. Vegan people exclude animal products from their lifestyle. In terms of food, this corresponds to a vegetable diet. The vegan lifestyle also concerns clothing (no wool, no leather…), cosmetics, etc.

What Are The Advantages Of Being A Vegetarian When You Are Athletic?

A vegetarian diet, one of the 2023 nutrition trends, often involves more thought about what you eat. It will be necessary to find sources of nutrients (proteins, vitamin B12, etc.) that are conventionally found in a meat diet. Nutritionally, a vegetarian diet allows you to consume:

  1. more fruits and vegetables, sources of vitamins and fiber
  2. more whole starches
  3. more legumes
  4. more nuts
  5. less animal fat

Often, but not necessarily, a vegetarian diet allows you to eat more homemade dishes and less ultra-processed products.

Everything You Need To Know To Have A Sports And Vegetarian Diet

Being a level athlete, amateur athlete, and vegetarian without health risks is possible. This implies having a balanced and varied diet to avoid any risk of deficiency linked to the absence of meat products and to cover your nutritional needs.

What To Eat To Avoid Deficiencies When You Are Athletic And Vegetarian?

What to do when your non-meat diet risks limiting your amino acid intake? When one is a sportsman or a vegetarian athlete, it is advisable to make combinations of two natures.

Combination Of Food Of Plant Origin And Food Of Animal Origin

  1. A grain product and a dairy product. For example, wholemeal pasta with cheese or cream, rice pudding… 
  2. a grain product with egg. For example, whole egg pasta. Some vegetarians agree to consume fish or seafood from time to time. In this case, we can think of a shrimp risotto or a seafood paella (without meat). 
  3. A pulse (a good source of protein) with a dairy product. For example, tabbouleh with lentils or quinoa, then cheese or yogurt for dessert…

Combination OfA Cereal Food And A Pulse

  1. bulgur and chickpeas
  2. split pea soup served with a slice of wholemeal bread
  3. red beans and corn…

How Should A Nutritional Program For An Athlete Be Composed?

  1. Before a session, the athlete’s nutritional intake should focus on hydration and energy supply.
  2. During a workout, it is necessary to supply energy and liquid intake.
  3. After a workout, your diet should provide your muscles with hydration, protein, and carbohydrates.

Sports Nutrition

The sports nutrition line (Herbalife Nutrition sports nutrition products) has been designed and formulated to help professional and amateur athletes achieve their goals.

Meal Replacement For Athletes: From Breakfast

A convenient, balanced meal replacement that helps support your nutritional and athletic goals. It contains over a third of the recommended daily allowance of 25 vitamins and minerals.

Hydration During Training: CR7 Drive

A hypotonic drink, developed in collaboration with international football star Cristiano Ronaldo, is consumed during physical exercise to maintain endurance performance* (carbohydrate and electrolyte solution) during training. A prolonged effort.

Recovery: Protein Intake For Vegetarians

2023 Product of the Year is a post-workout snack. Very practical to consume, they aim to increase the daily protein intake of athletes.

How To Become A Sports Vegetarian?

In short, becoming a sports vegetarian or a vegetarian athlete is a decision that can significantly impact your body and your sports performance. To benefit from the advantages of a vegetarian diet (one of the nutritional trends of recent years) while practicing physical activity, it is important to eat a balanced, varied, and healthy diet. Certain products in the range allow you to achieve your sports goals. That said, don’t make changes overnight, but go gradually!

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