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Yoga For Pregnant Women: The Best Exercises For Expectant Mothers

Exercises specifically alleviate the classic pregnancy symptoms in yoga for pregnant women. Even with a big belly – or even a big belly – you can find peace and relaxation in movement. Heavy legs, an aching back and lame digestion: The hormonal changes in the mother-to-be’s body at the beginning of pregnancy and the ever-expanding belly at the end of pregnancy have quite a few side effects! It’s good to know that exercise can provide relief, and that’s where yoga for pregnant women with gentle but intensive exercises comes in handy.

The millennia-old Indian yoga teaching is ideal. As breathing and movement are combined here, you automatically move much more carefully and feel your own body much more intensively. And that’s not all: During pregnancy yoga, specific exercises can not only alleviate classic pregnancy symptoms, the body is also well prepared for the birth.

How Is Yoga For Pregnant Women Different From Other Yoga Classes?

The most important thing for the separately offered yoga courses for expectant mothers is, of course, the selection of the special yoga exercises, the so-called asanas.

In addition, different variants are presented for each exercise: In yoga for pregnant women, the movements are carried out so that every pregnant woman can do them. This means that there are always different versions so that every woman can feel how she wants to go into the exercise so that the movement feels good.

Depending on the trimester, the yoga exercises are geared differently. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, specific activities are more or less suitable. When the pregnant mother often suffers from nausea and fatigue during the first trimester, the exercises focus primarily on gentle stretching and breathing techniques. In the second trimester, the yoga exercises are then designed more diversely. In principle, pregnancy yoga is still possible in the third trimester, i.e. from the 7th month. However, specific activities are avoided, such as solid stretches or exercises that pressure the abdomen.

Necessary: Don’t do any exercise that makes you uncomfortable! It is essential to listen to your own body during pregnancy and not to develop any sporting ambitions. It is best to ask your doctor or midwife whether yoga exercises are suitable for you during pregnancy.

Yoga Exercise For Pregnant Women: The Four-Legged Stand: Cat-Cow

Your hands are shoulder-width apart in this exercise, and your knees are hip-width apart. Inhale, relax your back and pull your shoulders slightly away from your ears. Make sure not to arch your back, but gently open your chest. As you exhale, round your back and pull your chin toward your chest. Now go into this movement with your breathing rhythm. Your baby will be gently rocked. You can vary the exercise by rotating the pelvis or moving it from side to side.

The exercise strengthens the back and loosens the spine. It helps relieve tension, supports digestion and organ activity, and stimulates circulation. Standing on all fours may also be a good position during labor.

Yoga Exercise For Pregnant Women: Downward-Facing Dog

Get on all fours as described in Exercise 1, then lift your knees off the floor and straighten your legs. You can now slowly move your heels up and down. The bottom pushes back, and the back becomes long. Suppose you have heartburn or are uncomfortable keeping your head down. In that case, you can also do this exercise leaning against a wall or table so that your torso is parallel to the floor.

This pose stretches the whole body and has a stimulating effect. It supports vein activity and refreshes tired legs, and some babies love this pose. After the exercise, sit on your heels—upright or with your forehead on the floor—and relax.

Yoga Exercise For Pregnant Women: Lateral Stretching While Sitting

Bend your left leg and straighten your right one. Place your left hand on your left knee and your right hand on your right foot or shin. Inhale and stretch left arm up, exhale and gently extend left arm to the right side, inhale again and stretch left arm straight up, exhale. Now put your left hand back on your left knee. Repeat three to five times, then switch sides.

This exercise loosens and strengthens the lateral core muscles, stretches the inner thighs and creates mobility in the chest muscles.

Yoga Exercise For Pregnant Women: The Shoulder Bridge

Lie on your back and place your feet hip-width apart. Then, as you inhale, lift your pelvis and gently open your chest. As you exhale, lower your back and pelvis.

The shoulder bridge supports the kidneys and the pelvic floor. It also relieves the lower back and deepens breathing.

Yoga Exercise For Pregnant Women: The Butterfly

For this exercise, you place your feet together while sitting. It is helpful to sit with your buttocks a little higher in this exercise, for example, on a folded blanket. Now grasp your ankles and straighten your upper body. The shoulders sink back down. Feel your breath and gently lower your knees as you exhale and relax as you inhale. Repeat three to five times.

This exercise promotes mobility in the hips, energises the pelvic floor and gently opens the inner thighs.

And Also: Deep Breathing

At the end of the exercise sequence, there is time for relaxation: count to three with the inhalation and six with the exhalation. Try to inhale the same amount of air as exhale despite the different lengths of the inhalation and exhalation.

This breathing calms and relaxes. Imagine yourself releasing tension as you exhale. You can use this breathing technique at any time to calm down, but this breathing is also often helpful during childbirth.

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