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Super Effective: The Best CrossFit Exercises For Beginners

CrossFit Exercises: Have you ever wondered what this #wod means on Instagram” mean? Right, something with sport – more precisely: CrossFit! It’s considered extremely tough, exhausting, and super effective. We’ll show you a workout, especially for beginners.

CrossFit is so exhausting – it’s only for super athletes. No way! Anyone can do CrossFit exercises. It starts easy and uses simple variants that are suitable for beginners.

Very Important: Yes, you do the exercises in a certain time frame, but don’t let yourself be stressed while doing the exercises. Make it a little slower if necessary, but correct.

CrossFit Exercises: What Exactly Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness trend from the USA and offered in India for several years. Personal trainer and physiotherapist, head of the CrossFit Studio Essen, explained in an interview what it is about and which CrossFit exercises are available:

“CrossFit is often incorrectly referred to as modern circuit training. It is much more training for the entire body, from weightlifting, gymnastics, strength training and endurance to various workouts. It can be a circle, for example, three laps of 400 meters over time, 20 pull-ups, 20 kettlebell swings, but also a pure strength unit or a 5-kilometre run – the only constant in our workouts is the high intensity of the execution, adapted to the level of performance of the individual. “

How Long Does A CrossFit Workout Take?

As a rule, a workout lasts around 60 to 90 minutes, ideally including a warm-up and a cool-down at the end.

Those 60 to 90 minutes will feel like a hell of a long time. CrossFit has the reputation of being the toughest workout globally for a reason. In the meantime, competitions (such as the CrossFit Games) are held in which women and men compete against each other for the title “Fittest on Earth”.

The exercises are nothing new to most fitness fans. However, they are cleverly combined at CrossFit. Here are seven CrossFit variants that are also suitable for beginners. Do them as one training session at a time. One or two rounds are enough to get you started. Gradually increase yourselves. There is only a break to change positions.

By The Way: It looks spectacular when at some point you can lift a barbell with weights and move tractor tires around, but you should first know the basic exercises and be able to perform them properly. So take your time with it.

Warm-Up With Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks or the jumping jack exercise are a great warm-up, with which you loosen and warm up all your muscles.

This Is How It Works:

Stand upright, tense your stomach tightly. Then jump up slightly and open your legs a little more than shoulder-width. Jump and close it again. At the same time, when you open your legs, clap your hands over your head, and lower them again when you close your legs.

Hold on for 1 minute.

Burpees For Beginners

“A classic exercise, for example, is the burpee. You move to the prone position from the standing position as quickly as possible. Then you push yourself up with the help of your arms and jump back into the standing position with the support of your hips. Here [usually] a small one follows Jump up and a “clap” of your hands over your head”.

Burpees are the perfect combination of endurance and weight training. This easy variant without jumps is ideal for beginners.

This Is How It Works:

Stand upright, tense your stomach tightly. Jump up with your arms straight, and then bend your knees. Put your hands on the floor in front of your knees and first stretch your right and then your left leg backwards. Arms and legs are straight. Make sure that the bottom does not slide up. The body should form a line. You can now do a push-up or hold the position for two seconds if you like. Then take a step forward with your right and left leg and jump up. The first burpee is done!

Do five burpees

Mountain Climber For The Waist

Mountain climbing is a great workout for the whole body. You train the oblique abdominal muscles and do something for your arms, thighs, and buttocks. You can do it on the edge of a bed, chair, or box to make the exercise easier. The higher the elevation, the easier the mountain climber becomes.

Here’s How: Put your hands on the edge of a fixed chair. Tense your stomach tight and stretch your legs backwards. It would be best if you were straight and your body should be in a line. Make sure your bottom doesn’t slide up. The hands should be under the shoulders. Now alternately slide your right knee to your left elbow and your left knee to your right elbow. The body always makes a little side crunch.

Do ten repetitions per side.

Sit-Ups For The Stomach

Sit-ups are the classic among the abdominal exercises, and they should not be missing in our CrossFit session.

This Is How It Works:

Lie on your back. Your feet are positioned a little away from your buttocks. The fingertips support the back of the head very lightly, the elbows point outwards. Tense the stomach tightly and come up into a sitting position – purely with the strength of the abdominal muscles, not with momentum.

Do ten reps.

Newbies, and if you have back pain, you should do classic crunches. You also lie on your back, stand up on your legs and then lift your upper body high enough that your shoulder blades stand out from the floor. And slowly lower it again.

Do ten repetitions as well.

Squats For The Buttocks

Firm Buttocks, Firm Thighs: Of course, squats shouldn’t be missing either! The squat is a perfect exercise. Whether for a beginner or an advanced fitness fan, it should not be missing in any training plan. There are variants with aids such as a weight, but the classic squat, also called air squat, is completely sufficient for starting training with your bodyweight. The most important thing is the correct execution of the exercise.

Here’s How It Works:

Stand upright with your legs slightly more than hip-width apart. The tips of the feet point slightly outwards. Stretch your arms above your head and tense your stomach tightly. Now bend your legs deeply. Your bottom should be lowered to knee level. When coming down, make sure that the upper body remains upright. It is bent forward very slightly while the bottom is pushed back – as if you wanted to sit on a chair.

Do ten repetitions

Push-Ups For Arms And Shoulders

Push-ups or push-ups are another ingenious full-body exercise that you should do regularly in your training! It would be best to do it on the wall or the edge of a chair to make it easier. The higher you stand, the easier the exercise will be in the beginning.

Here’s How It Works:

Stand about a step or two away in front of a wall. Bend your body forward and support your hands on the wall. The hands are at shoulder height and are set up a little more than shoulder-width. The body forms a line. Tense your stomach tightly and bend your elbows deeply. Let the body sink as low as possible. Then it comes up again but doesn’t fully straighten your arms.

Do 5-7 reps

Lunges For The Buttocks And Legs

Like squats, lunges are a great exercise for anyone who wants to tone their buttocks and thighs. Here, too, the movement should be carried out cleanly and preferably a little less and more slowly, but correctly.

This Is How It Works:

Stand up straight, tense your stomach tightly, and take your hands very relaxed on your waist. Now take a big lunge step forward with your right leg. Make sure that the knee does not protrude beyond the tip of the foot. The left leg is bent deeply. The exercise becomes effective when the right thigh is parallel to the floor and the left knee almost touches the floor. Come up, pull your left leg forward, then take a big lunge forward with your left leg. Move around the room like this.

Make ten lunges per side

Tip: If you don’t have that much space, you can make the lunges on the spot.

An Important Note At The End: 

An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise is still the best way to stay fit and achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

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