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30-Day Leg Challenge: Get Toned Legs In 1 Month!

Firm legs carry you everywhere and look damn good! So let it burn: With this training plan for the leg challenge, every day becomes leg day! As soon as the summery temperatures and the clothing season are approaching, the legs come back into focus. That means being prepared. Get started now with our 30-day leg challenge to show off slim and, above all, firm legs in the warm season.

But we have to get straight to the point with one truth: Cellulite, little love handles, flabby tissue – if you want to tone your body, there is no way around sport and fitness. But fortunately, sport is also fun! Admittedly, with our particular workout, you have to clench your teeth from time to time. A bit of perseverance and motivation are required to follow the program every day for a month consistently.

But the effort is worth it, and you don’t have to be a high-performance athlete to complete the 30-day leg challenge: With our tips, you can (almost) do it quickly.

If that can motivate you even more: With our special leg training, you will not only form taut legs in a few weeks but also train your whole body, stomach, and buttocks!

Leg Challenge Exercise: Jumping Squats For Thighs And Buttocks

Squats are the absolute must-do for tight thighs and a firm bottom. Of course, such an exercise should not be missing in a leg challenge. So we have chosen a super-effective variant that also addresses the calves.

Here’s How It Works:

Stand up straight with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Tighten your stomach to protect your back and keep your upper body stable. Lower your buttocks back as if you are going to sit down. Then you rush to jump up. You can support yourself with your arms and get some momentum (make sure you don’t hit your head anywhere).

If that’s too strenuous for you, or if you have knee problems, you should avoid the jumps and do standard squats in a very controlled manner.

Start with 15 jumping squats on Day 1 and increase by at least four reps per leg every other day. Ideally, you will achieve at least 75 repetitions on day 30.​

Leg Challenge Exercise: Lunges For Thighs And Buttocks

The lunge is an excellent exercise for your hamstrings and butt. Stand up straight and alternately take a big step forward with your left and right foot. The front knee should reach a 90-degree angle, and the back knee was not touching the floor.

If you like it harder, you can add a jump when changing legs, as with the jumping squats. The repetitions are for each leg.

Start with 12 lunges on day one and increase the number by at least two repetitions per leg every other day. Ideally, you’ll get at least 42 reps per leg on day 30.

Leg Challenge Exercise: Lateral Leg Raises For Toned Thighs

For beautifully trained legs, it is not enough to only qualify the front and back of the thighs. The outside and inside should be challenged in the same way. It works with lateral leg raises.

Lateral Leg Raises For The Outer Thighs Variant A (Abductors):

Here’s How It Works:

Lie comfortably on your right side so your body is held stable by your right forearm and right leg (you can also support your head on your hand). Tighten your stomach, lift your left leg off your right leg, and stretch it to the side. If you bend your leg, it’s easier at first.

Lateral Leg Raises For The Inner Thighs Variant B (Adductors):

How To Do It:

Lie on your right side. The right arm supports the head. Position your left leg, so your foot is placed directly in front of your right thigh. The right leg remains stretched and forms the extension of the upper body. Straighten your right leg slowly and under control, lift it a few centimeters off the floor and then lower it again – without putting it on the floor. Then switch sides and raise and lower your left leg.

Variant: Instead of just lifting and lowering your leg, you can hold your leg at the highest point and make small circular movements. Alternatively, you could use a resistance band to make it harder for you.

Start on day 1 with eight repetitions per leg of the side leg raises in variants A and B. Ideally, you will achieve 30 repetitions per leg on day 25.

If you do not participate in the challenge, you can do three sets of 12-15 repetitions per Complete side and variant.

Leg Challenge Exercise: The Wall Sit

The burning comes at the end, so your thighs and calves must work hard again. There’s an exercise at the end that some of you can do easily and make others suffer – can you keep up with it?

Here’s How It Works: 

Lean your back against a wall. Make sure your whole back is flat. Your feet are about hip to shoulder-width apart from the wall. Squat down slightly until you “sit” against the wall at about a 90-degree angle. Keep your torso straight.

Starts on day 1 with 15 seconds. Ideally, you will reach 60 seconds / 1 minute on the 22nd day.

Don’t Forget The Diet:

Fitness doesn’t just mean exercising. It also means eating healthily. So ensure – and above all – that you eat a balanced diet during the leg challenge because this is essential for our health! And don’t forget always to drink enough!

An Important Note At The End: 

An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercises is still the best way to stay fit and achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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