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4-Week Burpee Challenge: One Exercise, Maximum Success

Train the whole body with one exercise – it’s possible! But only if you’re not afraid of sweat… Because it’s guaranteed to flow, in the Burpee Challenge! Burpee? Haven’t you heard? The push-up jump is THE trend exercise in the sports world. With this, you train the whole body: arms, buttocks, stomach, legs, and your endurance. Five things at once!

However, this super exercise is pretty strenuous. As the name suggests, you do a push-up—the first hate exercise for many women. From this position, jump up, clap your hands, and do another push-up. And keep doing it until you can’t anymore. Does it sound tiring? It is!

But the effort is worth it because, as I said, you train all women’s problem areas. And there is a little trick for beginners: instead of the push-up, you can do a simple one plank to be made. It’s exhausting, but your arms don’t fall off after the first burpee.

How To Do A Burpee Correctly: Here’s How

To do a burpee correctly, you must not rush at the beginning. Take it slow and learn the movement. Stand up straight with your legs about hip-width apart. This is your starting position for the burpee. Now comes the first part: the squat. Bend your legs, push your butt back a little and squat down. The palms are placed shoulder-width apart in front of the feet.

From this position, jump into the push-up place, stretching your legs straight back. If you are fit, do a push-up at this point. Beginners hold the Plank with straight arms for a short moment. Then pull your legs up, crouch, and jump up. Clap your arms over your head. Burpee number 1 is done!


Make sure you do the burpees correctly. Beginners should take their time. Keep your stomach tight throughout the exercise. When you squat, open your legs hip-width apart and ensure your feet are pointing forward. The back stays straight when coming down. When doing push-ups, the body must form a line. The tension in the stomach helps with this. The bottom should neither slide up nor sag.

The Ultimate Fat-Killing Workout With Burpees

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The Big Four-Week Burpee Challenge

Training is much easier with a precisely defined plan. That’s why we’ve put together your burpee training for the next four weeks as a workout challenge. Face the challenge, then you will stay fit, and the bikini figure will not be an unfulfilled dream but will finally become a Reality!

Day 1:

Approach the challenge slowly – especially if you’re new to burpees. Do the first try and then see how many repetitions you can do – and whether you try the hardcore version with push-ups or the beginner version with Plank.

Day 2:

You now know how to do burpees: From now on, there are no more excuses! Clench your teeth and do as many burpees in a row as you can. You can do a minimum of five with Plank, right? Note the value.

Day 3:

Look at the note from Day 2 and then do the same number of burpees. I finally did it yesterday!

Day 4 & 5:

You are now really in training. Bet you can do one more burpee?

Day 6:

There’s still something going on. Can you do another burpee?

Day 7:

Well done! Give yourself a break. You deserve it!

Day 8 & 9:

With the day of rest in between, you could gather new strength. Add another burpee so that you can now do three more burpees than on day 1.

Day 10 & 11:

Even if it hurts, add a burpee.

Day 12 & 13:

You’re good at training now. Can you do two more burpees?

Day 14:

You deserve the break today.

Day 15 & 16:

Week 3 of the Burpee Challenge is full of fresh energy. Add two burpees to last week’s performance.

Day 17 & 18:

Try to do another burpee.

Day 19 & 20:

And one more.

Day 21:

Finally, another burpee break!

Day 22 & 23:

It’s the last round! Adds a burpee to last week’s peak effort.

Day 24 & 25:

It hurts, but one more will do.

Day 26 & 27:

We are almost done! Overcome yourself and attach at least one burpee to it!

Day 28:

Chaka! You made it! How many burpees did you end up with? Try to stay in training and keep training at least three days a week.

An Important Note At The End: 

An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercises is still the best way to stay fit and achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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