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30-Day Arm Challenge: Declare War On The Flabby Waving Arms!

It’s time for an effective arm workout without weights! We’ll show you how. (With training plan to print out). It’s the weekend, and you’re planning to go out with your girls. So you slip into your hot little black dress with enthusiasm and are horrified to see how soft and floppy your arms look. So far, you haven’t noticed this change at all. Your taut arms have quietly and secretly said goodbye and are now ruining your party mood. Are you familiar with that? Then our arm challenge could be just the right thing for you!

A lack of muscles or excess fat deposits on the upper arms weakens the self-confidence of some women so much that they even do without short-sleeved clothing altogether. Such an attitude is entirely wrong because you should love yourself the way you are.

If you still want to change and want tight, defined arms, you can do this with our efficient training plan for tight arms: Strengthen your arms in one month – it’s possible with our 30-day arm challenge!

Finally, Tight Arms With The Ultimate Training Plan

It doesn’t matter whether it’s for the stomach, legs, or buttocks… Challenges are all the rage right now. How about you: are you ready to face the “Arm Challenge” challenge? All you need is a sturdy chair, a soft surface, and a little motivation to devote a few minutes of your precious time to arm training every day.

Essential For Your Workout: Each repetition should be performed flawlessly to benefit from the exercise most. For this to work, we will explain exactly how to do the following four exercises for toned arms correctly.

Diet Counts Too!

So that you get something out of your sports program, you should also pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet. It’s not about losing weight. It’s about your physical fitness. Suppose the weight goes down thanks to sport and a nutritious diet, all the better. But your body must get all the nutrients it needs.

1st Exercise: Triceps Dips – Ideal For Toned Arms

Here’s How It Works:

Sit in a chair, very close to the edge of the seat. Place your hands on the chair just below your shoulders, almost under your butt, and grasp the edge of the chair. Your arms are stretched. Now slide your butt off the bench. Your legs are bent so that your feet have a sound footing. Now slowly bend your arms so that your butt moves further and further towards the floor. Make sure your back stays straight, and you don’t help with your legs.

Repeat the exercise as many times as indicated in the challenge.

Training without a challenge: 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions each

2nd Exercise: Push-Ups For A Defined Arm, Chest, And Shoulder Muscles

How To Do It:

Get on all fours. Your arms are stretched, and you position your hands under your shoulders. Your legs are stretched out, and you stand on the balls of your feet. Engage your stomach to stabilize your back and keep your body in a straight line. This is your starting position.

Now bend your arms and lower your torso toward the floor until your elbows form a 90-degree angle. Then push yourself back up into the plank with your chest and arms.

Is it still too difficult for you with outstretched legs? Don’t worry, and every beginning is difficult. Shorten the angle by not supporting yourself on your feet but your knees.​

Repeat the exercise as many times as indicated in the challenge.

Training without a challenge: 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions each

3rd Exercise: Climbers Train Arms And Abdomen

Here’s How It Works:

Get into the push-up starting position. Your arms are particularly challenged with the support and stabilization work. In addition, you train the abdominal muscles with the mountaineer. Your right leg stays on the ground. Pull the left one toward your chest, then switch legs. As if you were climbing stairs horizontally on the spot or just climbing a mountain.

Repeat the exercise as many times as indicated in the challenge.

Training without a challenge: 3 sets of 12-18 repetitions each

4th Exercise: Arm Circles Ensure Slim Arms

Here’s How It Works:

Stand up straight. Your feet are shoulder-width apart. Now stretch your arms to the side, your palms facing the ceiling. Make sure you don’t hunch your shoulders up toward your ears. Now let your arms rotate in small movements. Make sure you don’t cheat and shake your wrists.

If it gets too tricky, you can form larger circles or hold your arms outstretched to the side. Perform the movements in a targeted manner and without momentum so that your muscles have to work.

Advanced users can also use light weights.

Repeat the exercise for the time specified in the challenge.

Training without a challenge: start with about 30 seconds and increase by 5 seconds every two days.

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