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5 Underrated Fitness Exercises That Are Super Effective

Underrated Fitness- Everyone is doing burpees, squats, and planks right now. Some exercises are at least as effective. Here are 5 of them! Nothing against Plank and Co. These are unquestionably great fitness exercises. But: There are so many other great exercises that are very effective but are rarely done. For every one that a little variety wants to bring into their workout, here are five underrated exercises. You should do it again!

Underrated Fitness- 1 Jumping Rope

Was the last time you had a rope in your hands as a child? Then you should get one. Jumping rope is pretty exhausting and a great cardio workout. You burn a lot of calories, and you also have a lot of fun.

Warm up with the rope for a minute before your workout, or jump a little longer to get around the fat-burning really to crank.

2 Pushups

Pushups are pretty old school and excellent if you want to train many muscles with one exercise. In addition to the arms, you do something for the stomach, back and shoulders.

Here’s How It Works:

Get into the pushup position. To do this, lean on your hands and tiptoe. Make sure your legs are straight, and your hands are under your shoulders. The body should form a line. The buttocks should not slide up or down. Tense your stomach tightly, and then bend your arms and upper body deeply.

3 x 10 repetitions

Tip: Beginners can do pushups on the wall or the edge of a chair. The higher you stand, the easier it becomes.

3 Superman Lying Down

Superman is an excellent exercise for the back and stomach. The buttocks are also trained a bit.

Here’s How It Works:

Lie on your stomach. Extend your arms forward. Legs are about hip-width apart. Now tighten your stomach and bottom firmly, and then lift both your arms and legs a few centimeters. Pull your shoulder blades together by bending your arms and pulling your upper arms back towards your shoulders.

3 x 10 repetitions

Tip: Beginners hold Superman with stretched arms for a few seconds.

4 Beetles

Abdominal muscles as hard as steel: here we come! The beetle is an excellent exercise for the straight as well as the oblique abdominal muscles.

This Is How It Works:

Lie on your back, lift your legs straight up, tip your feet towards the ceiling. Tense the stomach tightly and then alternately push the right arm towards the left foot and the left arm towards the right foot. The other leg is stretched and lowered towards the floor. Make sure that your lower back stays on the floor.

3 x 10 repetitions per side

5 Level Scales

Holding exercises are often underestimated, but they are very effective and great for deep-seated core muscles. With the floor scales, you train your legs, buttocks, but also shoulders and stomach.

This Is How It Works:

Stand up straight and tense your stomach tightly. Put your weight on your right leg, bend it a little, and lift your left leg straight up. At the same time, bend your upper body forward with your arms straight. The legs, upper body and arms should ideally form a line. Fix a point on the ground in front of you to keep your balance better. Make sure that the foot is tightened and the leg and gluteal muscles are tense. The tip of the foot should point to the floor.

Hold 3 x 5 seconds per leg

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