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Nice And Slim: Train Your Entire Body With Pilates

Nice And Slim: Fitness & harmony through gentle gymnastics – what exactly is Pilates? In addition to yoga, Pilates is the most popular sport. Pilates is a gentle form of gymnastics that, with over 500 exercises and entirely original equipment, not only aims to strengthen the body muscles and make the body flexible and supple: the whole-body workout should also be internal balance and promote wellbeing.

Nice And Slim: How Did Pilates Come About?

The name Pilates can be traced back to the founder of this movement theory, Joseph H. Pilates. The German athlete and trainer were captured in England during the First World War, and there, he developed the new gymnastics method in his cell. He had been involved in various movement studies and yoga since his youth. After his release, Pilates opened his first gymnastics studio in New York in 1926, and his Mrs, the nurse Clara.

What Is Pilates?

Like yoga, the Pilates method is also characterized by a holistic view of the body. It aims to develop the body in a harmonious way, correct postural errors, restore physical vitality and stimulate the mind of the Pilates student.

All exercises (over 500 in total) are based on the following basic principles:

> Conscious breathing (flank breathing ). Breathing is the foundation of the Pilates method. Conscious breathing into the chest (under no circumstances by inflating the stomach!) Promotes concentration, loosens tension and strengthens the abdominal muscles.

> Concentration . Every movement, every breath needs to be mentally controlled. Thanks to concentration, body and mind should be brought into harmony.

> Control. The execution of the movements must be perfectly controlled in space and time (every part of the body, breathing, balance, phases of rest …).

> Flow of movement. In Pilates, the body is almost constantly in motion. All exercises must be performed in flowing movements – as slowly as possible to work the body’s deep muscles.

> Centering. Pilates understands centering on meaning strengthening the core of the body:

the so-called powerhouse. It extends from the chest to the pelvis and includes all important organs. All exercises involve pulling in the abdomen to train the deep abdominal muscles.

> Precision. The exercises are precisely strung together. Concentration promotes the precision of the movements. 

> Alignment. The upright posture guarantees that muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints are stressed appropriately. 

Pilates In Practice

The Pilates method is based on ​​adopting different positions through specific sequences of movements in an exact series.

The aim is to activate all muscle groups alternately and in sometimes unusual combinations, whereby the lower trunk area (abdominal, pelvic and buttock muscles) is particularly stressed.

Most Pilates exercises are performed without any auxiliary material, except for the indispensable floor mat.

However, the following accessories are also required for specific exercises:

> Ball. In the right size (e.g. 65 cm in diameter and 1.65 m tall), the ball helps you find the correct posture to keep your balance and not fall.

> Rubber band or rubber band. To do stretching and resistance exercises.

> Tires. It is clamped between the legs to train the thigh muscles.

> Foam noodle. Balance exercises are carried out with this moderately long but thick noodle.

> The following special equipment is used in the fitness studios, among others: Reformer (sliding carriage on which the user can sit, kneel, lie or stand), Cadillac ( padded platform, which is surrounded by four posts, which in turn have a rectangle at the top connected) or the Wanda Chair (a box with two pedals for contrarian or simultaneous movement).

How Can You Learn Pilates?

There is no official Pilates organization, but numerous Pilates institutes have merged to form the German Pilates Association in Germany. You will find extensive information on training institutes and licensed trainers in your area on the official homepage of the association.

Good to know: For everyone who would like to keep fit with Pilates exercises at home, there are numerous DVDs and books on the subject in stores and many videos on the Internet. With online fitness courses like those from Gym Ondo, you can fall back on the knowledge of experienced trainers. 

But despite all the textbooks and videos, it is advisable to get a trained Pilates teacher to familiarize you with the basic knowledge of the Pilates method, who can also correct you if necessary.

Who Is Pilates For?

Pilates exercises are strenuous but gentle on the body: no sudden movements or strong impact shocks. The Pilates method is, therefore, suitable for everyone:

> Women and men who don’t Super drive, as well as for competitive athletes.

> Stressed, tired people.

> People who suffer from muscle tension.

> Pregnant women or young mothers who have just given birth (after consultation with a doctor).

> older people or people who need to rehabilitate themselves from an injury (after consulting a doctor).

> Anyone who wants to stay fit and gently work on their silhouette.

Pilates Is Good For The Body And Soul Because Of Pilates 

> … relieves pain by strengthening the deep muscles, moving the pelvis and back into the correct position and improving posture.

> … refines the body silhouette by tightening weak muscles and relaxing tense muscles.

> … makes the body elastic and supple by stretching the muscles and increasing the range of motion of the joints.

> … improves breath and stamina by teaching slower and deeper breathing.

> … corrects posture by encouraging you to integrate the proper movement sequences in everyday life.

> … limits signs of ageing through improved coordination.

> … drives away stress as it leads to wellbeing, mental strength and inner harmony.

No matter what you choose – whether online workouts at home or training in the studio around the corner – an active lifestyle with balanced nourishment and lots of exercise are still the best way to stay fit and healthy over the long term.

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