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Applying Deodorant: Everyone Makes These Six Fatal Mistakes!

Deodorant: It’s unbelievable, but we secrete about half a liter of sweat a day even when we are at rest. If we do sports or are stressed, the sweat glands also turn up. With a deodorant, we can prevent unpleasant body odor. But did you know that we often get these six things wrong when applying Deodorant?

Deodorant After Shaving Is An Absolute No-Go!

If you’ve just shaved, the skin is particularly sensitive. If Deodorant is applied immediately afterward, it can quickly lead to unpleasant skin irritation—the result: burning pain, reddened skin, and small pimples. So give your sensitive skin a little break before applying Deodorant.

A Deodorant Is Not A Perfume

Yes, a deodorant should mask the smell of sweat. But that doesn’t mean it’s a perfume. Too much Deodorant doesn’t smell ‘better.’ It just smells like too much Deodorant! In addition, a deodorant contains many chemical additives to fight the bacteria on our skin. These additives can irritate particularly sensitive skin.

There are now many deodorants with natural ingredients that are gentler on the skin. We checked whether they prevent sweat odor in our ‘Deodorant without an aluminum test. ‘

The Scent Is Also Important

The assumption of many women: the stronger the scent, the less unpleasant sweat odor. However, you should pay attention to a non-intrusive scent that does not increase when you sweat. It is better to choose deodorants with subtle scents with a nourishing component.

Timing Is Everything!

What many do not know: Deodorants do not cover up old sweat. They only work on new ones. This means that if the skin bacteria have managed to break down the sweat under the armpits and thus produce an unpleasant smell, even the strongest Deodorant in the world will not help.

Therefore, the motto always applies: Apply Deodorant when the skin is still ‘fresh’ – e.g., B. right after the shower (but be careful if you’ve just shaved). Only in this way can it develop its full effect.

Apply Deodorant Before Bed

Our sweat glands are less active in the evening, especially while we sleep. So the best time to put on antiperspirants! In this way, the antiperspirant active ingredients can penetrate the sweat ducts well and develop their full effect on the next day.

What Do I Wear?

What do deodorants and clothing have to do with one another? A lot! Because if you want to avoid unpleasant smells, the morning question about the right clothes is also relevant. Tight clothing made of synthetic fibers also stimulates perspiration, for example. You also have to be careful with polyester, as sweat cannot evaporate from under clothing.

Our Tip: 

If you sweat a lot, opt for light and breathable materials such as cotton or linen. For the Deodorant to work properly, you should wait until the active ingredients are completely absorbed into the skin before you get dressed.

An Important Note At The End: 

These are the best suggestions for those using the deodorants. These are the mistakes you are making by using deodorants. The best suggestion is to avoid deodorants as much as possible. In the place of deodorants, use natural oils or natural products.

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