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Caution! 7 Hair Combing Mistakes Everyone Makes

Is your hair dull, breaking, or getting split ends quickly? Then you are most likely making one of these hair combing mistakes. Combining hair is a fundamental automatism for many of us. We pick up the brush several times a day without thinking about it. The problem: when combing your hair, things can go wrong. The result: dull, lackluster hair, split ends, and, in the worst case, even hair breakage.

We’ll tell you the most common mistakes when combing your hair and give you practical tips for shiny and healthy hair.

Hair Combing Mistakes: Mistake 1: Comb Hair From Base Down

Most women comb their hair like this: they take a comb or brush, bring it to the head, and frantically pull it down to the tips from the hairline. This is precisely the first mistake you can make when combing your hair.

Why? Because this can lead to split ends and hair breakage if there are knots or fealty spots in the tips. Many people tear the hairbrush through their hair, which damages the tips.

Better: Always comb the ends of your hair first and carefully (!) Untangle them. Hold your hair by your head with the other hand to not pull out. After the tips have been combed through, continue working upwards until you have reached the hairline. Then carefully pull the comb or hairbrush through from top to bottom several times.

Mistake 2: Combing Your Wet Hair

Who of you combs your wet hair right after you shower and commit another fatal hair mistake? You are not alone in this. Little do many realize that they can permanently damage their hair with this everyday routine.

The Reason: When the hair is wet, it is much more sensitive because it swells up due to the water. The cuticle opens up and makes the individual hair more prone to break off. If your hair is tangled after washing and you tear it with a comb or brush, split ends and hair breakage result.


  1. Let your hair dry first before you comb it through.
  2. If it has to be done quickly, use a spray cure before combing, which makes towel-dried hair easier to comb and detangles.
  3. Carefully and carefully brush the tips and lengths before combing your hair from top to bottom.

Mistake 3: Force Brushing Hair

Violence is never a solution, even when combing your hair. If you want to remove knots or matted strands, you should not work your hair wildly with a comb or brush. Because this only breaks the hair off, or you tear it out completely.

Better: proceed cautiously and take your time to untangle strand by strand carefully. Make sure also to hold the strand of hair you are combing at the roots. This will prevent excessive tension in the hair and pull it out.

Mistake 4: Tangling The Round Brush In Your Hair

Anyone who blows their hair sometimes with a round brush probably knows this moment of shock: The screwed-in round brush suddenly gets stuck, and nothing works. Horror!

But why is the round brush tangled in your hair? There are several reasons for this:

  1. The brush is too small for the length of the hair. This often leads to it being screwed in too often. This increases the risk of the “hair layers” becoming tangled.
  1. You have not divided the hair into sections. This can cause too much hair to end up in the brush and tangle.
  1. The hairbrush is of poor quality and has rough plastic bristles. The hair quickly gets stuck in them. Make sure you always use high-quality round brushes.

Mistake 5: Using The Wrong Brush

Speaking of high-quality brushes: Many people mistake not buying them. Instead, they comb their hair with cheap 08-15 hairbrushes. The problem: Depending on the hair type, different combs for hair brushes are necessary – at least if you want shiny and healthy hair.

Hairbrushes with natural bristles, for example, are gentler than brushes with plastic bristles and are therefore suitable for fine, damaged hair. Another advantage of meetings with natural bristles is that they absorb the sebum from the scalp and distribute it evenly in the lengths and tips. The natural layer of fat ensures a beautiful shine and acts like a protective film that keeps the hair healthy.

If you have curly hair, you’d better avoid brushing altogether and use a wide-toothed comb instead. It best separates and defines the curls.

Good all-around brushes for normal, straight hair are so-called paddle brushes. One of the most popular products on the net is the Parsa hairbrush. In the feminine test, the high-quality brush was able to convince across the board and achieved a recommendation rate of 100%.

Mistake 6: Using A Hairbrush Or Comb For Too Long

Hand On Heart: When was the last time you washed out your hairbrush or changed it entirely? Most make the mistake of using their hair brushes for too long.

On the one hand, hair brushes should be cleaned regularly (once a month) to remove dandruff, hair, or styling residue. On the other hand, inferior hair brushes with plastic bristles that have been in use for too long can damage the hair, namely when the strands break off or roughen.

Therefore, make sure that your hairbrushes or combs are entirely intact. If the comb is rough or the brush has lost plastic bristles and feels sharp, you should replace it. Here it is worth investing in a high-quality hairbrush because it lasts much longer.

Mistake 7: Combing Your Hair Too Infrequently

Yes, some things can go wrong when combing your hair. But to keep your hair healthy and shiny, you should use a comb or brush every day – but with caution. Because by carefully combing with the right hairbrush, the hair surface is smoothed, and the sebum is distributed in the hair. That protects them and makes them shine.

By the way, Empress Sissi already knew how crucial daily hair brushing is. She has pampered her legendary hair with 100 brush strokes a day. Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be 100 brush strokes every day. A few less are enough.

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