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Cake Calorie Check: What Are The Most Significant Fattening Foods?

Most cakes are real calorie bombs, even if you don’t like to hear them. But how many calories are there in cheesecake, crumble cake, or Black Forest cake? And which cake has particularly few calories? Sometimes it just has to be a piece of cake. But how many calories does a bit of marble cake have? And how quickly does the Swiss roll leave its mark on your hips? Can you treat yourself to this every day?

We took a closer look at the most popular cake classics and asked the calorie table how thick the individual varieties make. Luckily there are significant differences. So if you find out that your favorite cake has around 400 kcal per piece, you should look at what your second favorite cake looks like. Or the third favorite.

Fruity Sponge Rolls

Swiss rolls, for example, are pretty low in calories. And thanks to strawberry, lemon, or raspberry, they taste wonderfully fruity and refreshing. The 100 g piece has about 220 kcal.


Oh god, it tastes chocolaty! A piece of Sachertorte is worth every calorie! And we don’t want to know how much fat and co. is in every bite. We will answer the question at this point: 460 kcal is hidden in the 120 g piece.

Apple Cake

Shortcrust pastry, yeast, or batter? If you want to enjoy a piece of apple pie, you are spoiled for choice regarding the base. With the calories in mind, you should choose the yeast dough variant. It has less fat and calories.

150 g apple pie with yeast dough base: approx. 200 kcal

150 g apple pie with batter: approx. 320 kcal

150 g covered apple pie with shortcrust pastry: approx. 345 kcal

By the way: You can apply this calculation to any other fruit cake! Shortcrust pastry is always a little fat and calorie bomb.

Crumble Cake

Whether pure or with fruit: crumble cake is an absolute classic. It is made with a yeast dough base covered with plenty of butter crumble. They also ensure that the 150 g piece of crumble cake has around 480 kcal.

Preferably crumble cake with fruit, it has a little fewer calories. If you bake yourself, you can hold back on the sprinkles and only pour half over the cake. It still tastes great!


Is it creamy! Cheesecake practically melts in your mouth. It may not be that high in calories, depending on how it is prepared. On average, a 100 g piece has 275 kcal.

If you want to save calories, bake yourself, use low-fat quark and do without a base.

Marble Cake

Many like to reach for the supposedly harmless piece of marble cake to save calories. The theory goes that it can’t contain as many calories as a dry cake. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. A 70 g piece includes an impressive 270 kcal. All the butter that goes into the dough is to blame. If you bake it yourself, you can omit some and replace it with yogurt. You can often save a little on sugar, too.

Black Forest Cake

If you think of calorie bombs in connection with cake, you undoubtedly think of the Black Forest gateau with its mountains of cream. It’s not as bad as it looks. An average 120g piece has around 330kcal. This works out.


Berliners are made with lard and, as the name suggests, are fried in plenty of lard or fat. In other words, they are little fat bombs. Luckily it’s not that bad. A small 60 g Berliner has about 200 kcal.

Frankfurt Wreath

Frankfurter Kranz is a feast for all buttercream fans. Because that fills the wreath layer by layer, there is about 300 kcal in a 70 g small piece. But that’s enough cake for now. There is rarely room for a second piece.

Nut Corners

Plenty of nuts, sugar, and butter: nut corners are natural fattening foods – even if they are so delicious. A 50 g nut wedge has approx—270 kcal. But be careful: the nut corners in the bakery are often more significant.

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