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These Six Simple Styling Tricks Make You Slim!

Most of us would like to lose a kilo or two. Sure, there is no way around the sport with the ‘Mission dream body’. But it takes time for the results to be visible. On the other hand, you can get an instant slimming effect with these six styling tricks!

Leave The Jacket Open

Have you ever noticed that bloggers seldom wear their jackets, cardigans or coats closed? There is a good reason for this because a jacket worn openly makes the figure appear much slimmer. The effect is particularly significant if you wear a dark, slightly longer jacket over a lighter top.

Do Not Button The Blouse Completely

A slimmer upper body in seconds? This works out! Unbutton your blouse, so the top two to three buttons are open. The resulting V-neck stretches and makes you narrower.

Wear A Shirt And Pants That Are The Same Colour

This styling trick is the secret weapon for short women who want to look taller and slimmer: combine your pants with a top in the same or a very similar colour. This creates a smooth transition between the lower and upper body and makes you appear taller and narrower.

Roll Up Your Pants

If you want longer and slimmer legs, roll your jeans up to your ankles. The result: the ankles are emphasized, and for many women, they are the narrowest part of the leg—a simple trick with a considerable effect.

A touch more stylish than rolled-up jeans: swinging culottes. The wide-cut 7/8 trousers flatter the legs and make them look slimmer.

Get The Layered Look Right

A cleverly styled layered look can make wide hips look much slimmer. It would be best if you had a short top (e.g. a crop top or a short corset) that you pull over a longer blouse. Ideally, it should reach above the hips.

Puts on the blouse, the cropped top over it. The crop top automatically draws the viewer’s attention to your waist, making it appear narrower. And the longer-cut blouse also conceals the hip area.

You can achieve the same effect with a short jacket that ends at waist level. A dress with sections of different lengths and overknees also conjures up a slimmer figure.

Put On Vertical Stripes

The number 1 slimming miracle is and will always be vertical stripes. No other pattern stretches the body as much as the trendy print. If a striped dress is too conspicuous, you can wear a slightly longer cut blouse with fine vertical stripes or stylish striped culottes with a simple shirt!

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