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Calorie Table Fruit: So Many Calories Are In Apples, Strawberries & Co.

Calorie Table Fruit: Fruit is healthy and contains many important vitamins and minerals. But what about the calories? Can you eat as much fruit as you want? Here is the fruit calorie table with the most popular fruits.

Fruits, in particular, are a good source of vitamins, as they are usually eaten raw, and no important vitamins are lost during the cooking process. We should eat three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit every day. We are well supplied with vitamins, minerals, and secondary plant substances if we stick to them.

But if you pay attention to your weight or want to lose weight, you are, of course, interested in the calorie content of the fruit. Because: Fruit has more calories than vegetables. The kilocalories of the fruits are based on their high fructose content. Fat, on the other hand, plays practically no role in fruit. But how many calories are actually in it? We have a calorie table with the most popular fruits for those who want to know exactly.

Calorie Table Fruit: Stone Fruits

Stone fruits are delicious and are part and parcel of summer. The calorie table shows: This fruit is also quite low in calories. Take it easy!

Fruit Calories Per 100 g

Apricot:    43 kcal

Sour cherry:    53 kcal

Sweet cherry:    62 kcal

Mango:                57 kcal

Mirabelle:    63 kcal

Nectarine:    56 kcal

Peach:                41 kcal

Plum:                48 kcal

Calorie Table Fruit: Berry Fruits

Berry fruits are by far the lowest calorie fruits if you look at the calorie table for fruits. Strawberries, in particular, are great for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Fruit    Calories Per 100 g

Blackberry:    44 kcal

Cranberry:    35 kcal

Strawberry:    32 kcal

Blueberry:    36 kcal

Raspberry:    34 kcal

Red currant:    33 kcal

blackcurrant:    39 kcal

Gooseberry:    37 kcal

Fun fact: from a botanical point of view, the avocado is a berry fruit. Therefore, the avocado is the freshest fruit with the highest calories and provides around 221 kcal per 100 g.

The Ten Lowest Calorie Fruits

Fruit    Calories Per 100 g

Strawberries:    32 kcal

Papaya:    32 kcal

Red currants:    33 kcal

Raspberries:    34 kcal

Guava:                34 kcal

Lemon:    35 kcal

Blueberries:    36 kcal

Watermelon:    38 kcal

Grapefruit:    38 kcal

Quinces:    38 kcal

Calorie Table Fruit: Pome Fruit

Some fruits such as apples and pears are available all year round. Apples are the favorite fruit because they taste good, are healthy, and stay fresh for a long time compared to berries and other fruits. The fruit calorie table shows that apples are also quite low in calories. You have 54 kcal per 100 g. An average apple with 125 g comes to 68 kcal.

Fruit    Calories Per 100 g

Apple:      54 kcal

Pear:      55 kcal

Quince: 38 kcal

Fruit Calorie Table: Exotic Fruits & Citrus Fruits

Do bananas make you fat? Of course, that’s not true, but the calorie table shows that with 88 kcal per 100 g, bananas are a higher-calorie fruit. Most of the other exotic fruits are lower in calories. The big exception: fresh dates.

Fruit Calories Per 100 g

Pineapple:          55 kcal

Banana:          88 kcal

Clementine /

Mandarina:          46 kcal

Coward:          61 kcal

Pomegranate:          74 kcal

Grapefruit:          38 kcal

Guava:                      34 kcal

Honeydew melon:  54 kcal

Kiwi:                      51 kcal

Papaya:          32 kcal

Watermelon:          37 kcal

Grapes:              70 kcal

Lemon:              35 kcal

The Ten Most High-Calorie Fresh Fruits

Fruit Calories Per 100 g

Banana:            88 kcal

Pomegranate:            74 kcal

Grapes:            70 kcal

Sweet cherries:       62 kcal

fresh figs:            61 kcal

Mango:                        57 kcal

Nectarines:            56 kcal

Pineapple:            55 kcal

Pear:                        55 kcal

Apples:            54 kcal

Calorie Table Fruit: Dried Fruit

During dried fruits, the water is withdrawn from the fruit. Plenty of fructose remains. Therefore, it is not surprising that dried fruits are at the top of the fruit calorie table when it comes to high-calorie fruits.

Dried fruits contain around 250 kcal per 100 g. Access is still allowed from time to time because dried fruits contain important minerals such as potassium.

Fruit Calories Per 100 g

Apple:              248 kcal

Apricot          239 kcal

Banana:        289 kcal

Cranberry:    312 kcal

Date:            276 kcal

Coward:       250 kcal

Plum:            218 kcal

Raisin:            290 kcal

Fruits with few calories usually contain less sugar, i.e., fewer carbohydrates, instead of water and fiber. You shouldn’t worry too much about the calorie content of fruit if you go overboard (except for dried fruit, of course).

An Important Note At The End: 

An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise is still the best way to stay fit and achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

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