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Combine A White Dress: These Looks Will Make You Shine

Combine A White Dress: No summer without white clothes. We’ll show you how to combine them correctly and safely avoid all styling traps. Whether on the beach, in the city or office, stylish women love white dresses and wear them in summer. No wonder: after all, they are wonderfully airy, emphasize our sun-kissed complexion and look super fresh.

Combine A White Dress: Who Are White Clothes For?

Although white dresses are the perfect summer companion, many dare women have not worked out yet. Some think white makes you fat – others think the light tone makes them look way too pale. White dresses can be real figure flatterers and true complexion boosters!

Important when choosing the dress: The cut must match your figure type. If you have an O-figure with a tummy and rounded hips, you can wear a flowing tunic dress with a V-neckline, for example. Wide hips and strong thighs are super concealed in a fitted A-line dress.

Which Shoes Go Well With The White Dress?

In principle, casual summer shoes in light earth tones such as cognac or beige look the most harmonious with white clothes. They underline the casual, light style of the dress. For example, flat sandals in ethnic style, delicate mules or sandals with cork heels are great.

In general, shades of brown harmonize wonderfully with the white of the clothes. Therefore, your other accessories can also be kept in brown, nude, beige or cognac. Of course, there may be gaudy eye-catchers here and there, but the rule is: less is more! The bright colors could make the white look quickly killed, so soft pastel tones are better.

Our favorite combination in summer: white maxi dresses and sneakers! The long Walle-Walle dresses should not be missing this season, and we especially like the comfortable and casual. We style the pieces with cool dad sneakers because dresses and skirts were long gone when sneakers were taboo. Good for us.

By the way: flowing dresses in white can also be styled with a hippie look. Colorful bracelets, hair bands, espadrilles, XXL sunglasses and boohoo bags with embroidery go well with this.

The Megatrend: White Dresses + Biker Boots

Fashion girls are currently crazy about cool biker boots, preferably in black, with rivets or buckles, laced or in a western look – the main thing is to be as casual as possible. Good news for all biker boots fans: The shoes do not have to be put in the shoe cupboard despite the summer temperatures.

Biker boots are now easily styled with summery clothes – if they are also white, so much the better! What used to be an absolute fashion no-no is now the trend par excellence. Thanks to the blogger girls. If you want to go one better, you can also style a black leather jacket and a wide waist belt of black leather with white clothes.

Combine White Dresses: 

White clothes are a permanent part of the luggage for fashionistas. So it’s no wonder that Instagram is teeming with outfit posts with white dresses. The stylish women are particularly fond of one combination: a white dress and a basket bag. This mix exudes a pure holiday feeling and looks wonderfully airy and light. This is where the most beautiful looks come to be re-styled.

Attention, Styling Trap!

Finally, one last tip for white clothes: Pay attention to what you wear underneath. Black, pink or red underwear flashes through mercilessly and is a real fashion faux pas.

What many do not know: you can also see white bras and panties under white clothes because they stand out too strongly from the skin tone. Therefore, under a white dress, skin-closured and preferably seamless underwear should always be worn. 

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