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Do You Gain Weight After A Tummy Tuck?

If you wonder if you gain weight after a tummy tuck, you are either considering undergoing this treatment or experiencing a slight weight gain after it and want to know if it is normal. As you well know, this abdomen reshaping operation is often chosen by women who, after pregnancy, want to lose excess fat and skin that has accumulated right in the abdomen area.

 In other cases, ex-obese subjects with significant weight loss decide to opt for it. But not only that, many patients with the “problem” of the waist choose the treatment to like themselves more. Some are concerned about weight gain after a tummy tuck, thinking it will completely negate the results. Let’s clarify the matter and find out what are some basic precautions to prevent this from happening.

Should I Be Concerned About Weight Gain After A Tummy Tuck?

The causes that could hide behind a possible weight gain after abdominoplasty are different. Knowing them more in-depth can prevent this from happening in your case. 


One of the major reasons that lead to weight gain is an unhealthy lifestyle intake. Remember that the tummy tuck itself does not change your metabolism! Eating fatty and high-calorie foods and a sedentary lifestyle go hand in hand with extra pounds. If you want to keep fit, there is no substitute for a balanced and healthy diet. Surgery cannot work miracles; it must necessarily build a model of good habits to follow to maintain the results achieved and feel good. 

Hormonal Problems

If you’re gaining weight despite engaging in regular physical activity and eating a healthy diet, hormones could be the root of the problem. They often change due to genetic factors, age, and diet. Then, contact your healthcare provider to check your current hormone status. 

Stress And Anxiety

We know that particularly stressful phases of our lives can lead us to eat more and sleep less. All of this contributes to weight gain. Stress can also affect hormone levels. Try to keep yourself active with exercise and take time to heal your emotional state. 

Post-Operative Water Retention

Consider that postoperative water retention can be normal given that a treatment such as an abdominoplasty creates a certain amount of stress on the body which then has to rebalance itself. A little swelling in your hands and feet is only natural; it may indicate that you need more time to get rid of these retained fluids naturally. Drink lots of water and try to follow the directions given by your doctor. 

How Can You Maintain The Results Obtained?

You know that in some cases, the most serious ones in which the patient has not changed his habits, it has been necessary to intervene again with an abdominoplasty repair operation. A doctor would never want to get to this point because this type of operation is more complicated than the previous one and because the goal is still to instill in the patient the need for a healthy lifestyle. 

The surgery is the beginning of a healthier and more regular life path. When the patient decides not to follow the instructions and constantly overeats in front of the TV or with friends with junk food, it is a real shame for him and his health. 

Gaining a little weight can be normal and doesn’t affect your final results. Here are other practical and simple tips that you can follow to enjoy the benefits of abdominoplasty, whether you have already had the surgery or are about to do it.

Tips For Maintaining Results And Not Gaining Weight After Tummy Tuck

  1. Eat Healthy and Nutritious Foods: This is one of the best ways to maintain proper weight. Include large doses of fruit and vegetables in your diet, and allow yourself some extras only in special cases!
  2. Do physical activity regularly: do you know that the calories that enter daily should be burned to maintain a healthy weight? Then train every day; even with a nice brisk walk, you can easily burn off excess calories and strengthen your muscles. The heart will be stronger, and all contribute to a more consistent overall weight loss;
  3. Give yourself the right rest: as we said before, not getting enough sleep increases stress levels, often affecting nervous hunger. 
  4. Have the surgery after pregnancy: This advice is especially true if you’re still evaluating the surgery. If you want to expand your family and have a baby soon, we advise you to postpone the surgery until you have decided that the family is complete!

In conclusion, do you gain weight after abdominoplasty? Slightly may be normal, but you must follow your doctor’s recommendations for a new healthy and active lifestyle to continue to benefit from the results.

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