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Does The Cold Make You Sick? Ten Cold Myths In Check

Cold Myths: Is cold, wet weather really to blame for the common cold? Is it better to pull up your nose instead of blowing your nose? We take a closer look at ten common cold myths. Does hot milk with honey help against a sore throat, and can you sweat out cold in the sauna, and why is exercise so dangerous when sick? There are many myths about the nasty cold. What is accurate, and what is wrong?

Our tip for anyone in bed sick right now: Lean back and rest because rest is by far one of the best remedies for a cold.

Cold Myths: 1 Cold From Cold?

Outside it’s cold, windy, wet – just uncomfortable. If our nose runs and our throat is sore the next day, we usually blame the cold on the lousy weather.

Wrongly so, because in fact, cold and wet alone do not cause a cold – even if the name suggests that. Viruses usually transmit a cold. However, cold and wet conditions weaken our immune system, so the viruses have it easier in the cold season.

2 What Is The Difference Between The Flu And The Common Cold?

The flu and the common cold are the same things, aren’t they? The two terms sound very similar, but the flu is a severe illness caused by viruses. An acute infection of the upper respiratory tract, i.e., cough or cold, is also known as a common cold and is simply another expression for an out.

3 Pull Up Your Nose Instead Of Blowing Your Nose?

We all know the admonishing tone of our parents: “Don’t always pull your nose up!” However, we have to be clear now, because our parents were unfortunately very wrong with this tip. When you have a cold, you shouldn’t blow your nose every time but rather sniff it more often.

The reason for this: When cleaning, enormous pressure builds up in the nose and throat area. Under certain circumstances, cold viruses can get into the paranasal sinuses and cause a painful sinus infection.

4 Vitamin C Protects Against The Common Cold

True to the motto “a lot helps a lot,” we try to suppress an approaching cold with lots of vitamin C. Finally, the vitamin strengthens the immune system. That sounds logical, but you can’t usually fight the common cold in this way. On the one hand, the long-standing assumption that vitamin C protects against a cold has not been scientifically confirmed. On the other hand, our body cannot store vitamin C. In other words, everything that is not needed at the moment is discarded again.

Nevertheless: To permanently strengthen the immune system, you should ensure a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. Three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit per day are ideal.

5 Hot Milk With Honey For A Sore Throat

Home remedies are prevalent for relieving the symptoms of a cold. Scalding milk with honey is recommended because it tastes good and is said to help with a sore throat. This is true because the heat soothes a sore throat and is beneficial.

So that the nutrients contained in the honey are not destroyed, you should first heat the milk, let it cool down a bit, and only then stir in the honey.

Good to know: Hot tea is also beneficial for a sore throat and soothes a scratchy throat.

6 Cover Your Mouth When You Sneeze Or Cough

ATCHOO! “Hold your hand over your mouth!” is a familiar hint from all legal guardians and those who feel called to discipline others.

BUT: A handkerchief or the crook of your arm is much better than your hand if you have to sneeze or cough. If you use your hand, the viruses can get everywhere you touch. So the nasty beasts have an easy time and spread in record time on doorknobs, telephones, and on the hand of the other person to greet them.

7 Antibiotics?

Last resort antibiotics? Antibiotics are often prescribed for particularly stubborn colds. But antibiotics only work against bacteria. However, since viruses cause the common cold, something else has crept in with you.

Antibiotics only help when bacteria are also involved in an infection. That sometimes happens. In such cases, antibiotics can be helpful.

8 Cold And Exercise

It always sounds like a lame excuse if you leave your sports shoes in the closet when you cough and have a runny nose. But it’s better that way because when you have a cold, your body needs one thing above all else: rest. If you still do sports, you only put unnecessary strain on your body and delay healing. In the worst case, you even risk heart muscle inflammation.

9 Flu Shot Protects Against The Common Cold

Many hope they will be permanently spared the annoying cough and runny nose after flu vaccination. Unfortunately, that is a mistake. The vaccination only protects against the flu virus, the so-called influenza virus. The viruses that cause coughs and colds are different, so vaccination does not help here.

10 Cold And Sauna

Sweating out the cold is another popular piece of advice when the first symptoms of an infection appear. But is the tip correct? Unfortunately not. Regular sauna sessions are helpful to strengthen the immune system permanently. But you can’t sweat out the virus.

You should avoid the sauna even if you have a cold. The high temperatures are just another burden for your already ailing body, and you also infect the other sauna visitors.

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