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Six Surprising Reasons: Why You Should Take Cold Showers More Often

A kick of freshness early in the morning? Cold showers are a nightmare for many. However, those who can overcome it reap the health benefits. Can cold showers improve health? We took a closer look at the benefits of Cold Shock and found out amazing things. Taking a cold shower has long been part of everyday life for some. For others, it is pure horror. But the challenge seems to be worth it!

Cold Shower For Shiny Hair

Do you want shiny hair? Rinse your hair with warm water after shampooing. This is necessary to wash out the shampoo and conditioner. Rinse your hair with cold water afterwards. The cold water closes the cuticle layer of your hair follicles, which provides more shine.

Cold Showers For Beautiful Skin

What applies to hair also applies to the skin. By now, it should be common knowledge that showers that are too hot are not suitable for your skin. Sensitive skin, in particular, shows this clearly through redness and itchy dry areas. If a cold shower is too fresh for you in the long run, you should get used to taking a lukewarm shower and taking an excellent shower at the end. This closes the pores and also helps retain moisture.

Cold Showers Wake You Up

It makes sense: taking a cold shower, especially in the morning, wakes you up. Especially morning grouches get going with the freezing rain. Like the tried and tested contrast shower, the cold temperatures get our blood circulation going, which is also good for the connective tissue. The circulation gets a real boost without any caffeine.​

Be careful not to overdo it even when taking a cold shower. Temperature differences that are too extreme can damage the skin or the small vessels under the skin and cause them to burst. So when taking a contrast shower, only warm water instead of scalding hot and cold water instead of ice-cold.

Taking A Cold Shower Helps You Lose Weight

Our body consists of a certain extent of fat. A distinction is made between two different types of fat in our bodies. White fat refers to the unwanted fat that accumulates on the stomach or hips.

Brown fat, on the other hand, means a different variant. These fat cells are desirable because they aid in weight loss. The mitochondria it contains convert fatty acids and glucose into warming energy.

We have most brown fat cells in infancy. Unfortunately, these are lost more and more with growing up. However, taking a cold shower can reactivate those that are left. That did in a study Scandinavian researchers found.

Taking A Cold Shower Strengthens The Immune System

With a refreshingly cold shower, you can not only do something good for your skin and hair. With a cold shower, you can also strengthen your immune system. This is the result of a study from the Netherlands.

It was examined to what extent cold showers affect health and work. The scientists found that the ‘cold shower’ group called in sick less often than the control group. In addition, it was found that cold showers also have a positive effect on mood and productivity.

Taking A Cold Shower Helps Your Muscles

An ice bath helps the muscles regenerate after a hard workout or competition. We already know that from our national soccer team. Since we don’t want or have to bathe in ice after exercising constantly, it’s nice to hear that even cold water can relax the muscles and help the body heal sore muscles.

An Important Note At The End: 

Your body is as individual as your character. You have to find out what is good for you and what suits you best. We only give you an overview. However, an active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise is still the best way to stay fit and achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

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