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Food Pyramid – This Is How You Eat A Healthy And Balanced Diet

Food Pyramid- A healthy diet is very easy – if you keep an eye on the food pyramid. Healthy and balanced – these terms come up again & again, when it comes to the optimal nourishment. But what exactly does that mean? The food pyramid provides the answers. It shows at a glance which food groups we should eat more often to eat healthily. You can find these foods at the bottom of the food pyramid. They take up most of the space. In contrast, high-calorie and high-fat foods are at the top of the food pyramid. They only make up a small part of the pyramid in terms of quantity, so they should only be eaten in small quantities.

The Basis Of The Food Pyramid: Beverages

The lowest level and thus the basis for a healthy diet are beverages. After all, the human body needs around 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid a day, depending on the weather and physical activity. The ideal thirst quencher is water—there water has no calories. Unsweetened herbal or fruit teas are also good sources of fluids.

Caution: Sweet juices, lemonades, or alcohol do not belong at the base of the food pyramid. They have their place at the top of the pyramid, with foods rich in fat and sugar.

The Second Level Of The Food Pyramid: Fruit And Vegetables Five Times A Day

The next level is shared by fruit and vegetables. Here, too, you can take courage, because fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals, but have only a few calories. The EDGE recommends eating five servings of fruit and vegetables throughout the day. Two of them should be fruit, the other three servings of vegetables. One portion corresponds roughly to what fits in one hand: an apple, two carrots or two tomatoes.

But how do you best implement this recommendation of the food pyramid? Five servings of fruits and vegetables sound like a lot to most people. But it’s not that difficult to integrate fruit and vegetables into everyday life. For example, start the day with muesli and cut an apple, banana or pear into it. Better to have a hearty breakfast, then top your cheese bread with a few cucumber and tomato slices. Pay attention to the vegetable portion at lunch, and in the evening, you prepare a salad. The second serving of fruit or vegetable sticks tastes good as a snack between meals.

The Third Level Of The Food Pyramid: Cereals And Potatoes

Eat cereal products and potatoes several times a day. They occupy a large place in the food pyramid. Food such as bread, muesli or pasta contains plenty of carbohydrates, which fill you up for a long time and provide a lot of energy. She prefers full grain products because they contain more nutrients than bread or pasta made from white flour. Cornflakes, cakes or French fries do not belong in this category. They contain a lot of sugar and fat and are therefore at the top of the food pyramid.

The Fourth Level Of The Food Pyramid: Milk & Dairy Products As Well As Meat & Fish

Animal foods, milk and dairy products and meat and fish share the fourth level of the food pyramid. Milk and milk products, however, have a significantly greater weighting in the pyramid. Since they contain a lot of calcium, you should eat quark, yoghurt or cheese and drink a glass of milk several times a day. Prefers low-fat products such as Harz cheese as well as lean yoghurt or milk.

Meat, on the other hand, has a significantly lower status in the pyramid. Most Germans eat too much of it. You should only eat around three to four servings a week. You should also pay attention to lean foods such as chicken or turkey when it comes to meat. Salami or liver sausage, for example, are particularly high in fat.

Most Germans tend to eat too little fish. According to the recommendations of the food pyramid, low-fat sea fish should be served at least once a week.

The Fifth Level Of The Food Pyramid: Fats And Oils

Fats and oils are pretty high up in the food pyramid, which means you should be careful when consuming them. Because butter & Co. contain a lot of fat and, therefore, calories, don’t do without it completely because vegetable oils such as sunflower or rapeseed oil are also rich in essential fatty acids. It all depends on the right amount. Best used for frying meat and vegetables with coated pans. This saves you a lot of oil. You will have a better overview of the amount used if you add the oil spoon by spoon to the pan. Instead of butter and margarine, you can brush the bread with quark or mustard – depending on the topping.

The Top Of The Food Pyramid:

High-fat and high-sugar foods At the top of the food pyramid are high-fat and high-sugar foods such as chocolate, cakes, French fries or chips. Because even if they are unquestionably tasty: They contain loads of calories and very few vitamins and minerals. Fruit juice, soda, and alcohol are also at the top of the food pyramid. The good thing: Just because these foods can be found at the top of the pyramid does not mean you have to do without them completely. You can, of course, eat chocolate & Co., but in small quantities and not necessarily every day.

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