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Green Tea: It Has This Miraculous Effect On Health, Skin, And Weight

Coffee? No, thank you. We prefer drinking tea! Because green tea not only tastes good, it also has an unbearably good effect on our health. It’s nothing new. Green tea has been hyped and praised to the skies for its health benefits for years. But what is it? Can a cup of green tea lengthen our lives?

Whether it’s true or not, there’s no question that green tea has a positive effect on our health. Science is still arguing about how much. You should drink at least two to three cups a day to benefit from it. Alternatively, you can also buy matcha powder (yes, that’s green tea too) or capsules with green tea extract, but there are more ingredients in the tea.

A Little Tip For The Preparation: Let the hot tea water cool down a bit before pouring it over the tea leaves. 60 to 90 degrees hot water is ideal. Otherwise, the tea tastes bitter. Be sure to stick to the short brewing times.

By The Way: Which variety you choose is purely a matter of taste. Green tea of ​​the Sencha variety has an effect similar to Gunpowder or Along.

Green Tea Has This Effect

Curious? We’ll tell you what green tea can do and why you should drink it every day.

Green Tea Is Excellent For The Immune System

Vitamin C, E, and the mineral zinc are a great combination against coughs, colds, and hoarseness. Green tea also contains other ingredients that boost the immune system and protect us from colds and the like, especially in the cold months.

Green Tea Is Said To Lower The Risk Of Cancer

First, studies show that green tea has a positive effect on the immune system and cancer cells. The tea contains so-called antioxidants, more precisely flavonoids, which render free radicals harmless, leading to changes in body cells and causing cancer. A list of potentially health-promoting substances in food can be found on the Society for Nutrition website.

Green Tea Has A Positive Effect On Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a severe health problem that unfortunately often goes undetected. Prevents green tea. According to studies, drinking two or three cups a day lowers blood pressure. The tea is said to suppress the formation of angiotensin, which is responsible for high blood pressure.

Green Tea Is Said To Lower Cholesterol Levels

Green tea has a positive effect on blood pressure, but it is also said to lower cholesterol levels. The reason: The tea is said to inhibit the absorption of fats and thus improve the ratio of good HDL cholesterol to lousy LDL.

Green Tea Prevents Tooth Decay

If you drink green tea without sugar, your teeth will be happy. The tea contains a lot of fluorine, which hardens the enamel and thus protects against tooth decay. Green tea also has an antibacterial effect, i.e., it renders bacteria and germs harmless.

Green Tea Is Said To Have A Positive Effect On Weight Loss

Finally slim! Green tea is also said to help with this. However, its positive effect has not yet been conclusively clarified. Asian researchers found out that it should melt fat.

Green Tea Has Skin-Nourishing Effects

You can not only drink green tea. It is now used as an extract in cosmetic products and improves the complexion. The anti-inflammatory substances also come into play here. The chlorophyll also ensures a small skin refreshment.

Green Tea Is Said To Have An Anti-Aging Effect

Green tea not only cares for the skin. It also keeps it young. This is due to the antioxidants or tanning agents (also called polyphenols), which ensure skin protection and faster cell renewal. In addition, the tea has a draining effect and makes the skin appear firmer. You should drink about 3-4 cups per day for the best outcome.

Green Tea Is Excellent For Your Hair

Don’t feel like drinking green tea? Then brew it up, let it cool down a bit, and then pour it over your hair. This should strengthen the hair and provide extra shine.

Green Tea Has A Relaxing Effect

Oooommm… The stressed-out should leave the coffee in the pot and brew green tea instead. The amino acid L-theanine contained in the tea is said to reduce stress and help to regain inner balance. And because increased pressure often promotes obesity, green tea combined with exercise is a natural slimming aid.

Important Note: 

The information in this article is for information only and does not replace a diagnosis by a doctor. If you have any uncertainties, urgent questions, or complaints, you should contact your doctor.

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