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How To Get Pink Lips?

There are different techniques to color your lips, whether through cosmetics or natural methods. You can even color your lips while protecting and moisturizing them. We will see together the different possibilities available to us to give even more life and color to our lips. 

Combining Beauty And Protection For Your Lips 

It is always quite difficult to combine beauty and protection for our lips because coloring them with classic lipsticks is possible. However, they are not protected, and this kind of product could even tend to dry them out over time. However, there is a solution for people who want to add color to their lips while taking care to protect and nourish them. 

First, to get beautiful, healthy and well-coloured lips, you must care for your mouth. Whether it is makeup removal, exfoliation or hydration, all these elements are essential to keep lips pink and luscious.  Favoring nourishing and moisturizing products is also preferable so as not to dry out your lips.  The regular and long-term use of these products is a parameter to consider because an inadequate product on your lips throughout the day could have harmful effects on your skin. 

In addition, the skin of your lips being very thin, it is very important to protect them from external factors, whether cold or UV rays, to maintain their shine. Therefore, maintaining beautiful, healthy and rosy lips requires a few simple routines that we will see together. 

How To Take Care Of Your Mouth To Keep Your Lips Pink?


Performing regular exfoliation is essential to keep the pink color of the lips. This is an effective way to get rid of dead skin.  To do this, you can use a slightly moistened soft toothbrush. Gently rub your mouth with it in circular motions.  Perform this movement for about thirty seconds before rinsing with lukewarm water. 

Makeup Removal

You should know that taking care of your lips is as important as taking care of your skin. This is why it is essential to cleanse your mouth well. Indeed, keeping your mouth made up throughout the day could negatively affect the proper hydration of your skin.


Hydration is also important to have pink lips, especially in winter. Dehydrated lips can cause chapping, which can be painful and unsightly. Therefore, drinking plenty of water is an effective solution to avoid them. Also, moisturize your lips at any time of the day with your lip balm. You can also repeat the operation at night before sleeping.


Just like skin, lips also need protection from the sun. Lip skin is also sensitive to the sun. The sun also promotes the appearance of moles and brown spots on the lips. Thus, applying a lip balm with sunscreen 15 or higher during an exhibition is advisable. This will have the action of preventing the skin from drying out and helping to keep its pink tint. 

Our Selection Of Dewy-Tinted Lip Balms

Made in India, our lipsticks are designed with ingredients of natural origin. Our products are intended to color, moisturize and protect your lips effectively. The Dermophil laboratory has specially developed 5 tinted lipsticks. Adapting to each style, its products bring a touch of different colors. 

The rosewood-tinted care lipstick is perfect for protecting your lips from external aggressions. Pleasant to use, this product helps protect your lips from external aggressions.  The passion pink tinted care lipstick has a slightly stronger tint. This is a product intended to color your lips while nourishing them. 

This stick comprises vegetable wax complexes including jojoba, sunflower and mimosa. These are particularly effective against damaged lips. This product has a protective action allowing the lips to regain a smooth and silky appearance.  With a subtle tint, the pinkish-purple tinted care lipstick nourishes your lips. This one is ideal for soothing and smoothing weakened lips.

This balm was designed with ingredients of natural origin, including apricot kernel oil and linseed oil. This stick is perfect for preventing skin dryness thanks to the beeswax and carnauba wax that compose it.  The pinkish-beige tinted care lipstick is ideal for lightly coloring your lips. This product is ideal for softening, nourishing and protecting your lips.

 It is enriched with macadamia oil and linseed oil. This balm is perfectly suited to fragile lips while preventing the skin from drying out. The Teinté Rose Poudré care lipstick is ideal for moisturizing and protecting lips. Designed based on components of natural origin, this balm has nourishing and protective properties.

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