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Lose Weight: 6 Circuit Training Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly

A few well-targeted, well-paced, and well-sequenced exercises allow you to lose weight quickly. This is called circuit training: a session that is not super long but ultra effective because it is based on the effort in intervals, in fractions. Thirty seconds of intense exercises alternated with 

Bend-Knee Sheathing

Position: on a mat, face down. We take support on the forearms, knees, and feet. Forearms are shoulder width apart, elbows under shoulders. The back is straight, and the head is in line with the spine. Movement: stretch the legs, resting only on the forearms and toes, back in line with the thighs.

 Then, with your back still, bend your knees slightly without touching the ground. We maintain the position. Advice: we observe his profile in a mirror to ensure his back’s good position. 30 seconds of recovery, which is the interval training principle. In addition to being very effective in burning fat, it offers short, varied, and achievable workouts at home!

Why Opting For Circuit Training Will Be Formidable For Losing Weight?

By soliciting both the cardiovascular system and all the muscles, interval training (or interval training) is highly effective in refining the silhouette! Studies have shown that by varying the pace of your activity, you lose weight faster than by always keeping the same rate without melting your muscles! 20 to 30 minutes is sufficient for the body to make optimal use of its reserves of fats and carbohydrates. 

Practical, you can easily fit your sessions into your schedule and do them at home. Interval training is also suitable for endurance and muscle power. Exercising rapid and repeated movements stimulates the fast-twitch muscle fibers (essential for muscle building), develops resistance to effort, and simultaneously develops mental strength.

During a traditional cardio session, we burn calories. Still, the body adapts to the effort and comforts itself in a state of balance, preventing us from reaching our weight loss or tone goals. So, we jostle him and give him everything for 20 minutes to sculpt his silhouette and improve his endurance. As a bonus, we take advantage of the boomerang effect of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): the metabolism is boosted and still burns calories up to 48 hours after exercise.

Lose Weight: How To Do Good Circuit Training?

We start to warm up for 2 min (run on the spot, for example). We successively chain the six exercises in our slide show from the first to the sixth; that’s the circuit.

  1. Each activity is performed for 30 seconds. Nonstop, we recover 30 s., no more, before moving on to the next.
  2. When you have finished the six exercises, you take a break of 90 s. before starting the whole circuit again.
  3. We gradually increased the number of courses (2 in the first weeks, then 3 and 4 in a row) and stayed at 5 when we had taken the rhythm. And every week, we do this session two or three times, with at least one day of rest between each workout.
  4. We end with 10 minutes of stretching the muscles used during the session.

Circuit Training: 6 Challenging Exercises To Burn Body Fat!

Jab Cross! It’s Good For…Arms And Shoulders

Starting position: guard position: right foot forward, left foot back. Left hand on the cheek and right hand under the chin. The movement: fixed pelvis and sheathed abs, throw the right arm in front of you, palm towards the ground. The left fist protects the chin. Then, bring the right fist back and extend the left similarly. More + cardio if… For every three punches (left-right-left), we perform leg scissoring: we spread and bring back the legs by jumping.

Marked Slots! It’s Good For… The Quadriceps, Hamstrings, And Gluteus Maximus

Starting position: standing, back straight, hands on hips. Left leg in front (foot flat on the ground), right leg far behind (on tiptoe). The movement: straight back leg, body weight in the front left leg bent at 90°, descend vertically. Then, step forward by bringing your right leg in front of you and repeat the lunge movement. So on walking. More + cardio if… On the spot, we alternate right and left lunges while jumping.

360° Squats! It’s Good For… The Quads And Glutes

Starting position: standing, back straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms stretched out in front of you. The movement: buttocks backward and weight of the body in the heels, bend the knees until the thighs are parallel to the ground. Go back up by pushing on the heels and releasing the arms. Jump with straight legs to turn around and squat again on the other side. Again + cardio if… We do the sequence without a break.

Dips With Chair! It’s Suitable For… The Triceps

Starting position: hands resting on a chair, buttocks in a vacuum. Elbows tight, knees bent at 90°, feet flat. The movement: chest slightly forward, bend the elbows keeping the shoulders back and the arms parallel. Descending and ascending without pushing on the heels. More + cardio if… Legs stretch in front of you, and you bend your elbows to go down. And we go back up, and so on, without taking a break.

 The Climber! It’s Good For… Abs And Arms

You are starting position: plank with straight arms: both hands spread wide on the floor, shoulders down, feet back with legs straight. The body is perfectly aligned. The movement: keeping your back straight and tightening your abs, take off your left foot to bring your knee to your chest. Then rest the left foot on the ground and take off the right foot. More + cardio if… We bring the knees against you by alternating left and right very quickly.

Jumping Rope!

One of the complete exercises, the jump rope, mobilizes all the muscles, and a few jumps are enough to activate our cardiorespiratory systems. So to burn as many calories as possible, we replace the Exo 1 of the jab cross with 30 seconds of skipping rope. To vary the difficulty, we play on the intensity: jump feet together, twisting (rotate the pelvis on each side without moving the bust)

Why Does Exercising At Home Only Have Advantages?

Simple, flexible, accessible, and out of sight, the home gym has a lot of good points. Focus on the Top 10 of the best advantages to convince us definitively that this method has everything to please.

  1. Zero excuses to give up! This could have happened sooner or later due to lack of time, motivation, or organizational problems if we had joined a club or an association.
  2. The excellent vein to reconcile with sport! Playing sports at home is a very gentle transition to reconnect with physical activity without rushing.
  3. Maximum time savings! No wasted time on the journeys; just 30 seconds flat to put on your “Supersportive” outfit, and we’re ready for our sport of the day. Convenient!
  4. A schedule according to my availability! Only potential slots of the week to play sports: in the evening after 8 p.m. when the children are in bed! Complicated if you must leave the house… but perfect if you organize your sessions at home.
  5. Tailor-made for my program! Weight loss, muscle strengthening, suppleness, relaxation… Once your objectives have been determined, nothing could be simpler than organizing truly personalized sessions—a more delicate approach in progress co.
  6. At my own pace! Do we need 3 minutes to recover after 20 squats, or on the contrary, the two cozy sessions sometimes offered in the gym annoy us to the highest degree? At home, at least, the rhythm is perfect… since we are the ones who choose it and impose it!
  7. Out of the gaze of others! Excess pounds, coordination problems, difficulty following choreography… We all have complexes, real or imaginary, which sometimes make practicing in a club unpleasant. With this option, we progress without worrying about the eyes of others!
  8. No complex compared to my level! Is it normal not to be able to chain more than five push-ups? In the dining room, we feel uncomfortable when we struggle in front of others. At home, at least, we do not compare ourselves to anyone, and we are careful not to think that we will never get there!
  9. Money saved! Five hundred euros on average to obtain the sweet sesame, which gives access to the club; casually, it weighs into the annual budget. While at home, it costs us nothing except the investment in accessories and devices, which quickly pays for themselves anyway.
  10. The excuse to invite girlfriends! Who says sport at home does not necessarily say alone. Because nothing prevents us from inviting two or three girlfriends from time to time to boost our motivation… And make the session more fun!

I Was Exercising At Home: How To Stay Motivated? Convinced by the validity of fitness sessions at home, we are! But to stay motivated over time and optimize your training as well as possible, there are a few tips to know and apply.

We’re Setting Up A Little Space!

Start your series of buttocks abs on the bed; there is a better way to afford a sports session worthy of the name! Even if you are not lucky enough to live in a 150 m² or to have a lawn that looks like the Stade de France, it is essential to create, each time, a suitable space of 2 or 3 m². Before starting, you place a floor mat, possibly your small equipment, a towel, and a bottle of water, the bare minimum.

You Don’t Turn Your Living Room Into A Gym!

Be careful; who says fitting out a small space does not mean transforming the apartment into a small fitness room at the risk of being hated by the whole family? And in case of a surprising aperitif with friends, we have to throw everything away in less than two minutes for lack of space. 

The running treadmill is our fantasy, but if we live in a small area, it is better worth forgetting! No need either to rob the sports store of weightlifting bars and weights that will not be used and will tarnish the decor of the living room. Two small dumbbells of 1 or 2 kg will be perfect and easily stored at the bottom of a cupboard.

We Plan Our Sessions!

No, our session at home will not take place “during the week when I find five minutes! “Because we all know this niche does not exist and lots of other occupations (essential or not, for that matter) will have priority.

 Result: we arrived on Sunday evening and found that we had entirely skipped our sports session. This is why it is essential to plan them (yes, several sessions, i.e., two at least) at plausible times, in the same way as a professional or friendly meeting, noted in your smartphone with a reminder ringtone!

We Follow A Program!

If we let ourselves be guided by our mood or inspiration of the moment, the session can sometimes take a turn other than the one that would allow us to achieve our objectives. So even if it seems a bit academic, it is interesting to concoct a small program over one or two months by listing, at each session, the exercises to be performed and the number of repetitions for each of them. Like that, no need to think about the right moment; we execute! And why not post your little program on the fridge so that the whole family is aware and reminds us in case of withdrawal…

We Cut His Smartphone!

In the locker room, the telephone! In the gym, during the co-lesson, wouldn’t we have it with us? Good bah, it’s the same because it is difficult to resist the temptation to pick up when he starts ringing in the middle of his second set of abs. Or in the middle of a split session! And if the smartphone serves as a coach or broadcasts the music, we stop there.

We Dress Sporty!

How do you motivate yourself to surpass yourself when you train in pajamas or, worse, in jeans or a miniskirt? Just because no one sees us doesn’t mean we have to sweat in an improbable outfit! As much to get started psychologically in your exercises as to be comfortable in your movements, there is nothing better than real adapted training clothes.

We Avoid The Routine!

As in the classroom, where the exams and chores of the co-courses change regularly, we strive to bring variety and originality to our sessions so as not to fall into monotony. Besides, why not invite some girlfriends (or her darling) to join us from time to time for a more lively group session? And in addition, we have every interest in reviewing our training often because the body gets used to the effort very quickly. If we want to progress, we must always go further in intensity!

We Are Preparing A Playlist!

It’s obvious a sports session in the living room with “Inspector Derrick” in the background on the TV it’s not likely to transcend us. To increase our motivation and energize our session, nothing better than a good playlist with catchy songs that we love. We turn up the sound a bit… And that changes everything.

We Offer A Private Coach!

Yes, even if we don’t live in Beverly Hills! Bringing a teacher to your house is reserved for more than just the wealthy or girls who want to settle down (sic)! So to embark on a new activity, a story that he gives us the basics, to progress via a personalized program, or to offer us exercises adapted to our needs and difficulties (injuries, pain, weight loss …), he is the man for the job!

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