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Low-Rise Jeans: Hipsters Are Making A Comeback As The Trend

Gone are the days of hiding our stomachs in high-waisted, high-waisted pants. Low-rise jeans are back, and are currently celebrating, their big fashion comeback. We show you how to style the trend now. It can no longer be denied: Low-rise jeans are back on the trend radar and are currently celebrating their return to our wardrobes – even though the pants with the low waistband were long declared dead.

While millennials are horrified and want to run away screaming, Gen Z can’t get enough of low-rise jeans these days. And Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, and Co. are already fans of low-slung pants.

Low-Rise Jeans: The Fashion Trend From The 2000s Is Back

Somehow it was already foreseeable that hipsters would find their way back into our wardrobe sooner or later. Because of the Y2K hype, the fashion of the 2000s has been experiencing a genuine revival for quite some time.

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Paris Hilton were among THE trendsetters regarding low waists in the noughties. The pants were super quiet, tight, and uncomfortable. It was almost impossible to avoid revealing your panties with every movement or belly fat bulging over the waistband (keyword: muffin top). Not to mention cold kidneys.

While Gen Z is already celebrating the low-rise jeans on TikTok, those who witnessed the trend are now wondering if this is happening.

And we also have to admit that we are a big fan of high-waist jeans, and the low-slung waistband reminds us of fashion sins that we would have liked to banish completely. But we can breathe a sigh of relief: the new low-waist jeans look amazingly stylish.

This Is How Stylish Low-Rise Jeans Look Now

Even if we couldn’t imagine for a long time that low-rise jeans would ever be relaxed again, when we see Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajowski, and Co., we have to admit that low-rise jeans look amazingly fashionable.

Because: The low-rise jeans that some people used to know no longer exist. The designers seem to have heard our prayers and given the trousers a stylish update. Instead of super tight variants, the new hipster jeans are looser and come in a comfortable open-fit cut.

Due to the casual cut, the trend pieces are reminiscent of classic baggy or boyfriend jeans. The new low-waist pants also don’t have to be as low as they used to be, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted exposure. In addition, the waistband that is not relatively as low is perfect for anyone who wants to get into the downward trend slowly.

Another advantage of the low-rise jeans 2.0: they don’t constrict anywhere but rather flatter the figure. The slimming effect is particularly significant if you choose a model with a dark wash. On the other hand, the extra-long trouser legs make your legs appear particularly long and slim.

Your low-rise jeans must fit correctly. That means: the trousers should be a size too big rather than too small, shouldn’t cut in anywhere, shouldn’t be tight on the thighs, but should be as loose as possible. If the pants are too wide at the waistband, you can quickly grab a belt.

This Is How You Style The Fashion Trend Low-Rise Jeans 2022

It’s the most straightforward combo of all: T-shirts and low-rise sneakers. Since low-rise jeans are already broad and loose at the bottom, it’s best to go for a narrow and slightly shorter shirt, like Hailey Bieber’s, because that ensures magnificent proportions. Alternatively, you can also tie a somewhat longer and broader shirt at the front or put it in the waistband.

The casual pants look exceptionally stylish in a style break with elegant clothing, such as a chic dad blazer, a classic blouse, loafers, or heels. The contrast between excellent trousers and elegant pieces makes jeans styling exciting.

A Short Note At The End: 

Of course, fashion is purely a matter of taste, and not everyone likes the trends and pieces shown. Our styling tips, outfit ideas, and hacks should serve as inspiration for you – what you make of them is entirely up to you. And always remember: What you want to wear is your decision. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t wear. After all, fashion should do one thing above all: be fun!

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