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Pants Trends 2022: These Four Styles Are Popular This Year

Discover the latest pants trends for 2022 & find out which pants fashion people are crazy about right now. We love jeans no question about it. But we are just as crazy about the many new trouser styles that are now powerful competitors for denim pieces and are too beautiful to go unnoticed.

In 2022, trousers will come in exciting new cuts and colors and ensure stylish variety in our wardrobe. We’ll show you which pants trends you have to know about this year and how to wear them. Of course, we also tell you where you can shop the trendy models directly.

Low & Loose Pants Are The Most Popular Style In 2022

Wide leg pants, i.e., highly wide-cut pants, were already a big trend in 2021 and are probably the hottest pieces this year. No wonder the popularity of cozy cuts has increased enormously since the pandemic outbreak.

But in contrast to last year, the trend trousers are no longer just particularly wide, but also slide down one floor and are worn casually on the hips. The pants exude the perfect retro vibe because in the 2000s, low-slung pants were a huge thing and high waists were still a long way off.

How Do I Style Trousers In A Low & Loose Cut?

The trend pants for 2022 are super easy to style. As a rule, they are made of light cotton and are notably casual. You can also go one size more significant for the comprehensive look.

The Wide Leg Pants work particularly well with narrow tops, such as tight-fitting bodies. But the combination of wide pants, oversized shirts, and casual sneakers also looks excellent. If you like it elegant, you can opt for delicate sandals and blazers.

Must-Have 2022: Leggings With Stirrup

Despite the ongoing pandemic, we gradually part from our beloved sweatpants bit by bit, but it’s still comfortable. Influencers and street stylets are currently celebrating one of the biggest pants trends of 2022: leggings with a fly.

The small detail on the ankle makes the leggings look much more exciting and chic so that we can now wear the pieces far away from our own four walls – on a date with our loved ones or in the office.

Another Plus: 

The loops at the ends of the feet make the legs look particularly long. You can enhance the figure-flattering effect with heeled shoes, such as pumps. But flat loafers also go perfectly with the trend of leggings. And on top? Opt for longer-cut, oversized tops, hoodies, long blouses, or dad blazers.

Satin Trousers Are In Great Demand In 2022

Satin garments, particularly feminine skirts and dresses, have been trendy for several years. In 2022, satin trousers are experiencing a hype that hasn’t been seen for a long time. The shimmering pieces are available this year in numerous colors, cuts, and patterns and immediately give our look an elegant update.

Fashion bloggers have already tasted it and show how stylish satin pants can look. The shiny pieces are ideal for the office or a chic event but are suitable for everyday use, depending on the styling.

Styling Tips For Satin Trousers: 

Satin trousers can be combined differently. For example, it becomes elegant with a matching satin blouse, heels, and blazer. Wear the trendy pants for 2022 with white sneakers and a casual shirt if you like it sporty.

Satin pants look exciting with contrasting pieces, such as a coarse knit sweater or a rough leather blazer.

Purple Pants Are One Of The Biggest Trends

2022 will be colorful. Loud colors are more in demand than ever and are often wildly mixed. The motto here: The main thing is that it’s fun.

The fashion world is particularly fond of the color purple this year. After all, this year’s Pantone trend color, “Very Peri,” is an exciting mixture of blue and violet.

Purple pants are an absolute eye-catcher that harmonizes particularly well with so-called non-colors such as black, white, and gray. The fashion-conscious can also combine the trend pants for 2022 with other colors, for example, yellow, green, and orange.

A Short Note At The End: 

Of course, fashion is purely a matter of taste, and not everyone likes the trends and pieces shown. Our styling tips, outfit ideas, and hacks should serve as inspiration for you – what you make of them is entirely up to you. And always remember: What you want to wear is your decision. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t wear. After all, fashion should do one thing above all: be fun!

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