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Medication And Weight Gain: How To Limit It?

Are you on treatment and have gained weight without changing your habits? Medications may be the cause. Our advice is to fight against those extra pounds.

How Not To Gain Weight Because Of Drugs?

Some remedies are singled out for their tendency to make you fat. The problem is mild when it comes to a one-time treatment, as weight gain is often limited to 5 kg, which is easy to lose. But medicated overweight poses a concern when it is necessary to prolong the treatment over a long period, even throughout life. We can then accumulate up to 20 kg too much, sometimes with severe consequences for health. In addition to regular physical activity, here are some tips to keep the line while continuing to treat yourself.

You Are On Hormone Therapy!

Hormone treatments stimulate appetite, promote fluid retention, and cause bloating. The same problems can be encountered with an unsuitable pill.

  1. Eat less but more often! To keep your stomach flat and reduce calorie intake without starving during the day, have three light meals regularly, complete with one yogurt and one fruit.
  2. Select your water! Drinking a lot energizes the kidneys and limits retention. Choose unsalted water with low mineral content (Evian, Volvic) or diuretic minerals (Contrex).
  3. Avoid salt! It is better to refrain from consuming cold meats, canned foods, and industrial foods to be avoided absolutely. As for the cheese, reduce the portions and do not crack more than once daily.
  4. Absorb more iron! In case of severe gynecological bleeding, eat seafood and offal several times a week. Also, consider iron-enriched cereals (Frosties, Weetabix).
  5.  Remove what is ballooning! Chewing gum or soft drinks threatens your figure. To be avoided without hesitation. Also, limit raw fruits and vegetables.

You Take Tranquilizers!

Antidepressants, antipsychotics, neuroleptics, and anxiolytics stimulate the appetite. Many also increase thirst and lead to drinking more sugary drinks.

  1. Track fat! Forget dishes in a sauce, cooked cheeses, and charcuterie in favor of fish en papillote, grilled meats, and steamed vegetables. Lift your foot on the butter or fall back on the margarine.
  2. Moderate your appetite! Appetite suppressants are a terrible solution. Eat regularly, force lightly on proteins to avoid small cravings, and drink large quantities of water between meals.
  3. Increase fiber! Tranquilizers slow transit. To make it easier, bet on whole grain products (brown rice, bran bread, etc.) and systematically eat five servings of fruit and vegetables daily.
  4. Think fluoride! Tranquilizers dry out the mouth, which promotes cavities. Increase your fluoride intake with low-salt water (Badoit), drink tea, and use fluoridated salt.

You Are Treating Diabetes!

Insulin and oral antidiabetics paradoxically tend to make you fat. The heavier the treatment and the more difficulty the patient has in naturally regulating his blood sugar, the more marked the weight gain.

  1. Limit sugar! For diabetes, as for the line, avoid sodas, confectionery, and cakes that are too sweet. Choose pies (without jam) and low-sugar fruits.
  2. Stop smoking! Tobacco promotes increased blood sugar and reduces insulin sensitivity. The treatment will, therefore, often be heavier, and the risk of drug overdose more excellent.
  3. Drink less alcohol! Regular alcohol consumption may increase your diabetes along with your weight. Allow yourself two to three drinks on the weekend, no more.
  4. Exercise gently! Watch out for risky activities. Avoid violent and intense sports, practice in a group, and favor endurance. Gentle gymnastics, walking, and swimming are your best allies.

You Are On Cortisone!

Corticosteroids stimulate appetite, promote fat storage, and increase water retention. Weight gain is inevitable with prolonged treatment.

  1. Reduce the sugar! Put a cross on sodas and sweets, drink tea and coffee without sugar (or with a sweetener), and limit your consumption of cakes and fruit (no more than three per day).
  2. Eat more protein! Feel free to eat meat, eggs, or fish twice a day. Protein intake moderates the appetite. We will therefore tend to eat less during meals and to snack less.
  3. Reduce the salt! To limit water retention, opt for diet salt and not force the cheese. Especially avoid deli meats, canned goods, and industrial foods.
  4.  Force on calcium!Cortisone decalcifies. Eating at least four dairy products a day compensates.
  5. Protect your stomach! Treatment increases the risk of ulcers and gastritis. It is, therefore, better to limit spices, coffee, and raw vegetables. Also, remember to peel the fruit

Weight Gain Due To Medication: Talk To Your Doctor!

To prevent possible overweight, it is better to inquire with the doctor at the prescription time. If you tend to gain weight quickly, let him know so he can consider it, especially since weight gain is often insidious because progressive. Therefore, reacting as soon as possible is necessary to avoid aggravating the situation.

Be careful; never stop healing yourself. Please consult your doctor and let him know your questions. He may prescribe another treatment if the link between the drugs and being overweight is confirmed. Otherwise, he alone will be able to choose between the treatment’s benefits and undesirable effects.

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