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Natural Cosmetics For Face Cleansing

Facial cleansing helps remove impurities and dead cells from the skin, preserving the natural hydration and softness of the skin. However, it is essential to do it with the right products, not to alter the hydro-acid-lipid film and the natural pH. Let’s find out how.

Why Proper Facial Cleansing Is Important

When we cleanse our skin, we act on the stratum corneum, the most superficial part of the epidermis. The stratum corneum comprises mature cells held together by different substances that make up the hydro-acid-lipid film, a secretion composed of fatty and aqueous parts. This natural barrier protects the skin, keeps it soft and hydrated, regulates the flow of substances from the outside to the inside and vice versa, and maintains the necessary acidity values ​​so that dermatological problems or infections do not develop.

It is important not to alter this lipid hydro-acid film and provide it with valuable substances to keep it healthy since it is the first natural barrier that protects us from external attacks. Using too aggressive detergents, the hydro-acid-lipid film can be altered or removed in whole or in part by the action of surfactants or solubilizers that can dissolve the sebum, exposing the skin to the attack of bacteria and external agents. Cleansing must also leave the skin’s naturally acidic pH unaltered, around 5.5.

However, our skin can buffer changes in pH, bringing it back to optimal values; frequent changes in acidity tend to stress the skin and can, over time, give rise to irritation and inflammation. For this reason, it is not recommended to use soap bars to cleanse the skin of the face; in fact, soap has a pH of around 8, a value far from the physiological one. To use the soap, it is necessary to resort to cleaning the face in three steps or biophases :

  1. first, you have to wipe the face with a cotton swab soaked in oil to remove the dirt;
  2. subsequently, it is possible to rinse off the excess fat using a delicate and natural soap;
  3. Finally, the skin should be buffered with an acid tonic that restores the natural pH.The ideal would be to cleanse the face with delicate products with a physiological pH, such as micellar waters, cleansing milk, flours and clays. Cereal flours are rich in emulsifying substances, capable of mixing water and fats and cleaning (such as surfactants).

Natural cleansers

Oat and buckwheat flours are mainly used to prepare natural detergents and legume flours, particularly chickpeas and lentils. To cleanse your face in the morning, when the dirt to be removed consists of creams and sebum residues, you can use a teaspoon of rice starch for normal skin, oatmeal for dry skin, or green clay for the skin. Oily, mixed in a bit of water. The mixture should be massaged into the skin and rinsed with water. In the evening, to remove make-up and dirt, you can use oilseed flours such as almonds, sesame, or sunflower, which are remarkably delicate and vital because they are rich in fats  

similar to sebum; or you can take advantage of the purifying and rebalancing action of yogurt, even vegetable, to be used alone or as a base for preparing inexpensive and effective cleansing milk. For preparing cleansers for delicate or inflamed skin, it is better to opt for rice starch. After cleansing the face, a tonic is always recommended to restore the skin to its natural pH and close the pores; the mixture can be easily made at home by mixing three parts of distilled water with one piece of organic apple cider vinegar.

Masks And Scrubs

Once a week, you can proceed with a deeper cleansing of the face using masks or scrubs and scrubs. The covers can be made with clays mixed with water or hydrolases; treatments of this type are used to absorb excess sebum and are therefore recommended for those with mixed or oily skin. On the other hand, fruit and vegetable-based masks exploit the action of the acids present in vegetables. They help exfoliate the skin, lighten blemishes, and obtain a luminous and homogeneous complexion. The scrub products come in creams or gels containing water-insoluble micro granules, which cause rubbing on the skin during application.

The scrub helps obtain a deep cleansing and removes only the most superficial layer of dead cells; this increases the speed of physiological epidermal turnover and gives the skin a smoother and smoother appearance. An effective scrub comes home with a tablespoon of brown sugar and sunflower oil. Skin that tends to be dry and couperose, as well as acne-prone skin, does not find benefits with these treatments, which can increase sensitivity or inflammation. Taking care of your skin during the cleansing phase prepares it for subsequent treatments and keeps it healthy, preventing the onset of problems and premature aging.

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