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Natural Cosmetics For Women

For ladies, the benefits of specific beauty care products get from the utilization of endemic unrefined substances, like the skin and hypoallergenic, for the details of magnificence items, make-up and individual cleanliness. The decision to regular beauty care products for ladies compares to the need to involve items for everyday excellence figured out with substances like the skin ready to keep away from hypersensitive responses and sharpening peculiarities; shield the skin from barometrical contamination and sun-powered radiation, and treat skin problems using active substances of plant and standard beginning. Creams, make-up and cleansers made with unrefined vegetable components permit you to exploit active substances with endemic, alleviating and reviving or hostile to maturing properties.

Natural Cosmetics For Women: Creams

The beauty of the skin cannot ignore its health, and natural cosmetic products are distinguished by the effectiveness and quality of the ingredients. Raw materials from nature differ from those synthesized in the laboratory, due to their affinity with the skin and for this reason, their molecules are recognized and assimilated by our body much more efficiently and with immediate results.  Each epidermis, based on its characteristics, requires specific treatments and products. Whether it’s beauty cream or a body lotion, you first need to know your skin type to buy the most specific cosmetic product, so you can improve the “greasy” appearance of oily skin or make it more elastic dry skin or protect sensitive, or couperose skin.

Even the body can be “pampered” with natural cosmetics used in draining, depilatory, slimming and firming beauty treatments and derived baths with products present in nature, such as, for example, mud, clays, and essential oils. The use of vegetable oils, a wonderfully concentrated source of vitamins A and E, mineral salts, and a particular group of substances, the so-called ” essential fatty acids “, significantly improve the skin’s condition. The nourishing action combined with the emollient and elasticizing properties makes these substances capable of preventing wrinkles and stretch marks, giving tone and vigor to the tissues.

They are also helpful in reducing redness and chapping due to their soothing properties against irritated or inflamed tissues. Herbs and medicinal plants are used for their collagen content and specific therapeutic activities, which they then give to natural cosmetic products. Some active ingredients of vegetable origin can hydrate, purify and repair tissues, stimulating cell regeneration; others are used for their anti-inflammatory action; lightening and illuminating

Natural Cosmetics For Women: Make-Up

To be genuinely natural, make-up products must not contain parabens, silicones, petrolatum, Peg and GMO and possibly be Nickel Tested to avoid allergies and sensitization phenomena. Foundations, powders, lipsticks and eye shadows that are the leading natural cosmetics for women should contain vegetable, mineral and biological raw materials, which respect the physiological characteristics of the epidermis, without the use of chemical additives and dyes. 

Natural Cosmetics For Women: Cleansers

Surfactants are additives that make foaming detergents and are therefore used for washing and degreasing action. Many plants contain active ingredients, called saponins,  chemically formed by the union of sugary residues (such as glucose, fructose, galactose, arabinose, etc.) with a non-sugar molecule, called aglycone (in this specific case also sapogenin). The detergent activity of the saponins is due to this particular structure since the sugars form a water-soluble section, while the aglycone is fat- soluble. 

The surfactants of vegetable origin are often obtained from vegetable oils(palm, sunflower, olive oil) and sugar and are characterized by low environmental impact, combined with excellent skin tolerability. They gently cleanse the skin and hair, do not alter the physiological pH of the skin, respect the hydrolipidic mantle, do not irritate and are entirely biodegradable. Let’s get used to reading the INCI, the list of ingredients reported on the packaging of hygiene products, and learn about the most harmful ones. Detergents are used for the hygiene of the teeth, hands, genital organs, and the environment in which we live: they are found in natural cosmetics for women and their intimate hygiene, in toothpaste, in bubble baths and products for hair.

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