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Renegade Diet? What’s Behind It- Less Body Fat, More Muscle Mass

Renegade Diet- Diets are now a dime a dozen. But do you already know the Renegade diet? The focus here is on healthy foods, and intermittent fasting. Paleo diet, clean eating, low carb – those who want to lose a few pounds will quickly come across many different diets and nutrition programs. While one promises 7 kilos less in 5 days, the other will die. The next one swears by detox juices. The so-called Renegade diet is heard more and more often: It is supposed to reduce body fat and build muscle mass permanently. But what exactly is behind this form of nutrition?

Our tip: Which long-term decrease should, above all, keep away from radical weight loss methods and focus on a holistic and permanent change in diet.

What Exactly Is The Renegade Diet?

The Renegade Diet means something like “Diet of the Rebels” and was developed by the American fitness professional Jason Farrugia. The program is primarily intended to appeal to athletic people who want a more defined, slim body. In addition to elements of intermittent fasting, this diet also contains elements of the Warrior diet, in which you are only allowed to eat once a day.

How Does The Renegade Diet Work?

The Renegade Diet consists of healthy, unprocessed foods, plenty of exercises and a fast. This interaction should bring the hormonal balance into balance and stimulate metabolism and fat burning. With the Renegade diet, the day is divided into a fasting period, undereating and overeating.

16/8, Overeating, Undereating

The Renegade diet fasts for 16 hours (advanced fasting even up to 20 hours) and eats for eight hours. The time in which food is completely avoided is known as the undereating phase. The time when you can eat is the so-called overeating phase. You can determine the schedule of when you want to eat and when not, but breakfast should be avoided during the Renegade diet. It is also recommended that the main meal, ideally after the workout, be consumed.

The meaning behind it is that if we constantly ingest food, our digestion is constantly working and detoxifying our bodies. Fasting, on the other hand, allows the digestive system to recover and generate. The result: Performance is increased because the body no longer has to deal with digestion all the time.

In the undereating phase, it is also important to drink plenty of water or unsweetened tea to drink(Coffee is also allowed, but only in moderation). This suppresses the feeling of hunger that occurs during Lent. It is better to drink less during overeating so that digestion can work effectively and there is no increased feeling of fullness too soon.

Food Without Artificial Additives

Anyone who now thought they could hit it unrestrained during the eight-hour overeating phase is mistaken. All food consumed during this period must be natural, fresh, and under no circumstances industrially processed to ensure appropriate content of micronutrients. In addition, the food must not contain any artificial additives and should be as varied as possible.

Vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs, dairy products and meat, among others, are allowed. Animal food, however, must not come from mass farms and must be of good quality. In addition, you should include probiotic foods that promote digestion in your nutrition plan. This includes, for example, apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut or kimchi. Fresh lemon juice is also recommended for digestion.

Furthermore, care should be taken to ensure a sufficient fat intake with the highest possible omega-3 content. Zinc capsules can also be used during the diet. Zinc prevents colds, protects the immune system and is involved in many other metabolic processes.

Attention: Calorie Limit!

Eat as much as you want for eight hours? No way! The Renegade Diet prescribes a calorie limit so that the pounds shed. The weight is converted into pounds (take x 2), and this number is multiplied by 12. The result is the number of calories that can be consumed during the overeating phase.

Example: A woman weighing 60 kilograms comes to 120 pounds. 120 x 12 gives a calorie limit of 1,440 kcal. If you want to be even more precise, you can also calculate one kilo of protein and one gram of carbohydrates per kilo of body weight. Fats should be consumed sparingly and only in the form of healthy fatty acids.

One Workout Every Day

In addition to this nutritional plan, the Renegade diet also involves a lot of exercises. The program includes a 45 to 60-minute exercise session every day. To build muscle mass and lose body fat, a mix of strength and endurance training is recommended.

But not only Sports important. You should also sleep at least eight hours and avoid stress. Yoga and relaxation exercises can help here.

The Renegade Diet At A Glance:

  • 16/8 intermittent fasting
  • No breakfast, but plenty of water
  • Natural and unprocessed foods
  • Probiotic foods to aid digestion
  • Comply with the calorie limit
  • Sufficient intake of fat
  • 45-60 minutes of exercise daily

Important before starting a diet: a health check with the doctor! If you want to try the Renegade diet, it is best to discuss this with your family doctor to clarify the state of health. Above all, losing weight too quickly puts a strain on the cardiovascular system, and the wrong diet can damage the metabolism.

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