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Sleek Is Chic: Straight Hair Without Heat – That’s How It Works!

Smooth, straight hair without using a straightening iron? That’s fine! We have salvation for all those who want to style, the trendy sleek look without the heat. Rising smoke, a gentle hiss, an unpleasant odor – anyone with unruly or curly hair likes to reach for the hot iron to conjure up a straight hairstyle. And even women with only light waves often help with the sleek look with the straightening iron. 

The Problem: straightening with heat damages the hair! The consequences are dry, split ends and lackluster ends, and a brittle hair structure. But is there a healthy way to get straight hair without a flat iron? Yes, there are! You can style great sleek hair even without heat. We have the best tips and tricks for straight hair without heat.

Straighten Hair Without Heat: 7 Gentle Methods

Straightening irons, hair dryers, and the like take their toll on the hair. But there are also healthier methods and all without heat. However, it should be said that the heat-free techniques, unfortunately, do not work for everyone. It isn’t easy to tame them completely without heat if you have solid curls and naturally curly hair.

Shampoo, Conditioner, And Co

Away with the hair straightener, bring on the excellent care products! If you want smooth hair, you should use shampoos and conditioners that focus on smoothness and lots of moisture. After washing, you can apply a straightening balm to your hair and massage it gently into the tips.

A reasonable basis for the silky sleek look is also hair oil, which prevents dry frizz hair: A few drops that you work into the hair tips are enough.

Caution: Too much fat can quickly make the hairstyle look greasy.

Brush, Brush, Brush!

A slightly more time-consuming heat-free straightening method is brushing the hair until it is dry. The hair should first be rubbed dry with a towel. A cloth made of absorbent microfiber is best suited here. Then gently brush your towel-dried mane from top to bottom while simultaneously pulling down firmly with your hands to detangle and smooth. You do this until your hair is dehydrated. Afterward, you can put some hair oil or cream on the tips.

The Ponytail Method

Another way to avoid heat and still get silky straight hair is the braid method. It doesn’t sound straightforward, but it’s clear and super effective. Before starting, you should moisten your hair with a smoothing care product. Then, tie a tight, low braid at the back of your head and sweep your hair forward over your shoulder. Now you gradually start to wrap more and more small hair ties around the ponytail so that in the end, it is completely covered with it. Now, let your hair air dry. As soon as they are scorched, you can loosen the ponytails and et voilà: beautiful straight hair without the use of heat.

Wrap Hair Around The Head

The wrapping method also gives you silky sleek hair. First, let your hair air dry almost completely, and then massage straightening balm into the wavy ends. Now pick out individual thin sections and start wrapping them around your head. You can attach the strands to your head with small bobby pins. They should sit tight enough on the chair for the smoothest possible result. Now it’s time to wait. Stay like this for a few hours until you can open your hair and admire your fluffy mane.

Straighten Hair With XXL Curlers

Straight hair, thanks to curlers? It sounds paradoxical, but it works. All you need are six jumbo rolls. Start winding your towel-dried hair onto the XXL rollers. You can attach the individual strands to the rollers with a bobby pin for a better hold. To achieve an exceptionally smooth result, the hair should always be twisted in the same direction and remain friendly and damp while winding. After a few hours, you can take out the jumbo rollers when your hair is dehydrated and enjoy a nice voluminous, sleek look.

Blow Dry For Straight Hair

How can a hair dryer be used? Yes, but only on the cold stage. The cool air damages the hair much less than the artificially generated heat. Using a round brush, it is best to blow-dry your hair strand by strand and pull the individual sections long. After blow-drying, you can add some hair oil to the tips to avoid frizz.

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