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Water Aerobics: Aqua Aerobics For The Stomach, Legs & Buttocks

A workout in the water trains the entire body and sheds pounds. We show you the best water aerobics exercises- for the stomach, legs, and bottom. So, let’s get into the pool. Is water aerobics only for older women? Well, if you’re not mistaken about that. The workout in the water stimulates the metabolism in the connective tissue and is much more efficient than a workout on land. So quickly say goodbye to the thought of a horde of older ladies fidgeting wildly in the water at the all-inclusive hotel on Mallorca. Because aqua aerobics rock. Why? We tell you here:

That’s Why You Should Try Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is the ideal training for the whole body. In addition to the abdomen and legs, the arms and back can also be effectively strengthened under water. And best of all: one minute of aqua aerobics is worth five minutes of dry exercise!

Another Reason To Venture Into The Water: Since the body only has to carry ten percent of its weight due to the buoyancy of the water, the training is super easy on the joints. Ideal for anyone with back or joint problems.

A workout underwater is also highly recommended for the heart and circulation. The water pressure compresses the chest by up to three centimeters. This makes it harder to breathe in, which in turn is good for the breathing muscles. In addition, our heart pumps 15 to 20 beats slower underwater but stronger than on land.

Absolute Fat Killer: The Benefits Of Water Aerobics

Shifting your workout from the ground to the water has several health benefits:

  • The Risk Of Injury Is Reduced: The body only has 10% of its actual weight in the water. Result: The joints are less stressed, and the likelihood of getting bumps or bruises – i.e., injuries – is lower. Aqua gymnastics is therefore suitable for all people and age groups: pregnant women, overweight people, or spa patients.
  • The Movements Are More Effortless: Since the body is lighter in the water, the exercises are also easier to perform with a more excellent range of motion.
  • The Muscles Are Built Up Evenly: all muscle groups are used for the exercises in the water without you even realizing it. This strengthens the silhouette and forms a harmonious figure.
  • The Calorie Consumption Is Increased: Firstly, the body fights against the water temperature. Secondly, the water creates resistance with every (back and forth) movement. This stimulates the muscles to work harder, and the entire organism burns more energy.
  • The Venous Return Is Improved: the pressure and the hydromassage generated by the water help to return the blood to the heart. The ankle area is dehydrated as the water pressure increases at depth.
  • The Cellulite Is Massaged: leg massage + detoxification + improvement of venous return: this is the best way to combat cellulite successfully.
  • And It Relaxes: the water is usually heated to 30° C, thus contributing to muscle relaxation and psychological well-being. Pain, tension, and stress are quickly forgotten!

This Is How Water Aerobics Works

In all forms of aqua gymnastics, the different exercises are transferred from the ground to the water. Therefore, aquagym courses always occur in the swimming pool or the sea. The fun sport draws on numerous aids. The repertoire ranges from small accessories such as flippers, swimming boards, pool noodles, swimming belts, dumbbells, or webbed gloves to large equipment such as bicycles (for aqua biking) or steppers (for aqua step).

The aqua gym boom has led to numerous courses that train the body to vary degrees. Almost all types of fitness taught indoors can also be practiced in the water.

The Best Aqua Aerobics Exercises For Abs, Legs, And Buttocks

Whether on land or in the water – a short warm-up should take place before every workout to warm up the body and prepare the muscles for the effort. Swim a few laps or warm up with aqua jogging. With each step, you push your feet off the ground and pull your knees up powerfully. The arms swing bent.

Also, ensure that the water depth reaches at least to the navel and at most to the chest to carry out the exercises correctly. This usually corresponds to a water depth of between 1.30 and 1.50 meters. And be careful: Don’t forget sunscreen if you train outside! Did you know that 80 percent of UV rays penetrate the water to a depth of 30 centimeters? In addition, wet skin burns four times faster than dry skin.

Breakwater For The Oblique Abdominal Muscles

Stand with feet hip-width apart, feet pointing outwards, knees slightly bent and pointing toward toes. My shoulder and arms are in the water.

Now gently rotate your upper body and arms from right to left and back. The pelvis remains straight, and the feet stand firmly on the floor. 20 repetitions per side.

Variant: If you want, you can also start in the final position and hop on the spot during the movement. As your knees and pelvis move to the left, your upper body and arms move to the right simultaneously.

The Starfish Strengthens The Leg And Butt Muscles

Stand hip-width apart in front of the pool wall. Hold onto the edge of the pool with one hand. The other arm is stretched straight down, palm facing the wall.

Now lead the stretched arm diagonally upwards and at the same time spread the opposite leg. The upper body remains upright.

Then lower your arm and leg again and switch sides.

The Frog Trains The Abdominal Muscles

Put your feet parallel on the floor. Now push yourself off the ground with your feet as if you want to jump up.

You pull your knees to your stomach. Your arms lead you sideways down. In the second run, you turn your knees outwards when you jump – like a frog. The components are brought down between the legs. Then switch back to the starting position.

The Water Dancer Makes Beautiful Legs

Stand against the wall and hold onto the pool’s edge. Now lift your right leg at an angle of about 90 degrees and lead it from one side to the other.

Bring the right knee over the standing leg to the left and rotate the pelvis. Change sides, 20 repetitions per side.

The Swell Strengthens The Stomach And Back

Stand about an arm’s length from the pool’s edge and hold on with both hands. Arms and shoulders are in the water (possibly bend your knees slightly).

Now bend your elbows and pull your upper body towards the wall with your arms. Extend your arms again and push backward. 20 repetitions.

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