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Vegan Pancakes: The Recipe

The pancake is an exquisite sweet recipe, especially for a satisfying and satiating breakfast. Let’s see all its characteristics and how it is also prepared in its vegan version.

  1. Doses for 4
  2. Basic preparations category
  3. Easy difficulty
  4. Low cost


  1. Whole wheat or oat flour 160 g;
  2. vegetable drink 150 ml;
  3. seed or coconut oil 10 g;
  4. sugar (if necessary) 1 tablespoon;
  5. baking powder 1 tsp.


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients;
  2. add the liquids, mixing well without leaving lumps;
  3. heat a non-stick pan and pour 1-2 tablespoons of dough, letting it cook about 1 minute per side;
  4. Fill pancakes according to your taste, for example, with blueberry jam and 100% peanut cream. 

The pancake can be an excellent alternative for a balanced, healthy, satiating, and tasty breakfast. 

  1. Pancake, what is it
  2. Origins of the pancake
  3. Pancake ingredients
  4. How pancakes are made 
  5. What pot do you use to make pancakes
  6. Pancakes, one recipe, many versions
  7. How to store pancakes

Pancake, What Is It

Pancake is a dessert typically used for breakfast in the United States but today spread worldwide. Numerous variations exist, but the pancake can be briefly defined as a pancake made with eggs and flour about half a centimeter thick and stuffed mostly with maple syrup, peanut butter or jams.

Origins Of The Pancake

Contrary to what one might imagine, it would seem that the pancake originated in Greece in 500 BC, where these pancakes were called ” ignites. ” From Greece, pancakes quickly spread to many European regions with different variations, up to the United States, where the addition of yeast has given these delicious treats the soft texture that today distinguishes them, making them so loved.

Pancake Ingredients

Although there are numerous variations of the traditional pancake, the typical ingredients to make the dough are:

  1. Egg;
  2. flour ;
  3. milk ;
  4. sugar ;
  5. butter ;
  6. yeast. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Making Pancakes

1.How to make pancakes without butter? It can be substituted with seed or coconut oil, or      it can be omitted from the dough.

2.How to make milk-free pancakes? It can be replaced with water.

 3.How many calories does a pancake have? It depends a lot on the recipe used, but if you     use healthy and non-high-calorie ingredients, the pancake can perfectly fit into a               balanced and nutritious breakfast.

How Pancakes Are Made

Making pancakes is effortless: mix all the ingredients well, making the dough thick and homogeneous; pour a part of the dough into the pan and cook it for a few seconds per side. Alternatively, you can use a pancake mix.

What Pot Do You Use To Make Pancakes?

Pancakes can be cooked in any non-stick pan, adding a layer of butter or oil, if necessary, to prevent the dough from sticking. To facilitate the creation of a perfect pancake shape, the best pan for making pancakes is one with specific molds.

Pancakes, One Recipe, Many Versions

Today there are many variations of the basic pancake recipe, one for every need. Among these, we find:

  1. Protein pancakes;
  2. wholemeal pancakes;
  3. vegan pancakes;
  4. gluten-free pancakes;
  5. banana pancake;
  6. cinnamon pancakes;
  7. Cocoa pancakes.

How To Fill Pancakes

Pancakes can be filled in various ways. However, the classic condiment is maple syrup, honey, hazelnut cream and peanut butter; you can also opt for using healthier and fewer calorie foods, such as fruit-only jams and 100% dried fruit creams.

How To Store Pancakes

Pancakes can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for several days. Alternatively, they can be frozen so they can be defrosted if necessary.

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