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10 Ingenious Foods That Will Keep You Full For A Long Time

Ingenious Foods: The point of good Food? They should keep us full for long time. they can do that, they should be particularly high in fiber, contain complex carbohydrates and protein – real satiety. Hopefully, nobody heard that! The stomach growled loudly and clearly – even though breakfast was only two hours ago. Awkward!

Our tip: This would not have happened to you with a good breakfast! Because there is Food those that only fill you up for a short time and those that fill the stomach for hours .

You should know these foods and eat them regularly! This not only saves you from embarrassing stomach growls but also helps you stick to a diet and protects you from cravings!

Here we have the ten best for you. Food collected will keep you full for a long time. They are particularly rich in fiber and contain lots of complex carbohydrates and protein or water. These three characteristics ensure that the stomach is filled for a long time and that there is no feeling of hunger.

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Who would have thought that! According to an Australian study, potatoes are the most filling Food. In the experiment, the scientists ate 240 kcal of various foods and checked every 15 minutes how hungry they were. The saturation effect lasted the longest with potatoes. It was three times as long as that of white bread!


Many people find oatmeal a bit boring. However, the small flakes are the ideal breakfast if you want to stay full for a long time. They are high in fiber. If you combine them with yogurt and fruit, you won’t need a snack between meals until lunch.

Whole Wheat Bread

If you don’t feel like having oatmeal in the morning or are looking for a good snack in between, then grab a slice of whole meal bread. It is also rich in fiber and therefore keeps you full for a long time.

Our tip: Avoid sweet chocolate spreads or jam if possible and prefer cheese instead. This contains a lot of protein, which satisfies hunger for a long time.


Legumes – what were legumes again? These include lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, or white beans. It would be best if you cooked them regularly because they are very healthy and real fillers.

Why? They contain a lot of fiber and a lot of protein at the same time. The perfect combination so that you don’t feel hungry for hours.


Many people eat yogurt with fruit in between meals. Unfortunately, hardly anyone thinks of quark. Pity! Because quark saturates a little better. Due to its somewhat thicker consistency, you will feel full more quickly while eating. The protein ensures that it stays there for a long time.

A little tip: Combine berries with curd cheese. Raspberries contain plenty of fiber.

Raw Food

Is salad supposed to be a filler? I’m sure many people shake their heads in disbelief. But it’s true. The raw food contains a lot of water, and that fills the stomach. Combine vegetable sticks with high-protein herbal quarks and the salad with a yogurt dressing.


Often soup is only dismissed as a small starter. Wrongly, because similar to vegetables and fruit, the high water content fills the stomach. Depending on the ingredients, the soup meal will keep you full for a long time.

Our tip Provides even more satiety and enriches the soup with lentils, potatoes, or vegetables.


Next time leave the chips in the cabinet and grab the package with the nuts. They also contain a lot of fat, but at least they keep you full for a long time. Plus: They contain many minerals and high-quality, essential fatty acids. Access is allowed here!

Dried Fruits

It is not for nothing that dried fruits are found in many muesli mixes: They keep you full for a long time! Thanks to a lot of fiber, they bring that cologne going and fill the stomach. Dried apricots, dates, or figs are therefore a great snack between meals.


The little yellow Minions justifiably love bananas. The fruit is an absolute all-rounder and, in addition to healthy vitamins and fiber, also provides good carbohydrates. Besides, is there nothing worse than being one of those doubly hungry after eating an apple? This cannot easily happen to you with a banana. It doesn’t rumble in the stomach and signals “hunger.” Bananas clearly say “full.”

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