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3 Soaps In comparison: Aleppo, Pink Salt& Actual Microorganisms

Here are three natural soaps in comparison: the classic Aleppo soap, the Himalayan pink salt soap and the relatively new soap with effective microorganisms. Do you already use them, or don’t you know them?

The Return To The Soap

If you, too, want to say no to plastic and welcome a way of life fully in harmony with nature, here are three unique soaps to be evaluated and possibly experienced firsthand.  All three are natural herbal soaps, which should be free of synthetic chemicals and additives – for example, parabens, phthalates, phosphates, stabilizers, preservatives, artificial colors, sodium Laureth sulfate ( SLS ) -, substances not so skin-friendly, that could trigger allergies and intolerances.

They are also generally free of plastic packaging, therefore also attentive to the well-being of the planet, which should not be underestimated for those who want to set up a “Zero Waste” life. Last but not least: they are now easily found! As you can imagine, each of these three unique soaps  : > Aleppo soap> Soap with effective microorganisms. > Himalayan pink salt soap It has particular characteristics which make it suitable for a specific type of skin or a particular part of the body.

A Light Velvet Foam: Aleppo

A very soft soap from Aleppo – as you know, depending on the percentage of laurel oil contained, its foam will be more or less dense and consistent – so you can immediately perceive the difference compared to other soaps, especially for those with dehydrated skin. Ideal for the skin of the whole body and the hair, care must be taken because Aleppo soap slightly irritates the eyes; it is, therefore, not so ideal for cleansing and washing the face.

Its foam wins: dense and soft but at the same time light, soft, like velvet on the skin, so much so that some also use it for hair removal with a razor; its scent is unmistakable. You fall in love with this soap, and it’s hard to back down once you’ve tried it! The price? A large stick of raw Aleppo soap, pure, with approximately 50% laurel oil, can cost around 10/13 euros. It is also found to be cheaper with lower percentages of laurel oil. 

Soap With Effective Microorganisms: A Deep But Delicate Cleansing 

A mild and delicate soap with effective microorganisms, also known as EM (Effective Microorganism), leaves the skin delicately clean, less “greasy”, and lighter than Aleppo soap. As for Aleppo soap, the sensation is that of deep cleansing and hygiene, given precisely by cold-pressed organic oils and the action of the actual microorganisms present. It is ideal for cleansing the face’s skin and delicate areas. Often this soap is supplemented with whole sea salt or ceramic powder, which tones and moisturizes the skin even more deeply—a 75-gram bar of soap costs around 10 euros.

Naturally, Exfoliate Pure Pink Salt Sap

The pink salt soap is suitable for oily and dry skin; it is considered a natural pH-regulating and regenerating soap because it is rich in precious minerals. Puro does not foam; it can also be used as a natural deodorant, and as it does not contain alcohol or other additives, it is also suitable for those with delicate skin. A deep antiseptic action keeps germs, bacteria, fungi and warts away. It would be best if you never wet the soap with pure pink salt, but it is used directly on the banana skin, and it is ideal for the skin of the legs, arms and feet because it has a mild exfoliating effect.

The best way to wash your face with soap is to warm it for a few minutes in your hands moistened with a bit of hot water, then wash your face allowing the active ingredients of the salt to penetrate the skin. Then take care to dry it well with a cloth. A stick of pure soap with Himalayan pink salt of about 250 grams costs around 5 euros. Warning: Aleppo soap burns the eyes a little, so if you use it for bathing children, take this into account. Even for soaps with effective microorganisms and pink salt, contact with the eyes is to be avoided. When you buy these three soaps, make sure, as always, to read the Inci index well and to be sure of the sustainability regarding the origin and processing of the products. 

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