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5 Tips To Eliminate The Smell Of Tobacco In The Hair

How to dispose of the smell of cold tobacco that penetrates your hair without going through the cleanser box? The following are five thoughts that will make your hair smell decent.

Dry Shampoo

Faster than a passage in the shower, the dry shampoo will deodorize your hair in no time while restoring volume. Sold in the form of a spray on the market, spray it all over the hair, leave it to act for a few minutes, then brush your hair upside down to remove any powder residue.

If you don’t have a commercial dry shampoo on hand, it’s elementary to make a “homemade” one with the various absorbent powders that can be lying around in your cupboards. Thus, cornstarch (the “famous” Maïzena), clay powder, or even baking soda can do the trick!

For a reinforced freshness effect, it is possible to add one or two drops of essential oils with floral or lemony notes to your mixture of cornstarch and clay before applying this homemade dry shampoo to your hair. Brush your hair to air it well, then apply the mixture using a fluffy brush on the roots before leaving it on for 5 minutes and brushing again to get rid of the excess powder. Protect your shoulders with a towel to avoid the “dandruff” effect.

A Scented Hair Mist 

While it may be tempting to spray a little of your eau de toilette on your hair to make the smell of tobacco disappear, it is better to give it up! The alcohol in eau de toilette and Eau de perfume can dry out your hair and irritate your scalp.

Be aware that perfumes are specially formulated for hair on the market. Their fragrance is much lighter and is specially designed to be applied to the lengths and scalp without the risk of irritation or drying out. Some of them are even formulated to care for your hair, depending on its nature.

You can also make your scented hair mist by spraying your favorite floral water all over your hair. Exit terrible smells with the delicate floral notes of a damask rose hydrosol or even those of an orange blossom hydrosol! Mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with floral water and a neutral perfume base to obtain a hair mist with a more pungent scent. This mixture will overcome the most stubborn odors naturally!

The Cold Hair Dryer

A cold hair dryer is the emergency solution to rid your hair of the smell of cigarettes. Run it through your hair for 5 minutes while brushing it in all directions. To eliminate the smell of cold tobacco, you can put a few drops of purifying and a fragrant essential oil like lemongrass on your brush before you start. Efficiency guaranteed!

A Dab Of Moisturizer

If you don’t have anything else on hand or a lot of time in front of you, apply a dab of your moisturizer on your lengths. Take a small dab of cream in your hands, heat it between your palms and distribute it over your distances, scrunching your hair. However, be careful not to put too much on to avoid the oily hair effect! This last resort solution is all the most effective if your cream is perfumed.

A Tight Hairstyle

To prevent the impregnation of a bad smell in your hair, the best thing is still to achieve a tight hairstyle on clean hair. Make a braid or put your hair up in a tight bun, and your hair will keep a good smell of clean when you take it out, even if you hang out with smokers!

If the length of your hair does not allow you to achieve this kind of hairstyle, bet on a cap, a hat, a headband, or a bandana. You should also know that hair is weakened and made more porous by coloring, and oily hair absorbs odors more quickly than others. All treatments that repair damaged hair or regulate excess sebum will prevent your hair from retaining foul odors.

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