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5 Tips To Highlight Your Gray Hair

Times are changing: many women decide to stop hiding their gray hair and prefer to wear it proudly. That’s good: there are plenty of tricks to sublimate your gray hair! Stop with granny hairstyles. We energize her face with an adequate cut, pamper her hair, bet on flattering colors, anticipate the transition, and review her makeup bag.

Opt For An Anti-Yellowing Shampoo

It’s the fear of gray hair: ugly yellow reflections. These are due to the oxidation of gray hair. In fact, with the loss of melanin, they are less well protected and become much more vulnerable to climatic conditions, heat from appliances, and pollution. Fortunately, the remedy is not complicated, and it is a question of using a purple shampoo that will neutralize these reflections by chromatic correction. 

There is a palette of shampoos from mauve to blue pigments, depending on the importance of the yellow reflections to be canceled. If in doubt, seek professional advice! We keep in mind that even more than before, our hair needs maintenance: we protect it from external aggressions and strengthen it regularly with keratin treatments that we include in our routine.

Work The Cut

A single watchword for the haircut: pep! We need to remember the strict hairstyles, the pulled hair or the bangs which will, at best, give a tired look, at worst, age… We often hear that you have to bet on a short hairstyle, it is certainly a good option, but there are others! The pixie cut is a must: easy to maintain, subtle gradient, assertive style, and, what’s more, it suits everyone! A boyish cut goes very well, too; we ensure it is not too wise and does not hesitate to tousle two or three locks. 

If you want to keep your length, it is possible if the hair is still very thick, but you still avoid the extra long (after the shoulders), which tends to weigh down. If we want to, we tie the mass in a bun to clear the whole; nothing more elegant! When you wear long hair, the good idea is to degrade it and keep a flexible hairstyle to give a nice movement effect.

The square is the perfect compromise when you hesitate to go short. The short square is flattering with gray hair, especially well-layered, energizing the whole face. A long plunging square is also a good idea with a parting on the side, and it gives a nice impression of volume!

Bet On The Right Wardrobe

Good news: you can naturally enhance your gray hair just by carefully choosing the color of your clothes.  Among the shades that will give shine to gray hair: are green, red, blue, and purple! Pinks, pastels, white and black are also safe bets. On the other hand, we forget the beige tones, browns, yellow, and khaki.

Manage The Transition

The moment when you decide to stop coloring and have beautiful salt and pepper hair is the most delicate. We then find ourselves with white roots and colored lengths, a two-tone style that does not always have the best effect…

First Solution

  1. You can shorten the tips or even opt for a very shortcut.
  2. It’s radical.
  3. The transition will be done quickly.

However, you must be ready to manage two changes simultaneously: color and length. 

Second Solution

Hair makeup removal. Here, it is a question of removing the pigments obtained by the coloring; it is cleaning the hair fiber. If your hair has been colored for many years, do not expect a miracle, and some pigments may remain attached, but it is a good boost to regain its natural color. 

Third And Last Solution

 A scan that will lighten to approach white. The idea is to work with fine locks to standardize the hair: the colored white locks blend here with the natural white locks.

Match Your Makeup

That’s the secret to flawlessness! Beautiful gray hair is great, but it can give your complexion a little dullness that is better corrected if you don’t want to look tired or older. We put on an illuminating foundation that will wake up and bring a freshness effect. After unifying the complexion, don’t forget a little blush, pink for fair skin, apricot for dull complexions, on the cheekbones to enhance everything!

On the look side, we need to remember the flashy colors that will clash too much. Instead, we turn to soft tones such as browns, light grays, or navy blue. A line of kohl flush with the eyelashes to give more depth to the look, and you’re done! Finally, on the lips, the rule is to abandon matte textures instead of satin ones which will bring more light. In terms of color, we zap the nudes and fall for raspberry or this kind of dapper color!

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