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Amla Oil: Its Benefits For Hair Beauty

In the family of vegetable oils, one is little known to the general public in the West: amla oil. Originally from India, it is, however, widely used by Asian women, especially to take care of their hair. Ideal for frizzy, thick, curly, or damaged hair, this oil has nourishing and regenerating properties to restore all the beauty to your hair.

Definition: What Is Amla Oil?

Amla oil comes from the kernel of the amla fruit, which looks like a yellow currant. Its eponymous tree grows in Asia, mainly in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Tibet. This vegetable oil contains vitamins A, C, and E, flavonoids, and antioxidants. Thus, it is very effective in hair care since it regenerates and strengthens hair fiber.

It is not recommended to use it on the skin. On the other hand, when used on the hair, it will limit the development of dandruff and stimulate hair growth. Also, it is recommended to mix it with plant extracts such as jasmine to reduce its rather unpleasant smell.

What Are The Benefits Of Amla Oil For Hair?

Amla oil has fortifying properties and helps regenerate dry and damaged hair. Indeed, applied as a regular treatment, your hair will be more and more beautiful: it repairs, nourishes, and strengthens the hair fiber while making it shinier and softer.

It Moisturizes And Nourishes The Hair

By moisturizing and nourishing the hair fiber in depth, this oil strengthens the hair and gives it a much better appearance. Thanks to its nourishing properties, it facilitates detangling and prevents the appearance of split ends. Used as a mask, it also helps to limit frizz.

It Stimulates Hair Growth

Thanks to its richness in vitamin A, amla oil will stimulate blood microcirculation in the scalp to promote its growth.

Amla Oil Darkens Hair

It contains powerful pigments, and in the context of regular use, this oil slows down the appearance of white hair and darkens the hair without dulling its color.

It Regulates Excess Sebum

It is also an ally against oily hair. By applying it directly to the scalp, this oil removes excess sebum.

For What Type Of Hair Is Amla Oil Recommended?

Amla oil tends to darken hair over time when used regularly. This is why it suits dark, brown, or chestnut hair. You will understand if your hair is blonde or red, it could quickly change the color. It is otherwise suitable for all hair types. Indeed, whatever your hair type, this oil brings all its benefits to curly, straight, fine, or thick hair. It adapts perfectly to oily hair but also to dry hair since it nourishes and regulates excess sebum.

How To Use Amla Oil?

It can be used both in the form of an oil bath and in daily hair care.

Applied In Oil Bath

The oil bath is strongly recommended for very damaged hair. For example, you can do a one-month cure to give your hair a second life with one or two weekly oil baths. To make an oil bath, apply amla vegetable oil to all your hair without forgetting the strands and emphasizing the roots and ends. Cover your hair with a scarf or cling film and leave it on overnight. The next morning, shampoo to remove excess oil.

How To Apply Amla Oil In Daily Care?

Apply it to your dry hair as a daily moisturizer before shampooing and massaging your scalp well. The idea is to let it rest for at least 30 minutes. You can also apply it only on the lengths to nourish your lengths and avoid split ends.

Why Buy Organic amla Oil?

Choose an amla oil without paraffin and additives. Most of the oils found in Indian or Pakistani stores in India contain toxic substances. We recommend that you opt for pure vegetable oil from organic farming. You will find it in organic stores or from online and specialized shops.

Finally, to multiply the benefits of this miraculous oil, you can mix it with castor oil or even coconut oil. Also, it mixes very well with sesame oil and avocado oil. If you wish for additional care, you can add a few drops of essential oil adapted to your scalp. In short, there are many ways to use this oil to enjoy its benefits, whether in an oil bath, in your shampoo, or directly on your scalp.

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