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Drink More: 5 Tricks That Motivate You To Drink Water

Is water healthy but too dull for you? Here, you will find out how to drink water more without being thirsty and make drinking water a habit. According to the Nutrition Society, every one of us should drink an average of one and a half to two liters of water a day (depending on the weather and individual factors such as age and weight). Eight glasses of water don’t sound like much. Nevertheless, very few manage to consume the recommended amount of water.

In a new study on water drops at the end of May 2020, 1,054 aged 16–64 were asked about their drinking habits and attitudes towards (tap) water. It was found that only just under one in five (19 percent) covered their daily water requirements with tap water – even less with increasing age.

The reasons for this range from a lack of thirst to a dull or unpleasant taste of the tap water due to poor water pipes. One in ten even stated that they forgot to drink (water) regularly.

Quite devastating when you consider that the human body is made up of 60–65 percent water and cannot function properly without water.

Why Should You Drink More Water?

In the study, coffee stands out as number 1 among thirst quenchers. Tap water only ranks third, behind bottled mineral water. At least it is gratifying that we drink more water than unhealthy soft drinks and sweetened juices because only water is entirely calorie-free.

Nevertheless, the trend towards mineral water in plastic bottles is surprising (by the way, men buy more disposable bottles than women). After all, tap water is free, always available, and sustainable. The CO2 pollution from filling and transporting the bottled water is 600 (!) Times higher than that of crane water. Not to mention the 100 times higher price.

In addition, the drinking water quality is excellent everywhere. In fact, according to the study, only 12 percent of those questioned are worried about outdated pipelines and only 7 percent about bacterial contamination in tap water. Appropriate rethinking would benefit not only the wallet but also the environment.

This Is How You Can Drink More

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you drink water from the tap or the bottle. The main thing is that you get the amount of drinking water you need. But because that’s easier said than done when you’re stressed or not feeling thirsty, we’ve collected five simple tricks to help you drink more.

The Following Applies: The recommended amount of water of around two liters extends over the day. So you have plenty of time to get your eight glasses. Incidentally, “pre-drinking” to create a water reserve for bad times does not work.

Important: It is essential to drink a lot in summer because the body loses more fluids. At temperatures over thirty degrees, it can be 2.5 liters to 3 liters of water instead of the usual 2 liters. You can also eat more water-rich foods such as cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, grapefruits, or (water) melon to support the increased water requirement.

Make Drinking A Habit!

Often it is enough to change a few minor points in the daily routine to improve the water balance. It starts when you get up or go to sleep.

Stand a glass of water on the bedside table. Then you drink when you get thirsty at night. Or do you torment yourself every time you get out of bed to get yourself a glass of water in the kitchen when you’re thirsty? You see. In the

Morning you start your day with a glass of water – which is still next to the bed unless you drank it during the night. Hey, you’re already refreshed and have consumed the first of your eight units of water with a 250 ml glass.

Make a habit of drinking while you eat. It also supports your digestion. If you want to lose weight, you can also have a glass of tap water before you eat. This fills the stomach and curbs cravings.

Tip: If the water balance is out of balance, this can result in aggression. The anger often dissipates when you quench it with a glass of water. No joke, the trick usually works.

Make Drinking An Experience!

Utensils can also help you drink more. It starts with the shape of the glass. It is better to use bulbous glasses than narrow, tall drinking vessels. A round glass appears smaller and easier to handle with the same filling quantity as a large glass. Pure psychology!

Tip: The glass is always full – get used to refilling a drink that has been emptied  . Drinking glasses with a capacity of exactly 250 ml are practical to track your drinking quota. When you have drunk eight of them, you have reached your goal.

Some swear by drinking more straws. Because that draws attention to drinking and makes you aware of how much or how little you have drunk. Especially if you rarely reach for a straw, you can take advantage of the allure of the unfamiliar.

Twenty-two percent of respondents said a nice refill bottle could motivate them to drink in the water drop study. Among 16 to 24-year-olds, it was as much as 41 (!) Percent. So why not invest in a decorative carafe or drinking bottle if it encourages you to drink more water.

Make Drinking A To-Do List!

Some drinking bottles are not only pretty to look at. They even remind you (on the go) to drink more. In addition, they have a recorded drinking marker with times. The scale divides the day into 2 x 4 (= 8) units so that you are encouraged to drink a glass of water or 250 ml of water every hour.

There are also unique reminder apps that motivate you to keep up your drinking quota. However, in digital minimalism, we would advise against unnecessary mobile phone apps. You can as quickly draw eight empty water glasses on a piece of paper and check off one drink every hour – many hydration apps work no differently.

When you’re at work or on the go and lose track of time, a built-in cell phone memo can remind you to drink water regularly. There are apps for this too. The top-rated “water drinking alarm clock” from the Leap Fitness Group can be personalized and alert you like an alarm clock when it is time to drink.

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Make Drinking A Challenge!

There is nothing like a flesh-and-blood memory aid – for example, from a roommate or work colleague. It’s best to motivate each other to drink more. Or you can go one step further and turn it into a water challenge.

Everyone who wants to take part puts a 1-liter water bottle on the table. Each of you has four hours to empty it. Whoever drank the bottle first is the winner of the day. It would be best if you were honest with yourself and your competition.

The competition works particularly well when you have visual contact with your “fellow players.” Watching each other’s bottles empty can be an excellent incentive to drink more as well. Best of all, you raise the bar and get used to drinking more over the long term.

Make Drinking A Pleasure!

If you drink too little just because of the bland taste of tap water or mineral water, it is worth adding flavor to the water. So that the drink does not become unhealthy, you should avoid sugary syrups or juices.

Of water drop, there are small pellets, which consist of pure fruit and plant extracts, and like a dissolving fizzy tablet in the water. Our favorite: The Vibe-Drops with the summer taste of physios, rosemary, and peppermint.

Homemade infused water is fresh, healthy, and completely free of packaging waste. Cut your favorite washed fruit into small pieces and mix with water and fresh herbs. However, the aroma water needs at least two hours for the ingredients to permeate.

Tip: The eye also drinks – so that the pieces of fruit from your infused water don’t float around unsavory in the glass and keep you from drinking with disgust, you can grab a bottle with a separate fruit insert.

If you have hard water at home, we can recommend a water filter. Bubbly fans save themselves having to carry crates with the help of a Soda Stream. However, due to the carbon dioxide, people tend to drink more still water than sparkling water. But here, too, you are welcome to try out your taste buds.

Tip: There is also more variety by alternating between hot and cold drinks. Instead of just drinking tap water, you can drink a cup of unsweetened tea or homemade iced tea without sugar in between.

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