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Five Tips For Taking Care Of Bleached Hair

The fading system is forceful for the hair. Fading specialists assault the shades and annihilate the hydrolipidic film, which is why the hair is refined and exceptionally debilitated. Assuming the staining is irreversible, then again, the condition of our hair isn’t! You can reestablish enthusiasm and try fine hair with thoroughly examined care, great propensities, and a little sound judgment!

Establish A Routine

It would be best to concoct a tailor-made and long-term routine when you have significantly damaged, dry, and brittle hair. You are repairing your hair after discoloration takes a little time! First, we opt for a sulfate-free shampoo, with no question of stripping the hair more! We also strive to favor a nourishing shampoo full of vegetable oils to invigorate the hair fiber.

We continue with a conditioner rich in repairing active ingredients. Finally, once a week, leave a deep treatment on a mask to nourish your hair after bleaching. It is chosen carefully and must be ultra-rich in fatty acids and vitamins. Daily, if we feel that the hair needs it, we do not hesitate to use a leave-in treatment; less affluent than a mask, this treatment gives a severe boost in suppleness and shine.

There are dozens of very effective shampoos and hair care products: it’s up to you to find the ones that best suit your hair. However, after a lot of bleaching or if you have bleach-burned hair, betting directly on specific ranges is a good idea. We can cite, for example, Olaplex, K√©rastase, or Lazartigue, brands that have developed targeted treatments for discoloration: restorative formula to strengthen the hair fiber and blue and purple pigments neutralize yellow reflections.

Make Oil Baths

Dry hair and Afro hair know this infallible secret to boost the hair! The oil bath is also a perfect post-bleaching treatment. Indeed, it optimizes both the nutrition and the hydration of hair fiber. We choose a vegetable oil, preferably organic, rich in essential fatty acids such as castor, coconut, or olive oil.

Apply two or three spoonfuls, depending on the length, all over the hair and turban for at least an hour and more if possible. After the pause, you only need mild shampoo to remove the excess and not risk the sticky effect. Economical, practical, and in addition, it is natural treatment. The oil bath has it all!

Treat Yourself To An Intense Treatment

Sometimes the hair is so damaged after bleaching that you must get a miracle treatment like hair botox! It is a keratin and hyaluronic acid treatment which aims to rejuvenate the damaged hair fiber. On the program: deeply nourished hair and restructured hair fiber. The key: shiny, soft, supple hair with more body and strength and less frizz! The dream has a price: around a hundred euros, depending on the hair salon, but when you want to take care of your hair after bleaching, it’s a great option!

Limit Attacks

After a discoloration, the watchword is to prescribe any chemical treatment such as coloring, permanent, straightening, etc. We postponed these operations that the hair could not support immediately. We also avoid, more broadly, anything that is likely to attack the hair and, in particular, all heating tools such as curling or straightening irons but also the hair dryer. The heat dries out the hair, and they don’t need that after bleaching, either! If you can’t do without it, apply a thermo-protective spray before.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Aloe Vera

After bleaching, the hair sometimes needs a reasonable period of rehab; there is nothing better than turning to a natural ingredient and making a homemade treatment! Aloe vera is a benefactor plant at the top to hydrate your discolored hair, and it is not the curly hair that will say the opposite!

Rich in essential nutrients, it seals in moisture and strengthens hair fiber. We apply the aloe vera gel as a mask on wet hair (without leaving it on too long so that it does not dry out, which would make it difficult to remove), as a repair treatment, or in small touches on dry hair, like a leave-in treatment!

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