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How To Have Significant And Strong Nails?

Like other parts of the human body, it is essential to take some care to ensure significant and strong nails. After all, when they are beautiful, they signify that health is up to date and that healthy habits are being practiced.

Likewise, brittle nails can be a warning for health complications. That’s why nails represent more than a vanity aspect. Even nail polishes must be controlled to keep them with the desired appearance. That is, do not abuse the use of strong chemicals and leave the nail polish aside for a few days. So the nails can breathe.

In this sense, the doubt about how to have significant and strong nails is based on extra care and daily habits. Here are some tips for healthy nails. Check out!

How Does Nail Growth Work?

First, it is essential to understand how your nail growth works. If you want them to be big and strong, we’ve separated some tips that will be seen soon.

But first, know that they are an accumulation of dead cells. That’s right, cells present under the cuticles die being pushed by new cells and, during the process, join keratin and other proteins.

This forms a layer of tough tissue, namely the nails. In this sense, food and vitamin supplements are part of our tips, as they provide the nutrients necessary for the cell cycle.

Keratin is a protein that prevents water from entering the tissues of the hands and feet. For this reason, the primary function of nails is to protect them. 

How To Have Significant And Strong Nails?

One of the main topics when it comes to female self-esteem involves nails. Regardless of the style, many women often take care of their nails and invest in different colors and shapes.

However, using nail polish too often can be a risk to the health of your nails. After all, over time, the chemicals present in the product can weaken them, making them brittle and making it more challenging to maintain their growth.

To help you, we’ve separated some existing essential care to have the nails of your dreams. See below!

Hydrating your nail hydration is a critical factor for nail longevity. Like the entire body, they depend on good hydration to maintain their healthy appearance. Therefore, the ideal is to drink between 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

Have A Balanced Diet

Nails are mainly made up of a protein: keratin. Foods like chicken and salmon help in this regard. Also, the first step is to maintain a balanced diet if you want big and strong nails. When nutritional health is up to date, this is evident in the nails, which gain strength and are no longer brittle.

Another tip is the importance of taking vitamins A, B, and C, as well as folic acid. These nutrients are found in dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and ensure healthier nails.

Invest In Specific Supplements

In addition to food, supplements can be added to daily habits, providing more health to nails. In this case, several supplementary solutions strengthen and stimulate their growth. One of them is collagen supplements, a structural protein that makes nails more robust and beautiful.

Thus, it is recommended to seek the help of a health professional who will indicate which supplement is ideal for your case.

Count On The Help Of A Manicurist

Manicures are allies in nail care. In addition to taking care of the aesthetic part, they do the necessary cleaning and cutting and can apply healthy enamels. Therefore, visiting a manicure can help make your nails healthy, significant, and strong.

Do Not Remove The Entire Cuticle

For aesthetic reasons, the habit of removing the cuticles from the nails was created. However, they play an essential role in protecting against bacteria and fungi. This natural barrier cannot be removed entirely, as there is a risk of diseases that can weaken the nails. This way, the ideal is to maintain the cuticles and hydrate them when necessary.

Pay Attention To Nail Polish Removers

Although acetone is the traditional choice for removing nail polish, it is not the most recommended option by experts. The substance causes dryness and, consequently, the weakening of the nails. Therefore, the suggestion is to choose acetone-free removers with oils in their formula, which avoids the problem of drying.

What Are The Treatments To Have Significant And Strong Nails?

One must always be alert about the health of the nails. Dry appearance, blemishes, irregularities, and brittle nails can be a warning of a bigger problem. Knowing this, we brought some treatments in case of mineral and vitamin deficiency.

IN Treatment

The combination of actions can help you achieve good results with your nails. Pill Food, a food supplement composed of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and biotin, can be supplemented with orthosilicic acid.

When used together, both help in the production of collagen and elastin, making them essential for strengthening your nails and hair. Using Pill Food enhances these results as well as helps with natural growth.

OUT Treatment

Another treatment that can be adopted is through the nail strengthening base. It helps with growth and gives them strength, so they don’t become brittle or flake off. In this way, you will have nails with a renewed and shiny appearance.

It is essential to apply the base before the enamel to obtain the results. That’s because the more significant the direct contact with the nails, the greater the effectiveness. It can be applied to both fingernails and toenails. If you are experiencing problems with the weakening of nails, the recommendation is to use it up to three times a week.

In conclusion, many types of care can be carried out to have significant and robust nails, such as the ones you have seen. So, following the tips and recommended treatments, you will quickly get the desired results.

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