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Losing Weight By Walking: Does It Work?

Losing Weight By Walking- Jogging and walking are not your things, but still want to spend more time outside, and lose a few pounds in the process? This also works at a moderate pace. We’ll show you how. Losing weight without sweating in the gym or following strict diet plans – that sounds like a dream many of us have. But this notion is not quite so absurd, because we can also lose weight by walking. Those who regularly walk their kilometers can look forward to quick results on the scales. But does it work, and what is the best way to go about it? We give you tips to get started and reveal how losing weight is a walk.

Many can no longer pull themselves up for an extensive workout in the morning before work. And certainly not in the evening after work. You’re not alone with this. After all, everyday life is stressful enough, and the me-time is usually far too short. There is hardly any time for extensive sports units between the workplace and the supermarket, family time, and the cleaning marathon.

Losing Weight By Walking- The Fat Burner And Health Trend

Going for a walk stood in the winter 2020/2021 way up in the top 10 leisure activities. Closed fitness studios and a lack of alternatives in leisure time have pushed people outside. One strolled around the houses, through the parks and forests in the morning, during the lunch break, and after work. What many did not realize: Walking is a real workout.

Walking improves health, helps burn fat, and is relaxed. These are three good things at once and strong arguments for going for a walk more often. Regular walking training also strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems and can even prevent diabetes and other diseases.

Last but not least, walking strengthens the muscles: one step demands numerous muscles in the legs, back and stomach. In addition to the positive effects on your health, you also benefit from a tight silhouette with regular gait training.

10,000 Steps A Must?

Ten thousand steps a day – this number has haunted people’s minds for many years. So much should supposedly go to stay fit, healthy, and toned. In reality, however, this number has never been proven by studies. Rather, it is an advertising promise from the 1960s: A Japanese pedometer manufacturer advertised that at least 10,000 steps a day were healthy. And although this number was never scientifically proven, it caught on. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) adopted it.

However, recent studies show that significantly fewer steps have a positive impact on the body. A new study from Harvard Medical School in the journal Jama Internal Medicine” proves that around 4,400 steps a day reduce the risk of death. Up to 7,500 steps increase the pleasant effect, so more have no effect.

Losing Weight By Walking – Does It Even Work?

How many steps do you need to lose weight, however, decide several factors? Calorie consumption is decisive for weight loss. If you eat fewer calories than you use, you lose weight. One kilogram of fat corresponds to around 7,000 calories. So you have to consume 7,000 more calories to lose one kilo. This is where walking comes in. Around 240 calories per hour are burned during a walk at an average speed of 5 km / h.

Losing Weight By Walking- If you increase the speed to 7 km / h, there are already 360 calories. Attention: The numbers given are average values. Actual energy expenditure will vary due to many factors, including body weight. The heavier you are, the more calories you use in all activities. For comparison: a person who weighs 80 kilograms can burn almost twice as many calories while walking like a person who weighs 50 kilograms. Gradients and additional weights also maximize the combustion effect.

Exercising Tip: 

Wrist and ankle weights increase the intensity of walking. To benefit from the positive effects, speed is required. It would be best if you reached a constant speed of about 7 km / h. Only then does the heart rate increase, and you train endurance and muscles effectively.

This Is How You Overcome Your Weaker Self

A walk on Sunday afternoons in bright sunshine is fun for many of us. However, it looks very different on a dark gray November afternoon after a stressful day at work. Now complete the walking kilometers where the weaker self has long been lying on the sofa?

Many sports projects have failed due to external circumstances. It’s good that walking can be integrated so well into everyday life. Here are a few tips:

  • Extend footpaths: If you use public transport, get off one station earlier and walk the rest of the way. Drivers park further away.
  • Use lunch break: Instead of going to the canteen and possibly eating something unhealthy there, include a walk-in your break. You might even pass a café on the way where you can get a fresh salad.
  • Walking instead of driving: Are you invited to dinner with friends, or are you already looking forward to the evening in the trendy bar? Take your time on the way and walk to the meeting point.
  • Using stairs: the elevator is seductively comfortable and fast but is of no use when losing weight. Better take the stairs and collect steps.

Lose Weight By Walking At Home – This Is How It Works:

Too cold, too wet, too dark, too early or too late – there are many reasons not to leave the house anymore. It’s good that there are at least as many ways to do some walking exercise at home. Who says you have to sit down while surfing? If you scroll through your Facebook timeline or Instagram stories on your smartphone, you can walk through the apartment.

Storing snacks and drinks in the kitchen is twice as smart: only those who complete the steps will get them. If you have a phone call, get up and walk around. Not only does this burn calories, but it also has a positive effect on your voice.

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