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The Perfect Workout: Four Exercises For The Whole Body!

The Perfect Workout: Perfect these four complete body exercises! Then you no longer need to do anything for a slim, toned body. Best of all, you can train at home! At the beginning of the year, the number of new registrations in the fitness studios increased enormously. However, after just four weeks of total motivation, the number of those who use the fitness studio’s offer drops significantly. Often the problem is not necessarily the will to exercise but rather the way from the living room to the studio.

Others are entirely overwhelmed by the oversupply of a fitness studio. Don’t let time, path, and excessive demands get the upper hand. With just four basic exercises, you can do your entire body strengthening and tightening – and you can do this at any time and anywhere without equipment!

The Perfect Workout: Pushups

While pushups are a great upper-body exercise, most people hate them. Stop it, take what you can get, and use the full potential of this great exercise! With pushups, you train shoulders, arms, and also the abdominal muscles and, depending on the arm position, also back and chest muscles.

This Is How It Works: 

First, lie flat on the floor with your legs straight. Then you tense your body and support yourself on your hands and toes. Your arms are still bent. Now push yourself up so that your arms are almost straight. Your body remains under tension and lifts itself like aboard. Let that belly always tense. Otherwise, you will fall into a hollow back. Bend and lower your body with just the strength of your arms for 30 seconds. Keep breathing calmly and evenly. If you like, you can take turns lifting one leg. As soon as you manage the 30 seconds entirely, you slowly increase the time.

Beginner’s Version: 

If you don’t manage to do a classic push up initially, you can either support yourself on your knees. Or you stand diagonally against a wall and do the pushups against it. The further your feet are from the wall, the more difficult it becomes.

The Perfect Workout: Squats

The secret weapon for a firm bottom and thighs: squats (squats) bring you all that.

Here’s How It Works: 

You stand up straight, and your legs are hip-width apart. You pull your belly button towards your spine so that you have enough tension in your upper body. Now bend down on your knees and push your buttocks backward as if sitting on a chair. The upper body automatically bends a little forward. Hold this position for a few seconds and then come back to standing, making sure you tense your buttocks extra. Repeat the squats for a good 30 seconds, take a short break, and do at least three repetitions.

The Perfect Workout: Plank

The plank is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to challenging the entire body at the same time. This strengthens your abdominal and back muscles in particular.

This Is How It Works: 

Place on your stomach for the classic forearm support (plank). Support yourself on your forearms and toes. The elbows are straight under the shoulders. Tense your body and lift it off the floor. Tense the stomach tightly and make sure that the body forms a line. The bottom should neither sag nor be pushed upwards. Hold the plank as long as you can and breathe evenly – at least 30 seconds. Do another exercise in between and add 30 seconds of planks now and then.

The Perfect Workout: Chair Dips

The secret weapon against waving arms are dips on the chair. This absolute classic trains your triceps, i.e., the back of your upper arms. The chest and shoulder muscles are also used.

This Is How It Works: 

Sit very close to the edge of your fixed chair or bench. The hands are positioned next to the buttocks and point slightly outwards, and your back is straight. Now stretch your legs forward and put your heels hip-width apart. You will already notice that your bottom is leaving the edge.

Bend your arms and lower your buttocks to just before the floor. Make sure that you don’t bend your arms more than 90 degrees so that your forearms are perpendicular to the floor. Then push yourself up again, do not put your bottom down, and make sure that your back is as straight as possible. Start with 45 seconds and increase in time depending on your training level.

Nutrition Makes The Result Perfect

To get the best out of your training, it is advisable to take a closer look at your eating habits, at least if you haven’t already done so. Because if your body is optimally supplied with all nutrients, you will be able to see that. The skin is firm and pure, and the performance is better. You can concentrate well and probably catch a cold less often.

Just as you have to learn to exercise regularly, you also have to learn to eat correctly. Train yourself to new eating behavior and learn which foods are balanced and healthy nourishment count and which foods are high in calories and low. Integrate vegetables, fruit, whole grain, and low-fat dairy products and lean meat, and fish or vegetable protein sources such as legumes into your everyday life. Pay attention to the careful preparation of the dishes.

An Important Note At The End: 

An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise is still the best way to stay fit and achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

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