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Pure Skin- Gentle But Effective: These Are The Essential Tips

Pure Skin- Were you struggling with blemishes and oily skin? We’ll tell you the essential tips with which you can improve, your complexion in the long term. Impure skin and an oily complexion can spoil our mood in the long run and make us no longer feel comfortable in our skin. In addition, pimples and bumps under the skin are usually not challenging to conceal. If we treat them incorrectly, they can also become painfully inflamed and leave pimple marks or scars.

But quick SOS tricks alone are not enough to get skin blemishes under control in the long term. Instead, it would be best if you changed your grooming routine, new habits, and a little patience. Here are the essential tips for a clean, even complexion.

Pure Skin- Make Your Face Cleansing A Daily Routine

Daily facial cleansing is the be-all and end-all for those who struggle with blemished skin, regardless of whether it is stress pimples or hormone-related impurities. Dirt, bacteria and makeup are only removed from the skin’s surface by cleaning with a special washing gel or a cleanser.

While thorough cleansing in the evening is sufficient for dry skin, you should use a unique facial cleanser twice a day for an oily complexion. Because the skin also works at night and produces sebum. If this is removed in the morning, the pores have less chance of clogging, and existing pimples cannot become infected as quickly.

Only Use Products That Suit Your Skin Type

Often underestimated, the point is that not every cleaning or care product is suitable for every skin type. Especially with blemished skin, it is worth rethinking your daily beauty routine and taking a closer look at the active ingredients of the products. Beauty experts recommend washing gel and facial care with antibacterial properties for blemished skin. Not only do they fight existing blemishes, but they also prevent new pimples and inflammation.

For example, a clarifying facial cleanser, especially for oily skin with refreshing eucalyptus and antibacterial zinc. The practical 3-in-1 product can be used for daily cleaning, as peeling and even as a profoundly effective mask. As a washing cream, it clarifies the skin and reduces the excessive production of sebum. Bacteria that can cause skin inflammation are also removed in this step. As a peeling, it frees clogged pores with microfine pumice stone particles and combats blackheads. And as a soothing mask, it refines the complexion and mattifies the face thanks to the clay it contains.

Never Squeeze Pimples Again

An absolute no-go for the skin is pressing around on existing pimples. Our hands can never be clean enough to remove blemishes and blackheads properly. Bacteria migrate from our hands directly to the Pure Skin, which only makes the skin problems worse. In addition, it can quickly happen that we squeeze too hard and injure the skin areas. The result can be unsightly pimple marks or even scars.

This is why a critical beauty rule is: Keep your hands away from your face and especially from pimples from now on. Instead, please stick to your consistent facial cleansing and care so that spots have a chance to heal on their own.

Clean Skin Thanks To Getting Enough Sleep

Insufficient sleep is noticeable through a pale, pale complexion and shadows under the eyes and clogged pores and Pure Skin blemishes. At night, the skin works at full speed so that the cells can recover and regenerate from the day. But the necessary growth hormone is only released when we sleep.

That’s why our simple but effective tip number  is: Allow your body enough sleep! Try to be in bed before midnight from now on. In this way, you can optimally exploit the regeneration process of your skin.

Keep Bacteria Off Your Face

Since the pandemic, we have been aware that viruses and bacteria accompany us all in everyday life. If you want a clean complexion, you should make sure that everything that comes into contact with the skin of the face daily is clean—starting with the smartphone, through the pillowcase and the towel in the bathroom, to makeup brushes, sponges and the like. All these products usually contain a lot of bacteria that land on our faces in no time at all.

The following applies to prevent pimples and blemishes: it is best to clean your mobile phone daily, remove any makeup residues and dirt from beauty tools, and change bed linen and towels regularly.

Balance Stress

The skin is the mirror of the soul. A wise saying that has a lot of truth in it. Stress while studying, in the office or anger with your partner does not leave your skin without a trace. If we don’t allow ourselves enough time off, this can lead to a weakened skin barrier. As a result, the skin can react particularly sensitively and dry out or favor pimples and blackheads.

Of course, stress cannot always be avoided. But it is all the more essential to find an outlet with which you can compensate for stressful moments. An exercise is a good option, ideally in the fresh air. If you don’t have the time for sports and walks, you can balance stress with short yoga sessions. Ten minutes of yoga in the morning after breakfast can work wonders. Give it a try. You will see: If you manage to integrate moments for yourself into everyday life, this will also quickly become noticeable in your skin’s complexion.

Eating A Balanced Diet Helps 

One mistake that is often associated with stress is eating an unhealthy diet. Alcohol, sugar, dairy products, wheat – are all suspected of hurting our Pure Skin. Fast food, sweets and soft drinks should not only make our blood sugar levels soar. They are also supposed to promote sebum production and inflammatory processes.

If you want to improve your skin and counteract an oily complexion, you should focus on a balanced diet with freshly prepared foods. Use products that are rich in vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals as often as possible. Great suppliers are, for example, avocado, salmon, nuts and Brussels sprouts.

By the way: If the skin problems don’t want to go away despite a healthy diet, an appointment with a family doctor or alternative practitioner may be advisable. Often, blemished Pure Skin can also be traced back to a problem with the intestines.

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