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Removing Facial Hair: This Is How You Get Rid Of Those Hairs!

Removing Facial Hair: Almost every woman knows the problem: tiny hairs that are ugly over the upper lip or on the chin. We’ll show you the best methods to get rid of that pesky facial hair. On men, a few dark stubbles on the face may exude a bitter charm. for women however, it looks very different. For several years, the trend here has been clear: “No hair too much” is the motto, regardless of whether it is leg or facial hair.

Fortunately, there are various methods of removing facial hair in a more or less painful way. Shave, plucking, or waxing – we explain how to get to the root of your hair!

Removing Facial Hair: With The Razor

Shaving is the fastest and easiest way to remove facial hair on the upper lip or chin. And financially, the razor is also a cheap option. The disadvantage: As on the legs or under the armpits, the hairs not only grow back quickly after shaving but also quite bristly.

Conclusion: The razor is a good stopgap solution when things have to be done quickly, and the hair action is urgent. However, this method is not recommended in the long term.

Removing Facial Hair With Wax (waxing)

The fine hairs in the face removed with wax sounds worse than it is. If you want to get rid of all the annoying hairs with one piece of advice, we recommend cold wax strips.

When buying the strips, you should make sure that they are suitable for sensitive facial skin. Cold wax strips especially for the face are usually smaller, and an application on the upper lip, cheek, or chin is not a problem.

Tip: After the treatment, you should take care of your skin with an anti-irritant cream.

You can also remove facial hair with hot wax or sugar paste. In the case of hot wax, we recommend that you contact a specialist. Because here, there is a risk of using wax that is too hot and possibly risking burns.

Remove Facial Hair With Tweezers

Probably the best-known way of removing facial hair is plucking. With tweezers, annoying hairs over the upper lip can easily be plucked. The bad news: plucking hurts like hell. The area of ​​skin above the upper lip is susceptible and red after the plucking ordeal.

To prevent pain, you can put a little Ela cream on the skin. This numbs the area and allows (almost) pain-free plucking.

Remove Facial Hair With The Epilator

Like tweezers, but with more power: the electric epilator plucks the hairs directly from the root. 

Advantage Of Electric Epilation:

The depilation action is faster and lasts longer. It would be best to use a high-quality epilator so that the hairs on the face are removed with the roots. Users praise the thorough removal and ease of use.

Removing Facial Hair With Thread (Threading)

A somewhat unknown but still very effective variant is hair removal with a thread. The technology itself is ancient and comes from the Orient. The thread technique is originally known as “Band Andes” and is still used in Arab countries today. But also with us, the threading technique (also: threading) is becoming more and more popular.

The thread technique is precise and effective and enables the hair on the chin or upper lip to be removed accurately. 

Our tip: You should only have the Band Mandazi method performed by a specialist.

Remove Facial Hair With A Spiral

Probably the latest invention is hair removal with a rotating spiral. With this tool, it should be possible to remove even the shortest and finest facial hair from the upper lip, chin and cheeks – without skin irritation.

Laser Removal Of Facial Hair

Anyone looking for a permanent solution should consider laser hair removal. The laser destroys the hair roots. As a result, the hair grows back very slowly and becomes more refined and more acceptable over time. Several sessions are necessary for hair growth and thickness, which is time-consuming and can be pretty expensive.

In the meantime, the beauty market also offers “laser devices” for domestic use. Nevertheless, it would be best to be careful when using it because improper use can result in swelling, redness, pigmentation disorders, and burns.

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