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Thinning Hair: 5 Tips To Get Out Of It

Over time, or sometimes during an illness or an emotional shock, hair may be lost or thinned out. We end up with less hair, and those remaining are finer. The loss of hair density results in an increasingly visible parting and scalp, bald temples and top of the head, a less thick ponytail, and clumps of hair on the pillow and the brush. We would tend to panic but rest assured, thinning hair is not inevitable, and there are plenty of diverse and varied solutions!

Boost Yourself With Vitamins

Sometimes, hair loss may be due to a dietary deficiency or imbalance. Vitamins and minerals play an essential role in keratin production and the renewal of the follicular bulb. The other important point is the sulfur amino acids which are essential for the synthesis of keratin. Simply put, a deficiency in iron, zinc, or vitamins B1, B5, B6, and B12 can lead to hair loss and brittleness. 

When lacking, vitamin D can also have negative consequences on hair health. This is often the case in autumn or winter when we lack the light to synthesize it. To overcome these shortcomings, one can turn to food supplements such as Luxéol capsules, for example. They must be taken over two to three months to maintain their effects.

It’s a good option because they will combine the exact dosage of all the nutrients we need to strengthen our hair from the inside, a small tailor-made capsule for good hair health in short! Of course, deciding to take a closer look at your diet and trying to compensate for your deficiencies by increasing your consumption of this or that food category is also possible. We force a little on red meat, legumes, oily fish, whole grains, eggs, and green vegetables.

Camouflage Thinning Hair

We won’t lie to each other: it’s best to delude yourself when you can’t solve the problem. When you have fine and sparse hair, a trick can be to think in terms of color: the more brown and dark hair you have, the more the scalp will be visible, by contrast. A shade chosen from a palette between medium brown and light brown thus makes it less apparent. We avoid, especially in summer, blondes that are too light because with the sun, the skull’s skin can redden, and this will be seen immediately…

For thinning, curly hair, or very thin and thinning hair, there is a densifying powder for every type and color of hair. The principle of this powder is to give density to the hair. The product comprises keratin microfibers that coat the hair and inflate it artificially. Immediately, most balding areas are concealed; one has an impression of more volume and, therefore, fuller hair. The powder (also found in spray) is applied to dry, clean hair, in front, on the sides, or the top, wherever it is needed.

Then place your hair as desired, and you’re done. The effect lasts for a day; over time, the volume shrinks, but you must wash your hair to remove the product completely. Two things to know: the powder is colored so that it can stain a pillowcase or a hat, for example, and as the product dissolves under the effect of water, you have to be careful on rainy days…

Turn To Specific Treatments

If we want to tackle the causes, we need a well-targeted anti-hair loss treatment depending on the state of progress of the baldness. As hair gets thinner and thinner, products are formulated to increase hair density and thickness. It is a complete protocol, including a shampoo, a conditioner, and a treatment that gently cleanses the hair and strengthens and densifies it. 

Slowing hair loss and gaining volume, thanks to high-tech treatments like the Nioxin brand, is a good basic solution. It does not act permanently, and it is necessary to redo cures if the hair loss is not regularly punctual, but the results are generally encouraging.

Play On The Cut And Hairstyle

When you have thinning hair, you have to be cunning and adapt the length and movement of your hair to hide the most affected areas. We tend to want to keep as much hair as possible, but there are better ideas than thinning long hair. The longer they are, the more it accentuates the linen appearance, and the whole lacks pep. Short, it could be better too, because it makes the balding areas more visible.

The ideal cut for thinning hair is somewhere between not too short and mid-length, very structured, and with a very imposing fringe when possible. On the hairstyle side, avoid pulling your hair back or flattening it at all costs. We focus on volume and movement. Thinning curly hair has one hell of an advantage! Another tip: we rush on the accessories! A headband, a scarf, or a big barrette to do your hair is nice and camouflages perfectly.

Take Inspiration From Natural Solutions

It’s worth looking into old-fashioned remedies; there’s always a natural treatment! Thanks to its high content of fatty acids and essential nutrients, Castor oil stimulates hair regrowth and strengthens hair fiber. It is very dense, so diluting it with vegetable oil is necessary to make the application easier. 

A few drops were warmed between the hands and then applied to the scalp by circular massage. This has the advantage of combining castor oil and massage effects, which are excellent for boosting blood microcirculation. We start from the neck and gradually reach the top of the head. As a bonus, it’s a great anti-stress!

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