The benefits of School Health Nurses

The benefits of School Health Nurses

School nurses are available in American schools from 1902, the National Association of school nurses relationships. Health officials on site can be extremely useful in ensuring the health and safety of students. These individuals may serve as a resource for the school community as a whole and effectively ensure healthy living practices among students and staff.

Health Care Quality
The presence of a qualified health professional within the school environment ensures that all students have access to primary health care. Students who do not regularly see a healthcare professional should contact the school nurse and basic health questions. The nurse can also detect the warning signs of potential medical conditions and make recommendations to parents when they sense the need tor additional health services.

Ease of access
Why a school nurse is on site, students and staff can easily access this healthcare provider. This ease of access increases the probability that individuals within the school environment will turn to the health care provider for help instead of ignoring potentially serious diseases.

5 Tips for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

5 Tips for Living a Healthy LifestyleSome people think that a healthy lifestyle is synonymous with sacrifices and constraints, however, this is a fallacy because only takes a positive attitude and many desire to feel and look healthy.

The prevention of diseases such as overweight and obesity are among the benefits of leading a healthy life, as well as enjoy an excellent state of mind and attitude.

For this reason, HBO produced the documentary “The Weight of the Nation” (the weight of the nation), which aims to empower people to lead healthy lives and stop the growth of the rate of obesity and overweight, which affects more than two-thirds of Americans over the age of 20. So you also fight against these conditions, here are some tips from the center of Disease Control and prevention’s (CDC):

1 eat healthy: eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains varied daily. Limit the consumption of beverages high in calories, sugar, salt, fat or alcohol. Remember to reduce the amounts of carbohydrates, to prevent the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.