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February 07, 2019

Loss of ten kilograms per week

Loss of ten kilograms per week
The loss of 10 kilograms per week is difficult and unhealthy. Even losing five kilos in seven days is not safe and requires an effective plan to achieve them, as these kilograms will not actually be pure body fat, but part of the lost weight will be excess water. Body, fiber residues and undigested foods in the stomach.
1. The best way to lose weight is to lose kilograms gradually. According to the Academy of Nutrition, loss of 0.5-1 kg per week is safe and healthy weight loss, and loss of more quickly should be Under the supervision of a doctor or specialist Confirm from getting the nutrients the body needs.

Change the diet for seven days
If you want to lose weight within a week, you do not have enough time to calculate your calories, and to find a balanced and varied diet that combines the nutrients that give the body energy, so avoiding some foods and temporarily removing them from diet for a week can help lose weight Desirable, of these foods:

Baked Goods:
Avoid all baked foods during the whole week, including cakes, bread, and salty snacks, such as pastries and tortillas. Fried Foods:
 Fried foods are rich in calories and salt, so avoid eating fish, fried chicken, or fried potato chips. Do not eat frozen products, such as:
 The potatoes are frozen, since they are pre-fried before freezing. Sauces: Sauces are high-calorie foods, so you should stop adding them entirely to daily meals and dishes. Sweetened Drinks: Drinks
Sweetened like:
Tea, ready-made juices, and soft drinks at high calories, so prefer to replace them for a week with water only.

Increase daily traffic for one week
Increasing physical activity and daily movement is one of the most important ways to lose weight. If you want to lose weight within seven days, it is difficult to start difficult or intensive exercises in a short period of time because it can damage the body and expose it to severe injuries. Regular to burn more calories, such as adding 10000 steps a day by increasing the daily walk, and set aside time for walking for thirty minutes a day, while walking during lunch break and during working hours.

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February 06, 2019

7 Ways to Diet the Kardashian Family

Although the Kardashian family has not pocketed a certificate as a sports expert, but in fact they are able to lose weight by tens of kilograms!

Just look at Kim Kardashian who successfully eliminated 28 kilograms after her body jumped dramatically during pregnancy, and Kourtney also managed to lose 15 pounds in just five months after giving birth.

Especially Khloé who is able to maintain his body shape, after he (finally) lost his weight by 19 kilograms.

Yes, some of their strategies for losing weight do not seem very effective (even tend to be strange), but on the other hand they actually have a number of accesses to meet nutritionists to the best personal trainers in the world!

Therefore, the US Bazaar asked Dr. Charlie Seltzer, MD, a diet expert from Philadelphia, to understand the practice of these Kardashian women in losing weight so you can apply it safely and effectively.

1. Make a realistic weight target.
From all post-natal Kim Kardashian uploads, she looks very vocal when talking about her weight loss targets. He even had time to take photos of his feet which were stepping on the scales of the body.

Expert words: Individuals who often weigh, are better at managing how to lose their weight. That is because they have data that is always remembered, and it is used as a benchmark in their minds to take the next step. For example, should the diet be replaced or there is something less effective.

However, it should be noted if you have to give a realistic target and do not be surprised if there are minimal fluctuations in the process of weight loss, for example due to late eating or consuming too much salt-rich dishes.

(If you are addictive to numbers, let the personal trainer measure your progress, or please meet a psychologist if the numbers drive you crazy.)

2. Start the day with a protein shake.
Kourtney claimed he consumed protein drinks for breakfast. Its contents are bananas, apples, nonfat yogurt, milk, almonds, cinnamon, one scoop of vanilla ice cream, and QuickTrim Protein Powder (this label features the Kardashian brothers).

Khloé is also the same, he said he drank protein shakes on the way home after morning exercise.

Expert said: Dr. Charlie is a fan of high-protein breakfast, "This is a very good way to get nutrition in the morning, and because you count every ingredient used you automatically control the portion," said Dr. Charlie.

3. Eat the same breakfast menu for half a year!
Kourtney is like a creature who always has habits. Not through uploading photos, he actually wrote status in the application stating that he ate breakfast with a similar menu for six months.

Then after that Kourtney changed the menu again, and he applied for the next six months.

Said expert: According to Dr. Charlie, eating a similar dish regularly is known as stimulus-narrowing, a strategy that is able to reduce eating options so as to reduce the number of calories. As a result, weight loss becomes more significant.

But this method is returned to each individual, if you get bored easily from consuming oatmeal every day, you are even provoked to eat other good dishes.

If you have such a tendency, immediately leave this method!

4. Limit your calories.
According to the results of interviews with nutritionist Kim Kardashian, namely Colette Heimowitz, to one of the women's magazines, Kim will not eat more than 1,800 calories a day.

Expert said: When calculating the number of calories makes you headache, controlling how much food you enjoy is also needed if you seriously want to lose weight.

Which one do you choose? Calculating calories or measuring your meal portions? "Individuals who always pay attention to their food will be more able to reduce body weight. The reason is because they know how much intake they can eat," said Dr. Charlie,

"You can also enjoy what foods you want to eat, and the target for weight loss will still be achieved," he added.

If you are afraid you cannot measure it, try the following method, which is to pay attention to your overall diet in a day, you can eat pizza for dinner provided that during the day you have compensated the stomach for a light meal.

The calories needed for each individual are different, depending on age, body weight, daily activities, temporary weight, to the target of reduction. Then you can use the results of this calculation to estimate your ideal body, then discuss with the nutritionist.

5. Divert your emotions towards a practice that you like.
Khloé once wrote status if he was in a state of boredom and unhappiness. But during a broken heart after breaking up with Lamar Odom, Khloé spent more time exercising with his personal trainer, Gunna Peterson, than eating or watching reality shows on television.

"He taught me tricks to always be motivated through the activities that I like the most," Khloé said in a health magazine.

Experts say: While research suggests that exercise is also not able to compensate for the desire to eat due to emotional influences, replacing those bad habits (overeating) with more productive activities can release endorphins in you.

That will help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and of course there are no added calories. It is ideal to reach the target of losing weight right?

6. Eating the same amount of food every day, depending on your type of exercise.
Kim eats with the same number of calories, even though he is intensive or not doing sports. "You consume 1,800 calories and enough protein to turn your body into muscle." said Colette.

Experts say: It's commonly heard that the more you move, the more fuel you need, then increasing your intake on a busy day of activity can reduce your efforts to lose weight.

But as long as you are not an athlete who is training hard, and you consume a lot of protein, Dr. Charlie actually opposes the statement of consuming lots of calories to compensate for an activity.

"Many individuals who exercise actually store calories when they stop training, or even unconsciously lazy to move after processing the body," explained Dr. Charlie,

"So when you exercise, make sure you reach the target as quickly and as strongly as possible. Then match the calories based on the target weight you have set," he added.

7. Drink 12 glasses of detox tea in one day.

When interviewed by one of the entertainment television shows, Kendall Jenner once said if he often drank Kusmi detox tea in the morning, and he repeated it 12 times a day. Excessive indeed, but that's the point!

Said expert: You downed 12 detox teas? Of course you will be in the bathroom, especially Dr. Charlie considers it excessive if it is related to decaf tea.

If you drink it as a substitute for food, it is a stupid decision because taking into account tea does not have calories. Even though you need calories so that body functions can work and hold back any appetite for overeating.

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February 05, 2019

Spazio Fitness is committed to the creation of its own training methods

Spazio Fitness continues betting on the design of its own training methods. The center of Granada adds, in its seventh anniversary, its own systems that combine cardio, strength and mental training through mindfulness.

Spazio Fitness, located in the city of Jun (Granada), is committed to designing its own training systems that premiere in its club. One of them is the Spazio Sprint, which combines three types of exercises. In the first place the cardiovascular ones are realized, through the indoor cycle. Then we move on to strength training through functional exercises. And finally, the mind is exercised through mindfulness. In total, the duration of the session is sixty minutes.

José Antonio Espigares with Alejandro Viedma Morales, Coordinator of the Technical Area and Customer Service Area of ​​Spazio Fitness Granada.
The center has also incorporated the Woman Training version. The method also has a cardio training, but in this case Aerostep. The strength and functional training is through the Barre and reserves the final part for the mind with mindfulness.

In addition, the gym has included another system in their training with the so-called Spazio 360º. The exercises are carried out through a circuit where functional and strength training is carried out.

Spazio Fitness celebrates its seventh anniversary this year. Its manager, Jose Antonio Espigares, values ​​that "like any multiservice fitness club, we have had to reinvent ourselves. Also learning from what the sector tells us. I think we have taken firm and safe steps, creating a close family club. "

During this time Espigares highlights several factors that have occurred over the years. "We have experienced the entry of new competitors such as lowcost centers. As everyone, we have suffered the VAT increase. Also the transformation of consumers. It is the positive aspect of being in a sector in full maturity: we need to be fully concentrated and prepared for everything that comes, "acknowledges the manager.

The installations

Spazio Fitness currently works with more than 1,800 members. The average ticket ranges between 35.7 and 36.7 euros. The facilities space has 3,200 square meters.

The club has an indoor cycle room, with Lifefitness bicycles. "With them we can train for power, and they are equipped with lighting and screen equipment", explains Espaigares.

It also has two multipurpose rooms where all kinds of directed activities are taught. "We bet on innovation, and we have been designing classes with our own names". The fully equipped fitness room has two diaphanous areas prepared for functional training and crosstraining.

Health and salt pool

Gym facilities include a saline-colored swimming pool, Spa area, climbing wall and paddle tennis court.

The center has a health area formed by a multidisciplinary team, with professional profiles of: physiotherapists, osteopaths, nutritionists and personal trainers.

In the gym there is a children's area, with its own playroom, and an internal terrace to go outside with the little ones.

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February 04, 2019

Discover "unhealthy" foods that make you lose weight

Discover "unhealthy" foods that make you lose weight

There are foods that have gained bad reputation with the passage of time. Once something is labeled as "unhealthy" or "fattening" people who take care of their food does not hesitate a second to eliminate it from their diets.

But not all "unhealthy" foods are true to their label. Even a large number of them can help you improve your fitness.

1. Potatoes

Due to the fact that low carbohydrate diets have been made famous, the potato has been blacklisted. But after taking a look at the studies that have been carried out, you realize that you should not be scared since this food is very satisfying and helps you lose weight thanks to that. In a study conducted in Australia measuring the satiating index of 38 foods, the researchers found that potatoes were not only more satiating than donuts or cakes, but that they were also higher than brown rice and oatmeal as healthier foods.

As a result of the study, participants ate less the days they had eaten the potato as food. In addition potatoes are very rich in vitamin C, fiber and potassium

2. The wine

Although red wine is known to be a protector of the heart, it is not very common to think of it as a slimming drink (although it probably is). If you think it sounds too good, do not miss the rest of the post

Researchers from Purdue University discovered that a pinch of wine contains a component called piceatannol that is responsible for tying up fat receptor cells (more or less for everyone to understand) and prevents them from growing and maturing.

In short, that a drink of wine "blocks" the growth of fat cells.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the oils that has the most saturated fats in the whole family of oils (which is what makes it so bad). It is true, the oils are full of fats, but in its medium chain version. This type of fat (medium chain) has little effect on coresterol and is transformed into energy faster than other fats. Cooking with this oil that is so fashionable is more recommended than doing it with butter or margarine

4. Popcorn

When people think of popcorn, they imagine it full of butter or triple extra salt. In any case, homemade popcorn (without preservatives or added fats) does not have as many calories as they think and is a very rich source of fiber. The founder of NY Nutrition Group Lisa Moskovitz has named popcorn as one of the best snacks for weight loss. He likes to toss 2 tablespoons and a half of parmesan over 3 cups of popcorn and gratin it.


When we talk about eggs it seems that there is a belief that eggs that are not white contain more cholesterol than those that are. Well, recent studies show that cholesterol levels depend on the type of fats in your food, not just the cholesterol content itself. In addition the yolk contains nutrients that help you reduce the risk of heart disease, it has proteins, vitamin B12 and D, and riboflavin.
February 04, 2019

7 Ways of a Natural and Healthy Diet to Get Your Dream Body Quickly

Jakarta The issue of increasing body weight is timeless. Everyone competes to have a dream weight. But not everyone can be patient in the process of dieting so that a strict diet method or taking drugs is chosen.

The diet is not merely tight or even has to use drugs. Truth be told there are numerous methods for common and sound eating regimen without medications that are anything but difficult to do alone. But why should you go on a diet?

In this increasingly complex age, the danger level of the disease is getting higher. Diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease no longer only target elderly people. Young adults and even teenagers can get the disease.

Being overweight or what we call obesity, has a lot of potential to invite disease to the body. As a matter of fact everybody is required to have a specific measure of fat to store vitality and others, however in the event that the sum is inordinate, the amassed fat can hurt the body's metabolism.

Therefore, for those of you who are obese, you should try to find a way to naturally manage your body by means of a natural and healthy diet. But before you know how to do a natural and healthy diet, it would be nice if you first read what health problems will be experienced by people who are overweight.

In health, a person can be said to be obese when his weight reaches 15 percent heavier than his ideal body weight. Following is the grouping of obesity.

Mild obesity, being overweight reaches 20 percent to 40 percent. Moderate obesity, being overweight reaches 41 percent to 100 percent. Heavy obesity, excess weight reaches 100 percent

There are many health problems that arise due to obesity. The following types of diseases that arise due to obesity.

2. Brain Disorders
As announced by My Wellbeing News Every day, corpulence can influence the mind as pursues:

Changing the work of the immune system, the risk of inflammation increases. Then this inflammation will affect the brain and destroy some parts so that the mood is easily changed until it is difficult to stop eating excess habits. Dementia, associated with inflammation due to obesity, can actually make the body and mind easy to stress. Brain size can also shrink due to fat in the abdomen so that the risk of dementia can increase. Damaging memory, according to the Journal of the American Society study, hormones produced by fat can cause inflammation so that it affects the cognitive part which results in someone losing memory.

3. Heart disease
The danger of obesity can trigger a heart attack, because excess fat can cover the blood vessels in the heart and become blocked. If this happens, even a heart attack can occur including coronary heart disease. Symptoms caused by heart disease include:

Experiencing pain in the chest that is like being pressed. The pain radiates to the neck like suffocating and to the left arm. Pain in the pit of the stomach. Slow pulse. Sweating in a fast time and in large amounts.

4. Hypertension
Obesity has a close relationship with hypertension or high blood pressure. This can occur as a result of frequent eating causes of high blood pressure, excessive cholesterol and fat which can eventually trigger narrowing of blood vessels so that blood pressure.

5. Respiratory tract disorders
The danger of obesity can cause respiratory problems, because of excessive fat accumulation under the diaphragm and on the chest wall to suppress the lungs. If this is allowed it can cause a person to experience difficulty in breathing. During sleep, obstructive sleep apnea can stop breathing.

6. Diabetes
The risk that can be experienced by a person suffering from obesity is type 2 diabetes. In obese people, insulin produced by the pancreas is disrupted by the complications of obesity so it cannot work optimally to help cells absorb glucose. Because the work of insulin becomes ineffective, the pancreas keeps trying to produce more insulin, which in turn causes the pancreas to decrease its ability to produce insulin.

7. Stroke
According to research, someone who is obese is more at risk of having a stroke than people who have a moderate body. This happens because obese people tend to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes which triggers a stroke.

In addition to the diseases mentioned above, there are many more health languages ​​that are peeping because of obesity. Are you sure you are still lazy to diet?
February 04, 2019

GM Healthy Diet Guide How to Quickly Drop Weight in 7 Days

The General Motors diet, also known as the GM diet, is a type of diet that requires you to limit the menu and portion of food for one week. This diet promises a pretty fantastic weight loss - up to 7 kilograms. Tempting to try right? However, of course this final result will be achieved smoothly if you do it right. Check out all the GM diets and guides right through them below.

What is the GM diet?
The GM diet was originally used for General Motors employees in 1985 in the United States and spread to the general public. The GM diet is a diet that will require you to plan food intake that is low in calories but rich in nutritional intake, which must be followed for 7 consecutive days. It is important to note that most GM diet menus involve a variety of fruits and vegetables.

For example, food on the first day, you are only allowed to eat fruits. Then, on the second day, you only eat vegetables, and so on. Some of the benefits promised by the GM diet are:
  • Losing 7 kilograms of body weight in just one week
  • Dispose of poisons and dirt in your body
  • Improve the function of the digestive system
  • Increase the body's metabolism to burn more fat
Guide to undergoing the GM diet
The GM diet recommends you multiply eating foods that contain lots of water. Because, fruits, vegetables, and foods that contain lots of water are believed to increase fat burning while helping to rinse toxins from the body.

Examples of GM diet menu plans are:

1 The first day. You are encouraged to eat as much fruit as possible. Can be any fruit, except bananas. Compared to other types of fruit, bananas contain sugar and calories which are quite high. 

2 The best choice is to consume watermelon. Because the fruit contains a lot of water. In addition to helping prevent dehydration, fruits that are rich in water can also help remove toxins from your body.

3 The second day. You are encouraged to eat vegetables as the GM diet menu on the second day. This vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked first. The key is to avoid using oil to process vegetables. You can boil or grill it.

4 The third day. On this third day, you are still encouraged to eat fruit and vegetables. Eat a variety of your favorite fruits and vegetables, except bananas and potatoes.

5 The fourth day. For the GM diet menu on the fourth day, you are encouraged to eat bananas and milk only. You can eat 6 large bananas, or 8 small bananas. While milk consumed is recommended to use low-fat milk as much as 3 cups.

6 Fifth day. You are advised to eat 2 servings of lean meat (may be beef, fish or chicken) as much as 300 grams accompanied by 6 tomatoes. Don't forget to increase your intake of mineral water enough to help breakdown purines from consuming meat. Vegetable soup can also be used as GM's diet menu on the fifth day.

7 Sixth day. Just like the previous day, you are recommended to eat 300 grams of meat and any vegetables, except potatoes.
Seventh or final day. You have been allowed to eat rice, but only brown rice. In addition, you are also encouraged to eat raw fruits or vegetables. You can also drink juice.

You are encouraged to drink lots of water (up to 12-15 glasses) every day during this diet. This aims to help remove toxins from your body.

However, the GM diet is not necessarily safe for everyone
Although this diet recommends that you eat lots of healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables and reduce sweet foods, this diet still has many disadvantages compared to its advantages. Some things that must be known are that there are no definite studies related to this diet regarding the processes, deficiencies, and advantages.

This diet also has the potential to reduce important nutrients the body needs, such as protein, because it is not found in fruits and vegetables. Although protein intake can increase appetite and weight, but we should not also immediately forget the importance of the function of protein for the body. Protein is important for repairing and regenerating cells and body tissues, regulating hormones and the body's immune system, to supply energy and build muscle.

As a result, a GM diet can make the body lack protein. In addition, essential nutrient deficiencies in the body, whatever their shape, will not cause long-lasting weight loss. That is, limiting the type of food every day can actually make you dizzy quickly and instead want to eat more on the third or fourth day.

Lack of nutrition can make you experience severe hair loss, dry skin, fatigue, muscle weakness, and anemia. Only a few calories enter the body coupled with not being balanced by regular exercise, making the GM diet can also cause the body's metabolism to be slower

Diet GM is also not a safe way to lose weight
The most important problem with the GM diet is that this diet is only done for 7 days, and is not sustainable afterwards. That is, even though it has dropped, your weight is very likely to experience an increase again. This generally occurs in those who no longer apply a healthy diet after a diet.

This is why, GM diets are not a safe way to lose weight. Instead of applying a "yo-yo" diet, and your weight goes back down, try a healthy diet while exercising regularly. Because, a reduced body weight will follow when you eat nutritious food with many activities that can make your body healthy.

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February 02, 2019

The five benefits of oats

The nutritionists of Alimmenta analyze the characteristics and benefits of oats. It also highlights its five main benefits: as a long-lasting energy source, it is satiating, prevents constipation, is good for the heart and modulates the arrival of sugar in the blood.

The nutritionists of Alimmenta explain that nowadays it is common to find numerous oat products in stores. It is offered in flakes, in flour, laminate, packagings of all sizes, in boxes of cereals that mix it with nuts, in drink format or even fermented.

But, what are the benefits of oats? Alimmenta experts say that oats are a cereal with great nutritional value. Its versatility favors its consumption at different times of the day.

If we review the nutritional properties of oats, we will see that, like other cereals, their main nutrient is carbohydrates. But also gives us about 15% vegetable protein. Although oats contain a higher proportion of fat, it is of the heart-healthy type (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated).

Unlike other cereals, in the case of oats we usually consume their whole grain, for this reason it is a good source of fiber. It also provides vitamin B1, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and selenium.

The nutritional characteristics of oats are what make their consumption bring us health benefits.

Alimmenta nutritionists highlight the five benefits of oats that they consider most remarkable.

Long-lasting energy source. Oats contain 70% carbohydrates. Starches are the principle wellspring of vitality in our body.In addition, this energy is provided gradually, a fact that makes it easier for us to have more energy. Probably this function favors one of the moments of star consumption of oats in the morning, during breakfast.

Saciante Thanks to the fact that it gives us energy in a gradual way and its protein content, oatmeal has an interesting satiating effect. This characteristic differentiates it from other cereals. They also make it an ideal ingredient to avoid chopping between meals. This reduces the emptiness in the stomach that we sometimes suffer between meals.

Prevents constipation Oats provide between 10 and 12% fiber. The soluble part of said fiber consists mainly of betaglucans. This is a peculiar component of oats. One of the characteristics of soluble fiber is the ability to increase the volume and viscosity of feces by fermenting in the intestine. This increase in size presses the walls of the intestine. With it activates their movements, increasing the frequency and volume of bowel movements.

Good for the heart The beta-glucans in oats help reduce blood cholesterol, decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Another property of this soluble fiber, beta-glucans, is its ability to "sequester" cholesterol in the intestines (like a sponge) and expel it without being absorbed. The heart-healthy fats of oats also help to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood, potentiating this effect.
Modulates the arrival of blood sugar. Thanks to a mechanism similar to the one that affects cholesterol, beta-glucans act on glucose. When the food bolus reaches the small intestine, the high viscosity caused by the soluble fiber delays the absorption of nutrients. In this case it is glucose (present in carbohydrates and sugars). This characteristic makes glucose more slowly enter the bloodstream. In addition, it is better used, decreasing the risk of diabetes or helping to control it.

These five benefits of oats are a good reason to consider introducing it to your usual diet. This will not only bring us health benefits. It will also open a new way of consuming cereals: in grain, such as bread and other flour products, as a drink or as a yogurt.

"And remember that dietitians-nutritionists generally recommend taking a serving of cereal in the main meals. Either in the form of rice, wheat or, in this case, oats, and alternate them with legumes and tubers ", stand out in Alimmenta.