Fitness Routine – what is Fitness?


The definition of fitness involves good physical condition; being in shape or condition. It follows then that a fitness program is one that promotes or strengthens good physical condition. This article will attempt to further define what is fitness as well as its benefits.

Fitness means increased physical activity. This increase in physical activity causes your heart to work at a higher level. When your heart is working harder is getting stronger and more efficient. Exercise also works the lungs more difficult. Forces you to draw in more oxygen, which helps the growth of tissues and good cardiac function.

There are more advantages to exercise. One includes raising good cholesterol (HDL). Constant exercise helps in regulating blood sugar levels, as well as convert stored fats into sugars. These will provide energy to the body.

A good fitness program also offers the following benefits: increased muscle mass, muscle toning, improved skin tones, increasing strength, balance, and resistance. Can also improve your concentration and mental attitude.

Cataract laser surgery

Cataract laser surgery

Progress of treatment of cataract laser

Cataract surgery is the most practiced in the world. Surgical instruments and techniques continue to advance. Today, the cataract surgery has become safer, more efficient and more predictable. Advances now allow to combine a femtosecond laser to a computer with a 3D imaging to specifically remove the cataract.

Progress of femtosecond laser cataract intervention

As a first step the femtosecond laser creates a micro-incision on the surface of the cornea and then secondly it fragmented the nucleus of the lens. Instead of using surgical instruments laser creates small incisions in the cornea that allow very easy access to the lens within the eye. The fragmented pieces are removed more easily through the use of the femtosecond laser. Once the cataract has been deleted completely an intraocular lens is implanted instead of the natural lens. The incision is very small and tight, it therefore requires no stitches.